Sunday, September 30, 2007


Have you noticed how IMs, and texting have shortened words? I totally understand how it has evolved…it’s so much easier and faster to type “MYOB”, then to write….”mind your own business.” But when I read a statement in The Hartford Courant from an 18 year old girl who is facing life in prison in taking part in a killing of a random city man….I have to say, I was surprised. Her statement read: “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in jail. I feel so bad 4 the guy and his family!” See what I’m talking about here? I bet my subscription to People magazine, that she didn’t even realize she put the number 4 in there.

My kids type so fast and shorten their words that as a POS (parent over shoulder) ….I can’t follow (isn’t that the idea?)….Omg g2g my bff jill is calling. LOL :-) Granted they do this on their cell phones and the computer, but I’m hoping it doesn’t cross over. I just hope someday when they fill out a job application, they don’t put: Johnson 4 hire. Gr8 worker. Willing 2 work ova time.

You know I do remember back in the day, we said stuff like: “Far out Man! We had a bitchen tubular time at the disco. Can you dig it! Gotta split. Catch you on the Flip-side.” Was this any better??

Or how about the two together….Really decent, my bff Jill and I boogied down last nite in da club. We got down wit J and his homies. OMG! Gag me with a spoon! Dude, get real…that’s totally radical. Are you JK? G2G! You splittin’ already? Be there or be square.……CYA…Keep on Truckin…PZ

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Are You Watching?

Have any of you seen the new show Gossip Girl? It is new on the CW network and it is nasty, nasty, nasty…..3 nasties! I decided to watch the pilot because it was created by the same guy who created the O.C. Okay, the O.C. would not be considered brilliant work, but I wanted to watch what my teenagers were watching and before I knew it….I was watching along. Who can resist a story where you see the rich and famous rise and fall (kinda like reading People magazine every week or reading Star Magazine, not that I would do that or anything.)

So I was thinking Gossip Girl would be similar to the O.C., which it is at first glance…young, very attractive boys and girls in high school, expensive and cool clothes, shots of wealthy and privileged lives, and very hip and great looking parents, of course…you know, like a normal slice of life. But the difference in this show is WOW over the top from the O.C. It took the O.C. a few years and many episodes to get where the Gossip Girl’s pilot started.

Check it out….First, we are supposed to believe these kids are in high school (ages 14 – 18)…kids are looking way more mature today, because these kids look to be 21-25! Then you see scenes where they are dressed to the Nines (anybody say that anymore?) and are at the bar ordering drinks. They are actually sitting at the bar sipping on maritinis. Huh, where do “kids in high school” go to the bar and get served martinis? (Maybe because they all look 25….now I get it.) Isn’t it a school nite? Oh, then a young innocent girl at a party gets saved from an experienced older boy who is about to pounce on her (and you know what I am talking about.) She texts her brother for help and he runs in to save the day. Then a flashback occurs …shows one of the boys cheating on his girlfriend with his girlfriend’s best friend on a counter and they’re not sharing a soda …. Bingo, this is where the show earns its 3 nasty rating!!!

So to say I didn’t watch it again the next week would be an out and out lie….I had to….I had to make sure it wasn’t really a nasty show and that maybe things would be different. So I watched…Nope, I was wrong, it’s the same nasty show it started out to be. Maybe next week, it will be different.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Little Privacy Here.....Please

Chelsea went to a big, excuse me, I mean huge football game at her university last Saturday night. I say it is huge because there is absolutely nothing more important than their football….and 92,000 screaming fans can’t be wrong. And albeit (love that cool little word) it was televised on ESPN so maybe that gives them a little validation. Anyway, Brianna was watching the game on TV with a couple of her friends and knew Chelsea was at the game so she was checking out the faces in the crowd as the camera panned over the sportsfans. She decided to give Chelsea a little call. “Chelsea”, Brianna yells over the phone, “I can see you on TV!” (wink, wink to her friends)
Chelsea yells back, “ Oh no, really… can? I’m in the bathroom!!”

Usernames, Passwords, and PINs, Oh My!!

To know me is to know some of my pet peeves….here’s one. (I better be careful spelling that word or it could look like perves and my kids might have a problem with that!) Okay, the business of usernames, passwords and PINs is enough to send me over Niagara Falls without the barrel. Am I the only one who seems to have a problem with this? Come on, I think not.

So you go to sign on to an account; bank account, ebay account, Mrs.Fields Chocolate chip Cookie account, blog account…you name it account. Sometimes they assign you a user name and other times you get to choose. So you choose (atleast I do) something that resembles your name or personality…okay, let’s go with Wonderwoman…Then you have to choose a password. Through the years I have tried to use the same one….but sometimes the computer requires a number too…so I pick a lucky favorite number. Sounds simple enough, but not so fast! Sometimes my personality changes and my lucky number changes. Then before I know it I am losermom0 or 8thewholething. When I go back, I try to get the right combination of the username with the right password and this is not easy. Then when you add in the PIN….forget it!

So what does everyone else do to remember these combinations? Any helpful hints? Isn’t it enough that I remember to pick Brianna up after practice?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

eBay Mania

I went on eBay yesterday and was the highest bidder!! I wanted a decorative oar for the wall (odd, but true) from Pottery Barn but it was actually sold out. I guess there were other people out there who like to decorate with oars?? So I decided to give eBay a try. Sure enough, some goofball was selling a brand new oar and had it listed with the initial bid 20 dollars over the amount that Pottery Barn was selling it for. Is this person so clairvoyant they knew there would be a run on oars? How does this happen? So whose the goofball now?

Anyway, I had my mind set on getting this oar, had decided where I wanted to hang it, and just knew I had to have it. So I bid the asking price…69 dollars. Okay, I’m feeling good about it all….20 dollars more than Pottery Barn, but heck, it was sold out. Only 12 more hours and then it would be all mine….I’m salivating now……eBay is telling me I’m the highest bidder and currently in the lead. How cool is that? After 6 hours, I check my eBay account and see someone has dared to outbid me…70 dollars! So I return the favor, 71 dollars….back to you sucker! Then another bid automatically appears on my screen….104 dollars. What?

So I ask anyone what they think….Do you think that buyers make bids through another screen name for their own stuff just to jack up the price? Then if they end up being high bidder, they just put it up for sale another day. Okay, I am just wondering, but couldn’t this happen or is this just my suspicious mind at work? wahaha

Well, you know how the ole eBay story ends…..I got the oar……105 dollars plus shipping…. But I am feeling good about it…because eBay tells me “You’re a winner!” I wonder what else I can win????

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tales of an Average Family of 5

What to do……..

Well, let’s see…..What should I do now? My “to-do” list has lots of stuff on it, clean the bathrooms, (why did I insist on having more than one?), go to Stop and Shop, do the laundry.  I don’t want to do any of that. I find all those chores irritating, but I guess that is the real meaning of chores, isn’t it? So here I sit thinking, “Hey, maybe I’ll start a blog and avoid doing chores for a little while. Then maybe I will feel like doing them later.”…..there’s always hope! For some reason, I like writing online. I have three children and the two that are away at college have said that I am much more fun to talk to online (very interesting comment)….we’ll see if anyone out there agrees….

Another thing I like to do when I write online is to use dot, dot, dot, like this………… For some reason, it seems like such a natural thing to do. It is a good segway … I can change subjects….. way to think while I write….. like a written “ummmmm”….. and it gives people a chance to take a breath when they are reading. (You breathe when you read, don’t you?)

My name is Kathy-Anne or like my husband and good friends call me, Kat. Actually, K-A-T were my initials before I was married…so I guess you would say it is a fitting nickname. I am still not sure why my parents gave me a double name….we were not from the south, unless you consider that Vermont is south of Canada. It also contains a hypen. How many names do that? Then there is the business of no middle name…….huh, what were they thinking? So, I like the name, Kat although I do not have a cat. I don’t dislike cats, but I just don’t have one….I own a dog. His name is Duncan and is a Portuguese water dog. I don’t know how fitting the name Duncan is for a Portuguese water dog. My sister-in-law's family got a dog like ours and named him Magellan…now that makes sense….a Portuguese explorer….why couldn’t we have thought of that?

So it is the fall and the kids are back to school. I am a stay-at-home mom on the brink of an empty nest. It is good that I have 3 kids that are spaced out over 5 and a half years, that way my nest doesn’t get dumped all at once. I honestly do not know how moms of twins, or triplets do it.…

My oldest child, Chelsea, is a senior in college (not wanting to graduate in May and join the real world….unless you are talking about the reality TV show.) She likes to think of herself as the boss of the kids…and the other two let her think she is. She has earned the name “Big C” given to her by her brother and his friends….she commands respect! She has also stated that she is the guinea pig kid child…she may have a point.

Colin is a sophomore in college. I call him's just one of those family things that happen...probably from saying goodnight...remember John boy on the TV show, The Waltons?  He loves playing his bass guitar and performing in bands. Colin has been referred to as “6 degrees of Colin". Colin seems to know many different people from many different circles, and if you don’t know him, he knows you….does that make any sense??? Okay, quickie story to give you an example…We, the family, were at a Red Sox game and I looked over and saw a man eating an enormous piece of meat, that looked something like a chicken or turkey bone….I’m talking the whole animal and it was very gross. Food was falling from his mouth and the grease was dripping from his face, that he didn’t even bother to wipe off. So being the immature mom that I can be …I say, “Colin, check that man out to your left!” He looks and says, “Oh, I know that man!” I say, “Come on Colin, how is that possible?” He watches the game for a while and then 10 minutes later says to me, “I remember, I’ve seen him at the Y….he goes to the same YMCA I do.” There you have it, enough said about Colinboy.

Then last but not least is Brianna. First of all, she does not like when either I say or write the 3 kids names and say “Chelsea, Colin and Brianna”…she insists I take the “and” out. I guess she feels like it makes her seem like an after thought, but I have to explain that it really distinguishes her and gives her the spot light that she so deserves! Our name for Brianna, other than Bri which the kids at school logically call her… Wish, Wishy, Sweet Wish, Wish Queen or Wish Queen of America! Okay, it is a little corny, but when she was really little, I would sing the Disney song “A dream is a wish your heart makes”…and then whisper good night “sweet wish”. Anyway, Wishy is a junior in High School and I am trying to hold onto her before she also leaves for college and leaves me to me!!

So those are my 3 kids, nicknames and all. And I do have a husband, Paul…I don’t have any cutesy nicknames for him like love bug, or babe. Sometimes I call him Pauly or PaulA, as a joke, because on his airline boarding passes his middle initial "A" is run together with his first name and people think it is PaulA….for some reason, I think this is funny! But, other times when he’s traveling, out on the road…(or flying) and he is stuck in airports with late hours, I call him Willy……you know, Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman. He's a great guy working hard for the money. After all, he’s got 3 kids and a wife, who hates to do chores, to feed!

I should end now….I plan on sharing stories of everyday life from an average family and life as I see it (no major life issues solved here) …I’ll be back. Not like the Jack Nicholson scary I’ll be back thing, but I’ll talk to ya soon………katOUT