Friday, June 13, 2014

Lucky Friday the 13th

Today is Friday, the 13th
as luck would have it 
a full moon.
The combination of the two together is a 
double whammy 
of bad luck for people who are superstitious.

Lucky for me I don't have 
fear of the Number 13?
fear of Friday the 13th?

This Kat happens to love the number "13."  
I should...I was born on the 
like my girl, 
Taylor Swift
although I don't write "13" on my hand.
People who have birthdays on the 
13th of the month 
have an infinite affinity for the number
and feel 
lucky about 
"Unlucky 13."


Today I hope you have the nerve to get out and enjoy the day.  
Please don't  let the 13th 
change your behavior in any way.
Unless of course, 
it involves skydiving.
Even I wouldn't press that one.

Luckily for President George H. W. Bush, 
his 90th birthday was on the 12th, 

His landing from his skydiving jump 
might have looked a little differently

If it makes you feel a little more secure, 
carry a rabbit's foot in your pocket.
And for God's sake..
avoid all ladders, cracks, and black cats.
Oh, and don't sleep on a table.
Apparently that is bad luck.
(After all this time of sleeping on the dining room table...
who knew?)

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