Monday, June 30, 2014

Less Reason to attend class reunions

Tis the season for Class Reunions...
a time to reminisce
with old classmates and friends
and find out 
if Bill lived up to 
“Most Likely To Succeed” 

and if Veronica is still deserving of 
“Best Looking.” 
(I voted for Betty.)

Social media, however, has changed everything.
It gives us less of a reason 
to lose weight, grow hair, and attend our reunions.  
Between Facebook, Twitter, InstaSham
and Google (you detectives know who you are)
the mystery is gone.
There is no shock and ahhhhhhh left.

You already know most everything...
where they work, how they look, what they cook,
and all that gobbledygook.
The only thing left to find out is 
if they were lying.



PaulA and I met at Groovy UVM.
Every five years our class reunion info. shows up,
but we toss it out.
Social media probably isn't the reason...
it's probably because we were lucky enough 
to marry our best friend from college
crazy coeds
we have a reunion every day.

And with every reunion...
it goes like this:

"Hi.  It's so good to see you. 
How long has it been? 
Wait, let me guess, maybe 
8 or 9 hours. 
Oh, I remember now,  
there was that one time you popped in around 11 a.m. 
because you left your cell phone on the kitchen counter. 
How could I forget that?
So I guess it's only been about 6 hours.

And you haven’t changed a bit...even after all these 
You still have your hair...
except the few strands I cleaned out of the shower drain...
you haven't gained a single pound...
since last night. 

Oh, remember that time???
You remember that time don't you? 
We were having breakfast and
you had the bagel and cream cheese and 
I had the English Muffin with peanut butter?
Wasn't it the greatest?
Then you said, “See ya later honey. 
And I said, "Have a good day.” 
I’ll never forget it.

Hey, let’s get together real soon. 
Let’s not let so much time pass between reunions. 
Let's do lunch next time."

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Michael Jackson "Gone to Soon"

Earlier this week PaulA and I were channel surfing,
riding the remote until we
 landed on the Michael Jackson 
"This Is It" concert on the Palladia station.
I couldn't help get emotional when I first saw "This Is It" 
in the theatre and again when I saw it the other night.
No matter how you feel about M.J. as a person....
his talent can not be denied.
At age 50, 5 years ago on June 25th
Michael Jackson's voice was gone too soon.


Whenever you hear a Michael Jackson song,
it makes you want to “Get On The Floor” and “Shake Your Body.”
It doesn’t matter if you’re “Black or White”,
“Ben”, “Dirty Diana”, or some “P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)”,
you feel like you “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin."

With a groove like Michael Jackson’s,
it’s only “Human Nature” you want to get on the floor and dance.
 If you’re like me you “Don’t stop til you get enough.”  
You just can’t “Beat It.” 

We each “Remember the Time”
when we first heard Michael sing and dance with the Jackson 5;
a young MJ who easily took the stage and limelight without any nerves or “Butterflies.”

 From early on, Michael  never had any privacy and 
I’m sure there were countless times he
wanted to “Scream” and yell “Leave Me Alone.”

Michael Jackson was loved around the world. 
His music found a way to bring people together and to “Heal the World.”

Those of you who also love Michael Jackson know that “You are Not Alone.”

When it came to the “Man in the Mirror”
Michael had become a controversial figure over his latter years. 
Some thinking he was “Bad”, “Dangerous”...maybe a “Smooth Criminal"
and others thinking he was a brilliant artist and music icon.
Regardless of your position, his amazing talent and artistry earned him the title
‘King of Pop.’

Not only was his music "Workin' Day and Night"…
but his music videos were always a “Thriller”
with their innovative and “Off The Wall” revolutionary approach
to telling a story and creating a short film.

As one of his millions and millions of fans “I Can’t Help It”…
but I miss him "For All Time."
 Michael Jackson still had a lot of music left to give and was “Gone Too Soon."

Whenever we hear your songs...
we still wanna “Rock With YOU.”

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Duncandog's Day

Deciding to get a dog is a 
major decision...
not something to be taken lightly 
especially in a family where you already have 
3 frisky kids that need to be
fed, exercised, and trained.

Kids being Kids…
our 3 kids
oh-so desperately wanted a dog…
they'd promise or say anything to get one,
So, of course, they made the proverbial kid promise:
"We promise (scout's honor) 
to walk, feed and help with the dog.  
Cross my heart...stick a needle in my eye." 
But as we all know…
those heartfelt promises never come true.
Not in a dog's age do they ever happen.

Luckily the 3 plush Gund dogs 
and cute matching collars and leashes 
we gave them for Christmas did the trick for a while.
I have to admit 
I kinda felt sad watching them drag their dogs around the house.

So we caved...

PaulA and I both had dogs growing up.  
I had a weinerdog, Brudus VonSomething
(with a name as long as he was) 
and PaulA had Duchess, the mutt.
It was now pay back time…
our turn to take care of the dog.


 Duncandog was born this day 16 years ago.
Unfortunately, he's in doggie heaven 
so we haven't been able to celebrate with him 
for the past couple of birthdays.
But we remember his past celebrations. 

I'm sure his pals in doggie heaven are throwing him a big 
barking paw-ty tonight.
They probably invited all the bitches over for some 
chewing, digging, and private part sniffing.  
Just as it should be.  

Every dog has it's day.  
And today is Duncandog's.  

Happy day, Duncandog.

Dunks, Duncabunk, side of roast beef, Sir Pees Alot

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lucky Friday the 13th

Today is Friday, the 13th
as luck would have it 
a full moon.
The combination of the two together is a 
double whammy 
of bad luck for people who are superstitious.

Lucky for me I don't have 
fear of the Number 13?
fear of Friday the 13th?

This Kat happens to love the number "13."  
I should...I was born on the 
like my girl, 
Taylor Swift
although I don't write "13" on my hand.
People who have birthdays on the 
13th of the month 
have an infinite affinity for the number
and feel 
lucky about 
"Unlucky 13."


Today I hope you have the nerve to get out and enjoy the day.  
Please don't  let the 13th 
change your behavior in any way.
Unless of course, 
it involves skydiving.
Even I wouldn't press that one.

Luckily for President George H. W. Bush, 
his 90th birthday was on the 12th, 

His landing from his skydiving jump 
might have looked a little differently

If it makes you feel a little more secure, 
carry a rabbit's foot in your pocket.
And for God's sake..
avoid all ladders, cracks, and black cats.
Oh, and don't sleep on a table.
Apparently that is bad luck.
(After all this time of sleeping on the dining room table...
who knew?)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Brianna

June 5th, 1991 
was a beautiful day
in more ways than just weather.
It was the day our beautiful
was born.

The night before Brianna was born, 
to get things going...
and get Brianna coming...
PaulA and I listened to the song 
"3 Babies" by Sinead O'Connor 
(at the time, I was obsessed with Sinead's music)
And wala...
the next morning at 8:30 am...

I had my 3rd baby.
Thank you, Sinead O'Conor.


During my pregnancy with Brianna
I read many articles from the "experts" about the importance of preparing the other siblings for the arrival of a new baby
so the siblings wouldn't harbor any resentment,
and drop her on her head...accidently.
It was important to foster a good sibling bond
from the very beginning.

While I was in the hospital my neighbors
noticed Chelsea had a couple red spots on her face.
After they got a look at her stomach 
there was no question...
Chelsea had the
Chicken pox...
and Colin 
was also contagious.
the diseased duo 
was banned from visiting Brianna and I in the hospital.
everything I had read about from the experts about bringing a new baby into the family 
blah blah blah
went out the window,
down the drain,
out with the bath water.
After I brought our sweet baby home 
the contagious couple was not allowed near her.
they were shut off from their new sister.

At the time, 
with all my hormones at full throttle,
I worried about everyone's feelings and 
stressed that we didn't have the proper home coming...
3 Hences 
and 23 years later
we proved the experts wrong...
the dynamic duo became
the 3 musketeers...
a tight knit
all for one, one for all

That beautiful June 5th day...
Brianna made our family circle complete
and we all couldn't have been happier.

the family tree

Happy Birthday, Sweet Wish
Lots of L-O-V-E

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy June 1st

Happy June 1st...
It is so hard to believe we are already 
half way into 2014....
say what?  
Time is ticking way too fast.

The month of June...
brings out the brides...
a VERY popular wedding month.

And as it happens,
this Saturday, our handsome nephew 
is marrying a beautiful young woman 
- both inside and out.
We can't wait to celebrate with them and the fam damily 
and to cut a rug.
(Kat, no one says "cut a rug" anymore.)

Interestingly enough....
at least to me
the reason June is such a popular month for weddings 
goes waaaay back.
It actually has a historical reason...
and so it goes....

A looooong time ago, 
regular bathing wasn't considered a necessity.  
Instead it was reserved as a 
once-a-year event 
observed during the end of May or beginning of June.  
So it would make a lot of sense 
that couples tied the knot in June 
(when they didn't stink to high heaven.)
Speaking of heaven,
heaven help the couple who got married in April.
I would cry "foul" at that wedding.


I can't let this day go without 
parading the rabbits 
for good luck.




Good Luck to Pat and Heather on their wedding day 
and beyond.
(I'm pretty sure Pat has recently had a shower.)