Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Mother-in-Law

Through the years, comedians and sitcoms 
 have made the
the butt of jokes,
the bundt of cakes, 
the heel of the loaf.
ba dum bum

Remember the tv show "Everybody Loves Raymond?"
Marie Barone was certainly the mother of all monster-in-laws.   
She made for funny tv….but scary real life.

Luckily for me…
my mother-in-law, Lenore, wasn't anything like Marie.
My mother-in-law never ever fit the 
mother-in-law stereotype.
Lenore was never 
interfering, overbearing, controlling, or meddling.  
She was always 
loving, fun to talk to, supportive, and complimentary.  
Even complimenting my cooking.   
Yes, can you believe it?

As far as the family tree goes…
Lenore was a Delicious red apple…
not the crab apple variety.

To our great loss...
Lenore recently passed away leaving behind
 7 children, 19 grandchildren, and mother-in-law to 5.
Her wit, gift of conversation, and beautiful blue eyes 
will be greatly missed by all of us.  
We take comfort in knowing that she is now reunited with 
her husband, the love of her life,
for all of eternity. 
And we know 
this much is true...

 theirs was a grand reunion.  


With much excitement and anticipation…
this September, I will become a mother-in-law 
and I will do everything in my power to not be like the
evil Endora on the old tv show "Bewitched."  
 Lenore with Chelsea and Austin, my future son-in-law

Thank you, Lenore, 
for being the beautiful example of what a supportive 
and loving mother-in-law looks like.  
I promise to do you justice and follow in your footsteps.
I have some big shoes to fill.
And that, 
my dear mother-in-law, 

is no joke.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April 1st Fool's Day

Happy April 1st

You would have to be extra crafty to fool me today.
On a day known for its
pranks and practical jokes, 
it would take a lot to pull the wool over this Kat's eyes.
Today my back is up 

with suspicion.

Everyone is a jokester and a jester
on April Fool's Day...
even companies like getting in on the day with a hoax
especially when 
there are those who will take the bait

Admittedly in this crazy world we live in...
sometimes it is hard to know what is 
for real
and not for real.

So which of the below are real?

a diet tap water to loose weight?
viagra for animals? 
tobacco and menthol vodka?
prawn cocktail potato chips?
chicken wing flavored ice cream?

yes...there is 
viagra for animals,
(although it's not what you are thinking)
tobacco and menthol vodka,
prawn cocktail potato chips.'s a no to
a diet tap water to loose weight,
chicken wing flavored ice cream.


Today we are flying home...and 
I admit that I'm not entirely happy about flying 
on April Fool's Day.
I'm hoping no one is goofing on or goofing off 
when it comes to the plane's mechanicals.

I do have an idea for the folks at
United Airlines
for an April Fool's joke.

Get on the intercom and 
tell the passengers 
they are now offering meals 
with the price of their flights.  
After going through the cabin and taking everyone's orders…
get back on the intercom and yell 

That outta go over big.


Hare's hoping you don't get fooled.