Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gone to the Dogs

Are you looking forward to the Super Bowl?

Maybe you don't have a dog in the hunt…
so you don't really care about the BIG game. 
PaulA and I are VERY interested in the Super Bowl this year.
For us, the New England Patriots are 
top dog…
even with their deflated balls.

Should you not have a dog in the hunt…
there are always commercials to watch 
and snacks to eat.
It's all about the food,
'bout the food, 
not football.

I'm actually very surprised that some commercials have already aired...
and this year it seems the commercials have gone to the dogs...
in more ways than one.

Have you seen the Budweiser "Lost Dog" commercial?
I won't spoil it for you…
but the lost puppy gets rescued by the 

Then there is the 
GoDaddy "Journey Home" commercial.
Again, I won't spoil it for you...
but the puppy finds his way home only to be 
sold online by his owners.  

The GoDaddy commercial received so much negative criticism that the company pulled the ad early saying the brand 
"missed the mark."  
Ummm... I think they meant to say it 
"pissed the mark." 
It doesn't take a rocket scientist/animal activist…
to realize the commercial wasn't going to pass the 
sniff test 
with Doggy Q Public.  
Some people love dogs as much or more than their own kids.

Right now...
the person responsible for that ad is in the doghouse 

demoted to yard detail 
picking up puppy poop.


The upside of the GoDaddy criticism is that the company has 
already gotten a lot of attention.  
And they say 
"even negative attention is better than no attention."
(just ask a middle child.)

Wait, there's an ad idea….
how about:
a  lost middle child is rescued and then sold on a 
website designed by GoDaddy?

Now that would be funny….at least 
to me.

Give Kat a raise.
whoop whoop

Saturday, January 24, 2015


It all started with Watergate…

Former President Clinton had Monicagate,
Former Congressman Anthony Weiner had Weinergate, 
Mark Zuckerberg had Hoodiegate,
who could forget Tigergate?  
Tiger wishes we all would.

The flood gates have re-opened.

 If you haven't heard…
where the heck ya been…
11 of the 12 balls used by the Patriots during their blowout AFC Championship win against the Indianapolis Colts were found to be under deflated by two pounds of 
air pressure per square inch (PSI).
And because Brady had previously gone on record that he likes his balls under deflated….

dum dum dum dum...
we have 


With the Super Bowl only a week away,
 the media keeps putting Tom Brady's balls in our face.
balls, balls, balls
It's hard not to groin 
with all this talk of balls.

Poor Brady had to stand in a press conference  
and have his ego deflated (along with his balls.)

  It had to be uncomfortable.
I'm surprised he wasn't more testy talking about his soft balls.

At this point deflate-gate is still under investigation.

I think we should wait before we sack Brady 
for his soft balls.

At this time we don't know…
who was handling Brady's balls before the game, 
but we probably have some idea who was handling them after the game.
sorry...couldn't help going there.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick 
continue to plead ignorance. 
“I have always played within the rules,” 
Brady insisted at a Thursday press conference.

If Brady was smart…
instead of pleading ignorance…
he should plead 

It worked for George Costanza.

Are ya ready for some football?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Bday Chelsea, 29 and holding

Happy 29th Birthday 

29 and holding…
(holding onto those roaring 20's)

It's so hard to believe Chelsea is turning the same age 
that PaulA and I were  when we had her 
back in Jacksonville, FL.
(refrain from doing the math) 

It was an exciting time and at the same time, 
a scary time.
One moment PaulA and I were a couple of yuppies...
working and just thinking about ourselves
and the next moment 
we were responsible for another human's well being.  

Because kids don't come with a set of instructions...
it's hard to be totally ready.
Apparently there's more to it than getting the car seat and crib.

Unless you've had a child before...
I think the "art of child rearing"
is something you learn
 as you go.
That is probably why the first child is considered 
the "test child,"
but 29 years later…
I would say Chelsea passed the test
or maybe PaulA and I passed. 
gotta love a True/False Test...50/50 chance 

I will always remember those early days and nights
with Chelsea…
being up with her in the middle of the night...
rocking her in the chair…
just the 2 of us...
getting to know my new bundle of love …
staring into her sweet face and being in total awe 
of the miracle of her birth.
The connection I felt for her was instant 
and forever.

Those first weeks with Chelsea quickly turned into years
29 of them.

We blinked
Chelsea had grown into a beauty 
inside and out 

as sweet as 
"Tupelo Honey."  
(the song Chelsea danced to with her father at her wedding on 9.27.14.)


Chelsea's 29th birthday is extra special
 it's not only her last birthday in her 20's, 
but it is her first birthday as 

Mrs. Chelsea Hyatt
Mrs. Austin Hyatt

So as Chelsea turns 29 
and holding…
I'm remembering when we, too, were
29 and holding
our little treasure.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hare's to a Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 

is known as the "Year of the Goat" or 
"Year of the Sheep"
in the Chinese calendar.

I prefer sheep.
I think most people would rather be associated with
sheep than goat…unless of course, you are talking 
"black sheep" or "sheep in wolf's clothing."

Sweet Wishy Brianna was born in 1991, 
which is also a "Year of the Sheep."
She's neither the "black sheep of the family" or 
a "sheep in wolf's clothing"…
so that pretty much makes her the goat.
hehe Bri


It's the first of the year
and also the first of the month...
so you know what that means.

Time for the
 Parade of Rabbits.

After a big night last night,
I think you deserve 
a hare of the dog that bit you.




Hare's to a great year ahead.