Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Selfies are the thang these days... 
everybody's doing it.

Heck, selfies are so popular that 
even President Obama is "taken" with it.

kinda awkwardSLASHdisrespectul 
to be taking a selfie during the 
Nelson Mandela Memorial Service…
but hey, ho…
 who am I to call out the Prez.
I'll let his wife do that.

Tell me Michelle doesn't look beside her selfie 
over Barack's behavior.
go Michelle

So what's good enough for the Commander-in-Chief is good enough for
this Kat and PaulA.
our New year's eve selfie


Selfie Caution:  
Because of the head-to-head contact with the selfie...
"they" say that the spread of lice 
is on the increase.

Now I'm thinking Obama might want to rethink 
his selfie tendencies...
especially if Russian President Putin 
suggests taking a group selfie with him and 
other leaders of the free world.  

First Putin takes Crimea.
What next??
A head on 
lice invasion of the free world?

I have some advice…
some wise words from this wise-ass.

A selfie might seem nice, but please think twice
you could pay the price, from the selfie vice
with a head full of lice.

Stay clear of Bo Bice.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring TBT

Today is
TBT - Throwback Thursday
the first day of spring.

this first day of spring 
is looking like a throwback to last year's
first day of spring.

unlike last year,
the rascal rodent
Punxsutawney Phil
got it right this year
and predicted this long cold winter
into March
(which was good for Phil,
who was a whisker away from getting axed.)


Even though the calendar is saying

First day of 

our backyard is saying


Happy First Day of Spring

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Top o' the mornin' to ya.....

This St. Paddy's Day morning 
I’m remembering past St. Paddy's Days with our
wee lil ones… 
running around the house looking for the
mischievous signs of the leprechaun.

You know the signs…
green milk, green bottled water, green toilet water...
whatever could be turned magically green
from a couple drops of food coloring.
I mean, from sheer leprechaun magic.

And lo and behold...
the signs magically appeared this morning.
(PaulA makes a cute leprechaun...you should see him in his wee lil suit.)


Today we are all Irish.

Even if you don’t have a green drop of Irish blood 
running through your veins, 
you have license to celebrate like an Irishman 
with a Guinness running through your veins.

Today I’ll be wearing o' the green
drinking o' the green
and talking o' the green

I might not have a drop of Irish blood, 
(like PaulA the leprechaun)
but I can easily get my Irish on 
with a drop 
of McCormick's Kelly green food coloring.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 
to all lads and lassies, 
and special Irish blessings to PaulA and our sweet trinity…
Big C, Colinboy,Wishy and "Stone" (our future son-in-law.)

"May you find a pot of gold 
at the end of every 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vegas baby

I'm not a gambler but...
and I have a really big BUT,
(you know what I mean)
 you don't have to gamble
to have a good time in Vegas, baby.
(I can't say Vegas without baby.) 
And we/I proved it by playing golf, 
visiting the Hoover Dam, 
dining at great restaurants, 
going to a show, 
lounging by the pool and 
enjoying the sights of Paris and fountains of the Bellagio.  
Oh and PaulA worked.

Heck, you can even get married here....

and have Elvis as the officiant.
(what do ya think, Chels?)

(not again. don't say it again, Kat)
because you have to walk through the casino 
to get to your room or 
to get anywhere…
even non-gamblers can hear the call of the casino. 

And you know….when in Rome….

roulette means “little wheel” in French and 
I was speaking French when my g** d** numbers 
didn’t show up on the *!* little wheel.  
With every spin of the little wheel… 
Vanna took away more and more of my chips...
until I was left chip-less and cheerless.


The next morning I decided to try my luck 
with the one-armed Bandito and win back my roulette loss.  
It was 10 AM and PaulA was at a meeting,
and hey...what happens in Vegas, baby…stays in….

I found it interesting to see what other folks 
had their asses planted in a casino seat at 10 AM.
I knew why I was there.
(Mama needs her first pair of Jimmy Choo's.)
(sure would be nice to ride the choo choo train.)

 I wondered if these folks were leftovers from the night before. 
Leftovers can be pretty dicey …especially after a night of booze, smoke, and tears.
Let me also say…
slot machines can be as cranky as the rest of us in the morning and not very cooperative.  
So as my luck would have it…
I didn't luck out. nope. 
no such luck was I winning back any cash.
better luck next time.

what happened in Vegas, baby
stayed in Vegas, baby
And that would be my dearly departed 
Benjamin Franklin.

This Kat doesn't like losing …WAAAAAHHHHH…

I guess you could call me a