Monday, September 2, 2013

White after Labor Day?

Labor Day, 
the official "unofficial"
last day of summer,
is here...
re-igniting the age old question

To Wear?
Not to Wear

I'n not sure how the decree
 "thou shalt not wear white after Labor Day" 
I'm guessing it's a fashionista or fascist ploy.

As with most "rules", there are ways around it…
it's called
alabaster, cream, and winter white in
wool or corduroy.
rules be damned

But what about white jeans?  I love white jeans.  
Are they also banned after Labor Day?  
Don't call the fashion police on me if you see me in white jeans this week.


There is a rule of fashion 
I have always obeyed …..
"thou shalt not wear black and blue together…
lest ye be deemed a bruise."
A friend, however, recently informed me 
that the black/blue combo is acceptable…and, in fact,
 totally "in style."  
Fashionistas everywhere 
are working to get their bruise on.

 Who knew it would be fashionable
 to walk around like a
 roving contusion?

But then again, 
in the name of fashion...
I've also worn
stirrup pants, 
 yes, I had these exact stirrups

track suits, 

and padded shoulder jackets 

that made me look like Spongebob…

I guess it was only a matter of time before I would be 
"cruising for a fashion bruising."

Happy Labor Day...
now wear
where are my white jeans?

Oooh and I almost forgot...
Rabbit x 3
+ 1 day.