Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year '09

A brand New Year brings resolutions. What are yours??? Here’s a list of things I resolve to do in 2009….from A – Z.

In 2009………

I won’t act so asinine
I will prepare my turkey with brine
I won’t kick my canine
I will continue to drink and dine
I will treasure and enshrine
I won’t stand behind an equine
I won’t get a fine
I will support the gline
I won’t ingest haline
I will remember to relax and incline
I will find a rhyme for jine
I will meet Kevin Klein
I won’t get out of line
I will dig in a mine
I will go to bed after nine
I will always express my opine
I will not ponder or pine
I will drink vodka and quinine
I will rotate and realign
I will train my swine
I won’t use rope, only twine
I will be your Valentine
I won’t blubber and whine
I will kick Xine
I won’t Yine
I will be a fine Zine

Now that I have put my resolutions for 2009 in print and made them public….I have put pressure on myself to come through. I admit, however, my first resolution on the list…will be the most difficult.

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Lip Mover said...

When have you ever acted asinine?