Sunday, September 30, 2007


Have you noticed how IMs, and texting have shortened words? I totally understand how it has evolved…it’s so much easier and faster to type “MYOB”, then to write….”mind your own business.” But when I read a statement in The Hartford Courant from an 18 year old girl who is facing life in prison in taking part in a killing of a random city man….I have to say, I was surprised. Her statement read: “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in jail. I feel so bad 4 the guy and his family!” See what I’m talking about here? I bet my subscription to People magazine, that she didn’t even realize she put the number 4 in there.

My kids type so fast and shorten their words that as a POS (parent over shoulder) ….I can’t follow (isn’t that the idea?)….Omg g2g my bff jill is calling. LOL :-) Granted they do this on their cell phones and the computer, but I’m hoping it doesn’t cross over. I just hope someday when they fill out a job application, they don’t put: Johnson 4 hire. Gr8 worker. Willing 2 work ova time.

You know I do remember back in the day, we said stuff like: “Far out Man! We had a bitchen tubular time at the disco. Can you dig it! Gotta split. Catch you on the Flip-side.” Was this any better??

Or how about the two together….Really decent, my bff Jill and I boogied down last nite in da club. We got down wit J and his homies. OMG! Gag me with a spoon! Dude, get real…that’s totally radical. Are you JK? G2G! You splittin’ already? Be there or be square.……CYA…Keep on Truckin…PZ