Monday, September 30, 2013

Jimmy Fallon Dandy

I can't say enough good things about…
Jimmy Fallon
 maybe I mean
Jimmy Kimmel.
I am forever getting my Jimmys mixed up.

I do, however, know the difference between my other
favorite Jimmy Jimmies...


(That's me stepping out in my new Jimmy Choos...
after I became a blonde and grew my legs.)


I enjoy both Jimmys.
I'm talking about the comedians now.  
Keep up with the Jimmy talk already.
The hoax with the "twearking girl on fire"
video that
Jimmy Kimmel played on the internet world
was clever...
my favorite skits these days are with 
Jimmy Fallon.
Jimmy Fallon is killing it, so much so, 
he should get 5 to 10.

Check these out....

#hashtag with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

Lip Synch Battle

I look forward to February, 2014
when Jimmy Fallon takes over for Jay Leno 
and I don't have to stay up until the next day to turn him on.
(you know what I mean.) 

experience would have to be....

gorging on ice cream coated with Jimmies,
wearing Jimmy Choos
double plus
watching Jimmy Fallon.

That'd be a real
of a time.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting Inked

Did you see Cee Lo Green's tattooed head last night on 
"This is the Voice?" 
(I never say "The Voice"
I have to sing ...
"This is the Voice.")

I thought the tattoo looked good on Cee Lo….
like he had hair.
Now there's an idea.  
Instead of getting hair transplants on a bald head, 
why not just tattoo your head with a full head of hair? 
I would prefer a curly head tat vs. 
the traditional buzz cut...
and maybe some wispy bangs.

Being the googler that I am, 
I googled "Cee Lo's head"
 and found out that his tat was a Henna tat
and not a real tat,
so it would fade away in 1 to 4 weeks.  

I also saw online 
a gorilla tat
on the balding spot of some 
really smart guy's head.
(A tat only Jane Goodall could appreciate.)


Ink was easily seen 
in this year's Miss America contest.
Miss Kansas was struttin her stuff...rockin lots of ink. 
(hard to cover that up in a bikini.)

I'm no Miss America (oh really Kat)
but I once suggested to PaulA that we too
 get a tattoo..
A joint tattoo…you know what I mean.

We were in San Diego 
and walking by a tattoo shop void of customers. 
The tat artists were just sitting there twirling their thumbs 
waiting for fresh flesh 
to inject fresh ink.

That's when a  brilliant 100 watt light bulb 
went on in my head 
and I looked at PaulA and said....
"Hey PaulA, let's go in and get tattoos."
Yea…let's get "His" and "Hers" tattoos.
What matching tattoos?
Like a rose? skull and crossbones?
NO silly, I'll get 
"His" tattooed on my arm 
and you get 
"Hers" tattooed on your arm.
Get it PaulA?…His and Hers tattoos.
Okay kat, you go first.

Something in PaulA's tone
told me...
he would not be following me."
I'm just intuitive like that.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Talk Like a Pirate" Day

Today is 
"Talk Like A Pirate Day."
(Thanks for reminding me Lady Di.)

Yes, it is a real day....
as real as Grandparent's Day and National Boss's Day...
(which are both a s-t-r-e-t-c-h.)

Anyho ho ho

This Kat comes from a long lineage of 
plunderers and pillagers
every summer we celebrate our inner pirate.

Meet the likes of me mighty family 
and fellow mateys.....

Every year we band together in 
bandanas, buckles,
patch, parrot, and peg...
for some
grog, gruel, and hair from the Captain.
(drink up, me hearties.)

Talking like a Pirate is not hard...
any landlubber can do it.
Just drop your "g's" and "v's"
and throw in a "ye" and a "be"
ye be talkin' pirate smartly...
after after a couple of tankards of rum... 
it comes naturally.

join the fun
(be good mateys and leave your swords at home)
"Talk Like A Pirate" today...
ye mateys be warned...
ne'er be talkin' pirate tomorrow...
or ye be walkin' the plank.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy 6th Blogiversary to ME

Today may be Friday the 13th, 
but it also happens to be my 
6th year blogiversary.
(just as scary)

Six years ago I sat in front of my computer and decided to write a blog.  
Chelsea and Colin were away at college, 
Brianna had started her junior year of high school
  and apparently I was looking for a
 way to delay doing any "chores."
I never thought I would be blogging 
these 6 years or 2,190 days later.  
So much has happened over the years…
not only in the telescopic view of 
the Wide Wide World,
but also in the microscopic view of 
my small, small, world…i.e.
Chelsea, Colin, Brianna completed college 
and all 3 are employed.
check, check, and double check, 
(did someone say they're picking up the check?)
 Coincidently my house still needs cleaning...
Not to mention….I am 6 years older. 
(there's always that.)


Today I am copying and pasting the blog 
I wrote on 9/13/2007.  
I am warning you that it is very long, 
so feel free to skip over every 3rd or 4th word.

When I began writing, I rambled on..and on..
(much like you are doing now, Kat)
but I've come to realize that people 
don't want to read blogarrhea...
their time is limited…
and they probably don't give a blogshit.  

Since the conception (or is it inception?) of my blog
(It felt like a birth.)
I have added pictures.  
I've discovered that people love pictures…
and are worth 1000 words...
that they don't have to read.

Here's my first blog...
I've added a few pics 
(should you want to skip over entire paragraphs.)

What to do……..

Well, let’s see…..What should I do now? My “to-do” list has lots of stuff on it, clean the bathrooms, (why did I insist on having more than one?), go to Stop and Shop, do the laundry.  I don’t want to do any of that. I find all those chores irritating, but I guess that is the real meaning of chores, isn’t it? So here I sit thinking, “Hey, maybe I’ll start a blog and avoid doing chores for a little while. Then maybe I will feel like doing them later.”…..there’s always hope! For some reason, I like writing online. I have three children and the two that are away at college have said that I am much more fun to talk to online (very interesting comment)….we’ll see if anyone out there agrees….

Another thing I like to do when I write online is to use dot, dot, dot, like this………… For some reason, it seems like such a natural thing to do. It is a good segway … I can change subjects….. way to think while I write….. like a written “ummmmm”….. and it gives people a chance to take a breath when they are reading. (You breathe when you read, don’t you?)

My name is Kathy-Anne or like my husband and good friends call me, Kat. Actually, K-A-T were my initials before I was married…so I guess you would say it is a fitting nickname. I am still not sure why my parents gave me a double name….we were not from the south, unless you consider that Vermont is south of Canada. It also contains a hypen. How many names do that? Then there is the business of no middle name…….huh, what were they thinking? So, I like the name, Kat although I do not have a cat. I don’t dislike cats, but I just don’t have one….I own a dog. His name is Duncan and is a Portuguese water dog. I don’t know how fitting the name Duncan is for a Portuguese water dog. My sister-in-law's family got a dog like ours and named him Magellan…now that makes sense….a Portuguese explorer….why couldn’t we have thought of that?

So it is the fall and the kids are back to school. I am a stay-at-home mom on the brink of an empty nest. It is good that I have 3 kids that are spaced out over 5 and a half years, that way my nest doesn’t get dumped all at once. I honestly do not know how moms of twins, or triplets do it.…

My oldest child, Chelsea, is a senior in college (not wanting to graduate in May and join the real world….unless you are talking about the reality TV show.) She likes to think of herself as the boss of the kids…and the other two let her think she is. She has earned the name “Big C” given to her by her brother and his friends….she commands respect! She has also stated that she is the guinea pig kid child…she may have a point.

Colin is a sophomore in college. I call him's just one of those family things that happen...probably from saying goodnight...remember John boy on the TV show, The Waltons?  He loves playing his bass guitar and performing in bands. Colin has been referred to as “6 degrees of Colin". Colin seems to know many different people from many different circles, and if you don’t know him, he knows you….does that make any sense??? Okay, quickie story to give you an example…We, the family, were at a Red Sox game and I looked over and saw a man eating an enormous piece of meat, that looked something like a chicken or turkey bone….I’m talking the whole animal and it was very gross. Food was falling from his mouth and the grease was dripping from his face, that he didn’t even bother to wipe off. So being the immature mom that I can be …I say, “Colin, check that man out to your left!” He looks and says, “Oh, I know that man!” I say, “Come on Colin, how is that possible?” He watches the game for a while and then 10 minutes later says to me, “I remember, I’ve seen him at the Y….he goes to the same YMCA I do.” There you have it, enough said about Colinboy.

Then last but not least is Brianna. First of all, she does not like when either I say or write the 3 kids names and say “Chelsea, Colin and Brianna”…she insists I take the “and” out. I guess she feels like it makes her seem like an after thought, but I have to explain that it really distinguishes her and gives her the spot light that she so deserves! Our name for Brianna, other than Bri which the kids at school logically call her… Wish, Wishy, Sweet Wish, Wish Queen or Wish Queen of America! Okay, it is a little corny, but when she was really little, I would sing the Disney song “A dream is a wish your heart makes”…and then whisper good night “sweet wish”. Anyway, Wishy is a junior in High School and I am trying to hold onto her before she also leaves for college and leaves me to me!!

So those are my 3 kids, nicknames and all. And I do have a husband, Paul…I don’t have any cutesy nicknames for him like love bug, or babe. Sometimes I call him Pauly or PaulA, as a joke, because on his airline boarding passes his middle initial "A" is run together with his first name and people think it is PaulA….for some reason, I think this is funny! But, other times when he’s traveling, out on the road…(or flying) and he is stuck in airports with late hours, I call him Willy……you know, Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman. He's a great guy working hard for the money. After all, he’s got 3 kids and a wife, who hates to do chores, to feed!

I should end now….I plan on sharing stories of everyday life from an average family and life as I see it (no major issues solved here) …I’ll be back. Not like the Jack Nicholson scary I’ll be back thing, but I’ll talk to ya soon………katOUT

Chelsea and her boyfriend, Austin

Colin playing with Dustin Lynch

Brianna home from semester-at-sea

PaulA and Kat, couple a luvbirds...

Duncandog....(we miss you)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

12th Anniversary of 9/11

    September 11th
  marking the  12th anniversary
   this year, 2013

Remembering and reflecting...
the devastation and tragedy at
Ground 0

where   1 World Trade Center now stands 
as a symbol of America's great strength and resolution

along with

             2 reflecting pools built within the footprints of the 
fallen Twin Towers to serve as a memorial. 

Remembering and honoring the nearly 
             3,000 innocent victims and the families 
impacted by the devastating terrorist attack 
and the men and women who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their lives
              4 our freedom.

 adding up to Americans coming together as...
              1 great nation.

We shall never forget.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Sneakers Walking for #TeamTrev

Have you noticed what's been going on with 
sneakers these days?
Gone are your basic white, 
your basic black
or occasional pair of red Converse.  
Those are so fashion yesterday.  

Today's fashion forward sneakers 
come in every color and every combination of colors 
from the shoestrings to the soles.  
You can not be too loud or too proud 
when it comes to sneakers.  
So in a recent shopping trip for sneakers...
I quickly discovered that my new sneaks 
would probably be flashy…
no matter how much I wanted to turn down the lights.


Sunday PaulA and I, and good friends walked 
a half marathon with #TeamTrev 
in the Jimmy Fund Walk in Boston 
in support of Trevor, a remarkable young man and
son of our dear college friends.

Before making the walk, 
I determined I was in need of new sneaks.  
My old sneaks were causing my right foot to go numb 
after 35 steps...
which I figured could present a problem over 13 miles. 

So off I bopped to Bob's 
to purchase a pair of running shoes…
even though I was TECHNICALLY using them for walking.  
I chose running shoes because I like to think of myself as a marathon runner, (poser alert) 
although I've never run a marathon 
or have a marathon anywhere on my agenda.  
BUT, in the event pigs fly,
or hell freezes over,
or whichever comes first...
I shall have the correct sneakers.

During my quest for the perfect fitting pair…
I tried on a baker's dozen (I'm always thinking of food).  
After finding a pair that fit the bill and fit my foot..
I continued to try on...another 41
just to be sure.  

I found the perfect pair....

an hour and half later. 

There were many kids in the store that day
getting new sneaks for their first day of school.  
I watched them with envy
take off running around the store...testing them out…
just like my kids used to do…back in the day. 

I thought about testing my kicks out in a similar fashion, 
but …
I decided I was too mature for such an activity.
I  should probably stick to jumping in place.  

Okay, admittedly so…
when no one was looking,
I made a mad dash through Ladies Apparel 
and back.

There is nothing like a new pair of sneakers 
to make you feel like a kid again.

Along with a "clear eyes, full heart, can't lose"  attitude,
my new shoes 
carried me over the finish line
in support of Trevor.

We are with #Team Trev…

every step of the way.

Monday, September 2, 2013

White after Labor Day?

Labor Day, 
the official "unofficial"
last day of summer,
is here...
re-igniting the age old question

To Wear?
Not to Wear

I'n not sure how the decree
 "thou shalt not wear white after Labor Day" 
I'm guessing it's a fashionista or fascist ploy.

As with most "rules", there are ways around it…
it's called
alabaster, cream, and winter white in
wool or corduroy.
rules be damned

But what about white jeans?  I love white jeans.  
Are they also banned after Labor Day?  
Don't call the fashion police on me if you see me in white jeans this week.


There is a rule of fashion 
I have always obeyed …..
"thou shalt not wear black and blue together…
lest ye be deemed a bruise."
A friend, however, recently informed me 
that the black/blue combo is acceptable…and, in fact,
 totally "in style."  
Fashionistas everywhere 
are working to get their bruise on.

 Who knew it would be fashionable
 to walk around like a
 roving contusion?

But then again, 
in the name of fashion...
I've also worn
stirrup pants, 
 yes, I had these exact stirrups

track suits, 

and padded shoulder jackets 

that made me look like Spongebob…

I guess it was only a matter of time before I would be 
"cruising for a fashion bruising."

Happy Labor Day...
now wear
where are my white jeans?

Oooh and I almost forgot...
Rabbit x 3
+ 1 day.