Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Bday Chelsea, 29 and holding

Happy 29th Birthday 

29 and holding…
(holding onto those roaring 20's)

It's so hard to believe Chelsea is turning the same age 
that PaulA and I were  when we had her 
back in Jacksonville, FL.
(refrain from doing the math) 

It was an exciting time and at the same time, 
a scary time.
One moment PaulA and I were a couple of yuppies...
working and just thinking about ourselves
and the next moment 
we were responsible for another human's well being.  

Because kids don't come with a set of instructions...
it's hard to be totally ready.
Apparently there's more to it than getting the car seat and crib.

Unless you've had a child before...
I think the "art of child rearing"
is something you learn
 as you go.
That is probably why the first child is considered 
the "test child,"
but 29 years later…
I would say Chelsea passed the test
or maybe PaulA and I passed. 
gotta love a True/False Test...50/50 chance 

I will always remember those early days and nights
with Chelsea…
being up with her in the middle of the night...
rocking her in the chair…
just the 2 of us...
getting to know my new bundle of love …
staring into her sweet face and being in total awe 
of the miracle of her birth.
The connection I felt for her was instant 
and forever.

Those first weeks with Chelsea quickly turned into years
29 of them.

We blinked
Chelsea had grown into a beauty 
inside and out 

as sweet as 
"Tupelo Honey."  
(the song Chelsea danced to with her father at her wedding on 9.27.14.)


Chelsea's 29th birthday is extra special
 it's not only her last birthday in her 20's, 
but it is her first birthday as 

Mrs. Chelsea Hyatt
Mrs. Austin Hyatt

So as Chelsea turns 29 
and holding…
I'm remembering when we, too, were
29 and holding
our little treasure.


Ashley said...

Love this! And Chelsea - such a special and fun girl! :)

Aunt Jayne said...

awww love it Kat