Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Brianna

June 5th, 1991 
was a beautiful day
in more ways than just weather.
It was the day our beautiful
was born.

The night before Brianna was born, 
to get things going...
and get Brianna coming...
PaulA and I listened to the song 
"3 Babies" by Sinead O'Connor 
(at the time, I was obsessed with Sinead's music)
And wala...
the next morning at 8:30 am...

I had my 3rd baby.
Thank you, Sinead O'Conor.


During my pregnancy with Brianna
I read many articles from the "experts" about the importance of preparing the other siblings for the arrival of a new baby
so the siblings wouldn't harbor any resentment,
and drop her on her head...accidently.
It was important to foster a good sibling bond
from the very beginning.

While I was in the hospital my neighbors
noticed Chelsea had a couple red spots on her face.
After they got a look at her stomach 
there was no question...
Chelsea had the
Chicken pox...
and Colin 
was also contagious.
the diseased duo 
was banned from visiting Brianna and I in the hospital.
everything I had read about from the experts about bringing a new baby into the family 
blah blah blah
went out the window,
down the drain,
out with the bath water.
After I brought our sweet baby home 
the contagious couple was not allowed near her.
they were shut off from their new sister.

At the time, 
with all my hormones at full throttle,
I worried about everyone's feelings and 
stressed that we didn't have the proper home coming...
3 Hences 
and 23 years later
we proved the experts wrong...
the dynamic duo became
the 3 musketeers...
a tight knit
all for one, one for all

That beautiful June 5th day...
Brianna made our family circle complete
and we all couldn't have been happier.

the family tree

Happy Birthday, Sweet Wish
Lots of L-O-V-E


Bri @ Sea said...

Thanks Momma!!! Loved this post and the photos... and all of you! Thanks for all you've given me over the past lovely 23 years :)

Sistersledge said...

June 5th is a fabulous day indeed! Happy Birthday beautiful Brianna!

Aunt Jayne said...

that beautiful baby turned into a beautiful woman. Love the post Kat