Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cyber Monday Shopping

The monday morning after Thanksgiving I woke up 
(from my tryptophan coma)
to find I had 76 emails and said out loud 
 "hot dang, 
I am popular today." 
So I scrolled through my peeps…
to see who was checking in...
okay, there's
(hey girl)

Then I took a closer look...
more like...
Tiffany & Co, 
Joss & Main
Dot & Bo
Max Restaurant Group
Ann Taylor
Joe Photo

It hit me….
It was Cyber Monday and 

I was being 


I totally understand the attraction of Cyber Monday.  
If you can get a deal on something online and 
spare the crowds and 
long wait in lines 
at the Taj mamall…
why not?   
But this Kat has never been an online shopper...
call me old fashioned  (not old)…
I like to pick the item up, 
turn it over, 
shake it, 
try it on, 
smell it 
before I buy.  
It must pass the smell test before I buy it. 
You can't do that on the internet. 

After being bombarded by all the
 cybermail for cybersales 
I decided to hit the cybertrail
and hit up Target for a little cybershopping... 
only to find

I was stuck in a virtual line
behind thousands. 
(Bring on the 10 people that would have been 
ahead of me at the brick-and-mortar Target.)

I wished I had a cyber sword to cut the line.

For me...
Cyber Monday shopping stinks.

And it has to pass the smell test.