Sunday, June 5, 2016

Happy 25th Birthday Brianna

Happy 25th Birthday, Brianna
aka Wish, Wishy, Sweet Wishy, Wish Queen of America

A quarter of a century  is a milestone birthday and comes with a big perk.
The Budget rental-car is easier to rent. woop woop

I recently found our calendar from the year 1991, the year Brianna was born.  
(yes, I am a pacKat).  
I had circled June 14th  on the calendar and  written Baby #3 due .  
Apparently Brianna had decided she was tired of being cramped in that womb without a view, 
so she busted out 9 days early.
My pop-up timer had popped, Bri was fully cooked.
It was Wishy time.

Born on a sunny day…
Bri came home to a Big Sister and Big Brother bearing gifts...
got chicken pox?
Nothing says Welcome baby sister...more than a highly contagious virus.  

Our Bri = sweet, happy, thoughtful, determined, creative, FUN and adventurous.  
If I were to pick a color that reminds me of Brianna, it would be yellow.  
(Hence, her old room color.) 
With her sunny disposition, she makes the world a better place.  
And off she will go soon…spreading her yellow around the world.
(Ever since Major Healy…aka PaulA  agreed to that Semester-at-Sea, 
we haven't been able to get the  "Jeannie" back in the bottle.)


Brianna has always loved a celebration…especially hers!  
She's been a Party girl since 1991.  

Make a wish, Sweet Wishy. 
It's Your day to make a wish...
our wish came true 25 years ago.

Have a great day and do whatever makes you happy…
even if involves eating with your hands.

June 5.1991…25 years ago…
we became a Party of Five...

...And Sweet Wishy continues to have me eating out of her hands.

Love you, Brianna
to the 25th power