Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy June 1st

Happy June 1st...
It is so hard to believe we are already 
half way into 2014....
say what?  
Time is ticking way too fast.

The month of June...
brings out the brides...
a VERY popular wedding month.

And as it happens,
this Saturday, our handsome nephew 
is marrying a beautiful young woman 
- both inside and out.
We can't wait to celebrate with them and the fam damily 
and to cut a rug.
(Kat, no one says "cut a rug" anymore.)

Interestingly enough....
at least to me
the reason June is such a popular month for weddings 
goes waaaay back.
It actually has a historical reason...
and so it goes....

A looooong time ago, 
regular bathing wasn't considered a necessity.  
Instead it was reserved as a 
once-a-year event 
observed during the end of May or beginning of June.  
So it would make a lot of sense 
that couples tied the knot in June 
(when they didn't stink to high heaven.)
Speaking of heaven,
heaven help the couple who got married in April.
I would cry "foul" at that wedding.


I can't let this day go without 
parading the rabbits 
for good luck.




Good Luck to Pat and Heather on their wedding day 
and beyond.
(I'm pretty sure Pat has recently had a shower.)

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