Tuesday, September 18, 2007

eBay Mania

I went on eBay yesterday and was the highest bidder!! I wanted a decorative oar for the wall (odd, but true) from Pottery Barn but it was actually sold out. I guess there were other people out there who like to decorate with oars?? So I decided to give eBay a try. Sure enough, some goofball was selling a brand new oar and had it listed with the initial bid 20 dollars over the amount that Pottery Barn was selling it for. Is this person so clairvoyant they knew there would be a run on oars? How does this happen? So whose the goofball now?

Anyway, I had my mind set on getting this oar, had decided where I wanted to hang it, and just knew I had to have it. So I bid the asking price…69 dollars. Okay, I’m feeling good about it all….20 dollars more than Pottery Barn, but heck, it was sold out. Only 12 more hours and then it would be all mine….I’m salivating now……eBay is telling me I’m the highest bidder and currently in the lead. How cool is that? After 6 hours, I check my eBay account and see someone has dared to outbid me…70 dollars! So I return the favor, 71 dollars….back to you sucker! Then another bid automatically appears on my screen….104 dollars. What?

So I ask anyone what they think….Do you think that buyers make bids through another screen name for their own stuff just to jack up the price? Then if they end up being high bidder, they just put it up for sale another day. Okay, I am just wondering, but couldn’t this happen or is this just my suspicious mind at work? wahaha

Well, you know how the ole eBay story ends…..I got the oar……105 dollars plus shipping…. But I am feeling good about it…because eBay tells me “You’re a winner!” I wonder what else I can win????

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