Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon Rising

Tonight look to the night sky to see a
Blue Moon rising.
Just don’t expect to see a blue moon....
it will still be the same man-in-the-moon
we usually see when it is full.
This month we have two full moons...
which doesn’t occur that often...
hence comes the expression ...
"Once in a blue moon"
 making the second full moon of the month...
the Blue Moon.
 a Blue Moon isn’t that rare of an occurrence...
the last one was New Year's Eve, 2009...
 and the next one will be July, 2015
For me,
the rarity of this Blue Moon
 is that it coincides with the memorial service of
Neil Armstrong
who died August 25, 2012.
Neil Armonstrong, first man to walk on the moon.
“One small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind.”
Amazing quote.
Did he come up with that line spur-of-the-moment....
off -the-spacesuit-cuff?
Armstrong's family wrote in a statement shortly after his death.
"Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty,
and the next time you walk outside on a clear night
and see the moon smiling down at you,
think of Neil Armstrong
and give him a wink."


And I might add one more thing.....

Hoist a Blue Moon in
Armstrong's honor.
Enjoy your Blue Moon...
both of them.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crystal Jayne

We all have some kind of energy...
thermal energy
5-Hour energy
I actually saw proof of my energy.
My aura was felt by the

all-one with the Cosmos....
 Crystal Jayne
during a fun
Big Chill
weekend with old friends.

After watching Jayne
aka Crystal Jayne
work her crystal pendulum...
on myself and other willing souls...
"I’m a believer" ...
not just in the Monkees song.

I'm talking,
all-in "Kool-Aid drinking believer."
"I drank the Kool-Aid"
and it must have been cherry...
my favorite flavor.

Crystal Jayne used her crystal pendulum to
measure my chakra and apparently 
I have a high crown chakra.

I wish I could tell you that a high crown chakra means
 I am a genius,
but alas
that would not be true. 

You could say....
I’m one aura short of a full chakra.
I have a newfound interest in the chakra.
When I get done with this
blogging business
I might learn more about it.

After all,

Crystal Kat...
has a nice ring to it.

to Crystal Jayne
for my first chakra experience...which was very positive.

She has opened my eyes to
 chakra and aura...
which is way better than
shock and horror.


During our fun-filled "Big Chill" get-together weekend, 
Crystal Jayne daily bestowed the
energy sources of the cosmos...
 allowing the cosmos
to flow through us.

You should know...
Crystal Jayne
is also known as
Cosmo Jayne...
a woman of many talents.


Monday, August 27, 2012

What Floats Your Boat?

What floats your boat?
For would be a medium Carvel twist in a cone. 
That always floats my boat.


For Brianna...that would be the MV Explorer...
Semester-at Sea.

Right now Brianna's boat is floating somewhere
in the Atlantic Ocean. 
They set sail last Thursday at 17:00 hours
(I like to pretend I'm nautical savvy)

enroute  from Halifax, Nova Scotia to
Galway, Ireland...their first stop.
(2,192 nautical miles away)

Being cautious parents,
PaulA and I  interviewed the ship's Captain and crew 
before they set sail
to determine if they ran a legit operation. 
And I'm happy to report...
everything appeared to be copacetic.
We put the captain and crew through a rigorous test
and they all passed with flying colors.
Life Boats..check 
Life Preservers...check 
Full gas tank...check

The  Captain was especially proficient
at the parallel parking part of the test.



Safe voyage to Sweet Brianna on her trip of a lifetime.


It's  only Day Four...
and I  can't wait until her boat floats back home
in December. 

I promise not to drag you through all
107 days
Bri  is at sea...

 stories of a random blogger's daughter
on a Semester-at-Sea

to float your boat.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sea You in December

I remember the anxiety I felt 3 years ago,
dropping Brianna off at college for her freshman year...
about how she would navigate life in a big city. 

Would she get lost?
run over?
or beat to a pulp
and left in a dark secluded alleyway? 
Okay, I’m a little dramatic.

Of course she had none of those worries. 
No worries, mon.
( worries, mom.)

Wishy has always been very independent so
she never had trouble cutting
the proverbial umbilical cord.
I think she was born with scissors...
"Brianna Scissor Hands.” 
(Just never run with them, pleeease.)


Tomorrow our Sweet Wishy is leaving  from Halifax, Nova Scotia
for a Semester-at-Sea. 

She will take classes onboard a cruise ship and at the same time...
visit 14+ countries on continents around the Atlantic Rim...

North America, Europe, Africa, South America,

I’ve never been on a cruise ship...and neither has Brianna. 
The biggest boat she has been on is the "Carol Jean"...The Block Island Ferry. 
(And Block Island is only 14 miles off shore.)

It’s hard for me to think about Brianna on a ship crossing the Atlantic. 
Being a landlubber (and landlover)...
all waves and wake
make me
 wacky and worrisome.

I get a big pit in my stomach and throat whenever I think about her voyage. 
 So I guess I need to stop thinking about it.
(Duh, Kat.)

I must  admit, it crossed my mind to surprise Brianna.

 I thought about jumping out from behind a bush
in the South African bush......
but I wisely bushwhacked
that bush-league idea.

So, the anxieties are creeping in again.

And again,
Bri is excited and ready to go.
“No worries, mom.”

I will be looking forward to December 7th  ...
when Brianna’s ship comes in
and her  trip of a life-time comes to an end.

Because that day
is the very same day...
my ship comes in.

woo hoo

Safe travels, Sweet Wishy.
Have the time of your life.
we love you.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shark Week

What do ya do when you’re swimming in the ocean
and see a large dorsal fin
headed in your direction?

Kiss your bloody-self good-bye...
of course.

If you are thinking of swimming off the coast of Cape Cod...
you may want to think,
and think again.

There have been numerous shark sightings around Cape Cod...
due to an increase in the gray seal population.
(the shark’s fav food group) 

A shark will zero in on a seal and attack it the same way that I attack
a pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.  
(Leaving no prisoners.)

It seems, however, the sharks are getting tired of the
same ole, same ole...salty seal meal. 
They are now looking for something a little more sweet and spicy...
the human. 
Their taste buds crave a tasty zing only a human can bring.


This week is “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel. 
The programming was developed to raise awareness and

r-e-s-p-e-c-t for sharks.

 Like many people, I developed respect for sharks in 1975
when the blockbuster movie “Jaws” came out. 
Even though I lived in Vermont, 250 miles from the ocean,
I was weary of dipping into any water...lake, pond, or bathtub. 

People everywhere were afraid to go in the water.
 The “Jaws” movie is probably the reason why that summer is known as the
“Smelly Summer of  '75.”

The “Jaws” movie today, however, wouldn’t scare a boo off
a boo-boo (huh?)  
because we are desensitized by today’s technologically advanced productions.
 But the two notes...from the "Jaws" theme...
da-dum    da-dum...
(synonymous with approaching danger)
always gets me looking over my shoulder.

So folks...when swimming...
Be on the lookout for sharks.

(smile for the camera)

Oh, and be careful of the

Landsharks can be equally as dangerous.

Excessive Landsharks can land you on your butt....

and Landsharks posing as “Candygram”...

could just bite your head off.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Life is a Beach

Spending time at the beach is

tough duty


some slacker has to do it.

The schedule is





hearty breakfast

hot coffee refill

hoist the beach bag

handsome and helpful cabana boy
sets up the "site"

hang time

healthy lunch

have a ball

hammock hour

happy hours

hungry haddock time

holy heaven watch

hit the hay

Wake up
do it again.


Life is a Beach

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I remember waaaaay back when....
making chocolate chip cookies
and hearing my mom say:

"If I told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times."

“Don’t eat the dough."

"It will kill you.”

I was never sure if it was just another one of her
“Your face is gonna freeze like that."
"I'll give you something to cry about."

Nothing like a good MOMism.
Genetically designed
to scare the bejesus out of kids.

To this day, I have never known one person who
keeled over and died
from eating chocolate chip cookie dough. 
But I’ve made sure to pass it on to my kids...
just to scare
the bejesus out of them.


I recently read an article about an Australian man who got sick
AFTER cooking  his dough. 

The Aussie’s wife cooked the dough at 350 degrees...
but he still became violently ill.

That’s because the dough she cooked was

15,000 dollars in cash. 

He had hidden his cash in their oven for safekeeping...
later saying his wife never used the oven.

We’ve all burned money before...
some at the race track...
others at Nordstroms Rack.

But in the oven???......

That’s a lot of dough to go up in smoke.

Seeing “money doesn’t grow on trees”...
the man can’t pay his mortgage.

(Apparently mortgage companies don’t accept ashes.)


a new MOMism

is baked from this story....
(Did someone say Baked Alaska?)

"Always check the oven
before cooking your dough...
you could burn your bread."


"There are starving children in India."

(Because I said so, that's why.)

(Wipe that smile off your face, before I have to.)