Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting Inked

Did you see Cee Lo Green's tattooed head last night on 
"This is the Voice?" 
(I never say "The Voice"
I have to sing ...
"This is the Voice.")

I thought the tattoo looked good on Cee Lo….
like he had hair.
Now there's an idea.  
Instead of getting hair transplants on a bald head, 
why not just tattoo your head with a full head of hair? 
I would prefer a curly head tat vs. 
the traditional buzz cut...
and maybe some wispy bangs.

Being the googler that I am, 
I googled "Cee Lo's head"
 and found out that his tat was a Henna tat
and not a real tat,
so it would fade away in 1 to 4 weeks.  

I also saw online 
a gorilla tat
on the balding spot of some 
really smart guy's head.
(A tat only Jane Goodall could appreciate.)


Ink was easily seen 
in this year's Miss America contest.
Miss Kansas was struttin her stuff...rockin lots of ink. 
(hard to cover that up in a bikini.)

I'm no Miss America (oh really Kat)
but I once suggested to PaulA that we too
 get a tattoo..
A joint tattoo…you know what I mean.

We were in San Diego 
and walking by a tattoo shop void of customers. 
The tat artists were just sitting there twirling their thumbs 
waiting for fresh flesh 
to inject fresh ink.

That's when a  brilliant 100 watt light bulb 
went on in my head 
and I looked at PaulA and said....
"Hey PaulA, let's go in and get tattoos."
Yea…let's get "His" and "Hers" tattoos.
What matching tattoos?
Like a rose? skull and crossbones?
NO silly, I'll get 
"His" tattooed on my arm 
and you get 
"Hers" tattooed on your arm.
Get it PaulA?…His and Hers tattoos.
Okay kat, you go first.

Something in PaulA's tone
told me...
he would not be following me."
I'm just intuitive like that.

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