Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Sneakers Walking for #TeamTrev

Have you noticed what's been going on with 
sneakers these days?
Gone are your basic white, 
your basic black
or occasional pair of red Converse.  
Those are so fashion yesterday.  

Today's fashion forward sneakers 
come in every color and every combination of colors 
from the shoestrings to the soles.  
You can not be too loud or too proud 
when it comes to sneakers.  
So in a recent shopping trip for sneakers...
I quickly discovered that my new sneaks 
would probably be flashy…
no matter how much I wanted to turn down the lights.


Sunday PaulA and I, and good friends walked 
a half marathon with #TeamTrev 
in the Jimmy Fund Walk in Boston 
in support of Trevor, a remarkable young man and
son of our dear college friends.

Before making the walk, 
I determined I was in need of new sneaks.  
My old sneaks were causing my right foot to go numb 
after 35 steps...
which I figured could present a problem over 13 miles. 

So off I bopped to Bob's 
to purchase a pair of running shoes…
even though I was TECHNICALLY using them for walking.  
I chose running shoes because I like to think of myself as a marathon runner, (poser alert) 
although I've never run a marathon 
or have a marathon anywhere on my agenda.  
BUT, in the event pigs fly,
or hell freezes over,
or whichever comes first...
I shall have the correct sneakers.

During my quest for the perfect fitting pair…
I tried on a baker's dozen (I'm always thinking of food).  
After finding a pair that fit the bill and fit my foot..
I continued to try on...another 41
just to be sure.  

I found the perfect pair....

an hour and half later. 

There were many kids in the store that day
getting new sneaks for their first day of school.  
I watched them with envy
take off running around the store...testing them out…
just like my kids used to do…back in the day. 

I thought about testing my kicks out in a similar fashion, 
but …
I decided I was too mature for such an activity.
I  should probably stick to jumping in place.  

Okay, admittedly so…
when no one was looking,
I made a mad dash through Ladies Apparel 
and back.

There is nothing like a new pair of sneakers 
to make you feel like a kid again.

Along with a "clear eyes, full heart, can't lose"  attitude,
my new shoes 
carried me over the finish line
in support of Trevor.

We are with #Team Trev…

every step of the way.

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