Thursday, January 29, 2009

McNabb Phone Home

With the Super Bowl being played this Sunday….I have to mention a few things I have noticed while watching football on television.

First of all, I don’t care for that robot that dances on the bottom of the TV screen. What is that? And why is that? Do the producers think it is cool or hip or what? I did a little poll…okay my poll consisted of 3 people…but it is unanimous...they don’t like it. That would be BillyA, Colinboy and Kat. Granted 2 out of 3 of us are fossils and not part of the hip generation, but Colinboy is 20 years old…and if a young guy thinks it is annoying…who is it really there for? Plus BillyA represents the guy’s Bud drinking segment. :) And I repesent the older than hills washed-up blogger segment.

The other thing I’ve noticed is the crazy celebrating that goes on after a big play. I understand why players might be excited about making a touchdown, catching a big throw, or sacking the quarterback...and can’t contain their happiness. But it also makes sense that the Refs give them a penalty for “Excessive Celebration”….otherwise games would start looking like “Dancing With The Stars.” But I wonder…is it really spontaneous? You just know some of these guys have had to work on their routine.

I watched a game one Sunday when a player caught a touchdown pass and then did a hip dance in the end zone. He was pretending to pull his hips side-to-side with an invisible string…and then he snipped the string...with invisible scissors. It looked really cool. He had to have spent a few hours in front of a mirror working on that routine. If his football career is ever blitzed…he has a promising career as a mime.

One Sunday, McNabb made a good play against the Giants with a minute left in the game, and was pushed out of bounds on the sidelines…where he picked up a phone on the bench. I’ve heard of “ET phone home”…but ‘hello’…what was that phone call business about? He says he was just…excited. I think he was just…phoning in his extra large everything but anchioves pizza so it would be piping hot ready for him at the end of the game.

Maybe I’ll take a page from McNabb’s play book and make a phone call during the Super Bowl…and phone home. I don’t really care who wins.

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