Monday, March 23, 2015

Misremembers & Misstatements

Does anyone else miss Brian Williams on the NBC news?
I gotta say...
Lester Holtz is looking mighty comfy 
in BriWi's old seat.
It has to be a painful for Brian Williams 
to watch Lester settling in...
making that perfect rump impression in his chair.

A so-called "misstatement" and a "misremembering" 
have gotten both 
NBC Newscaster Brian Williams and 
Veteran Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald 
in a heap of trouble.  
(Apparently there is a bad case of the "mis" going around.)

McDonald says he made a "misstatement" when he said 
he had "been in the Special Forces" 
Brian Williams says he "misremembers" when he said 
he had "been on a helicopter that went down during the U.S. invasion of Iraq."

Excuuuuuuuse me sirs….
but a lie is a lie...
not a "misstatement" nor a "misremembering."

I'm not saying these guys are scoundrels or bad guys,  
just calling them out for lying.


When my kids were growing up I warned them about the
pitfalls of lying...
(careful kids or you, too, could look like this) 

However, should the inevitable occur…
they should always admit they lied.
Then after having a talk with them about 
right & wrong, trust, and values…
we might go out for ice cream...
because as you know...
ice cream makes everything nice-nice.

The BriWi and McDonald Pinocchios 
are not setting a good example

by trying to water down their lies with a little "mis."
(although a little Swiss Miss does require water.)

They should be calling them 
what they really are...
  full strength, 
100 proof, 
bold face, 
big ass, 

I have a Kat message/advice for Brian Williams:

"Man up, BriWi.
you're my favorite face 
(albeit a bit crooked face) 
to watch on network news and I hope you get back to broadcasting.
Maybe if you just admitted to the public
and to the NBC execs
 that you are sorry 
for lying
then maybe...
just maybe...
the NBC executives would take you out for ice cream
give you your show back.

(You might want to stay away from the rocky road...
just saying.)

Then to win back public approval...
go on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
Ellen, like ice cream, makes everything nice-nice.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Top o' the mornin' to ya.....

Tis this St. Paddy's day mornin' 
I’m remembering past St. Paddy's days with our
wee ones… 
running around the house looking for 
signs of the mischievous leprechauns.

You know the signs…
green milk, green bottled water, green toilet water...
whatever could be turned magically green
from a few drops of food coloring.
I mean...from sheer leprechaun magic.


Even if you don’t have a drop of green Irish blood 
running through your veins, 
today you have license to celebrate and
get your Irish on
like an Irishman with several pints of Guinness running through his veins.

Today I’ll be wearing o' the green
drinking o' the green
and talking o' the green... 
even though we are in Puerto Rico.

If I can't find a green beer on this Island...
a frozen Mojito 
(or dos)
will do.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 
(Feliz dia de San Patricio)
to all you lads and lassies, 
and special Irish blessings to 
PaulA, Chelsea, Austin, Colin, Brianna.

"May you find a pot of gold 
at the end of every 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Fish Tale with "Reel Fishermen"

I gotta give props to the 
fisherman of the world…
the salty men and women 
who catch our fish dinners.
Being a "reel fisherman" ain't easy duty
heading out to sea before sunrise,
braving the wind, waves, and weather,
handling bait and hooks,
stringing fishing poles and casting lines,
cutting and cleaning their catch,
washing fish blood and gore from the boat floor
need I go on?

I actually saw first hand what it takes to bring home the Fish.
While in Cabo 
we got hooked up for a day of fishing.
We were determined by hook 
or by lure
to be fisherman and
 catch our fish dinner that night.
we were almost like "Reel Fisherman" except we didn't 
drive the boat,
get the  bait,
bait the hook,
string the poles,
cast the lines,
deal with fish guts
need I go on?

I gotta give props to the reel fisherman onboard 
who made us look good 
and handed us the pole

when it came to reeling in the fish.
way to go, Esperanza

And props to PabloA 
for holding on to me 

while I was reeling in a really "reely" BIG one 
before I became Katfishbait.
(okay, maybe that's a stretch...
you can take that with a grain of salt, tartar sauce or guacamole.) 


As you know... 
every good fish tale
 ends with a big catch.  

Lucky for us...
the "Reel Fisherman" found where the fish were biting …
and we pulled them in faster than you could 
shoot them in a barrel (who does that for real?)

And Dugal reeled in our fish dinner...
a 55 lb Amberjack 
(or maybe it  was 25 lb.
Remember, this is a fish tale.)
poor fishy

So from sea to table...
our fish couldn't have been fresher.
(props to PabloA, Dugal, and Jorge
 who cooked us 3 different fish versions in our 
 Amberjack Cook-off.)

We weren't too worried, however,
if we had come up empty fish-handed.
(no problema, amigo)
We would just stop by Mickey's cart near the marina...

 and Mickey and Dugal 

would cook us up the best burger and hot dog 
in all of San Jose de Cabo…

and then of course...

we'd drink like fish.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

As English superstition/tradition has it...
in order for you to pocket
a month of Good Luck,
you must say 
three times.
(I don't invent these rules...I just enforce them.)

And put away that lame rabbit's foot you carry around in your pocket.
A rabbit's foot won't bring you luck....
unless you can authenticate that it is...
the left hind foot of
a rabbit that was shot or captured in a cemetery
during a full moon...then maybe.


In keeping with the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday...

3 O'Hares




Happy March 1st