Friday, January 29, 2010

Commando Tennis Down Under

I used to play tennis, but I gave it up…and not because I had a sore leg, was a sore sport, or had a sore excuse. Actually my excuse was legit…I couldn’t see the ball. Playing tennis indoors under the fluorescent lights, with the ball coming at me…proved to be challenging. If the ball was hit anywhere near me…I was sure to miss it. My partners would look at me with the expression, What the hell? And I would have to explain, “Hey, if I could see…I so would have had that.”

I kinda got tired of whiffing at imaginary balls, so I threw in my racquet….but not my outfits. Damn, I loved the tennis outfits.

Initially I probably began playing tennis because of the skirts and dresses. Plus the accessories are nice…nothing like a tennis bracelet to compliment the outfit and the gleam of the bling to distract your opponent.

Tennis wear is so much cuter than golf attire. I'm still playing golf because the golf ball is going away from me and not towards me…unless I hit a tree and it ricochets back for my head. Luckily that only happens every 5th shot. But let’s face it…golf clothes are not as fetching as tennis, and kinda on the dorky side. Case in point, who’s hotter…Annika Sorenstam, or Maria Sharapova?

Which leads me to my point…(40-Love)..regarding Venus William’s wardrobe choice at the Australian Open. Venus took some serious heat about the dress she was wearing. Actually, it was more about what she was wearing down under.

She wore a yellow dress with a low V-neck and long slits up the sides…and underneath…a brown tank top and brown undies. Venus designed the outfit herself and said she chose the color to match her skin color, because it was all about illusion and would give the slits in her dress the full effect. When her dress flew up as she ran for the ball, it looked like her butt was in the buff. No illusion there.

Commando tennis, down under… is definitely one way of taking charge at the Australian Open. Go Venus.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear John

Breaking up is hard to do….UNLESS you know how to write a great 'Dear John letter'…then it’s easy as pie. But if you can’t find the words on your own, no worries…there are actual SAMPLE letters online to help you.

They say the 'Dear John letter' probably originated when servicemen in WW2 were overseas for long periods of time and their wife or girlfriend got tired of waiting…tired of waiting for their man to come home…and by chance, they met a great guy named Lance. I say a relationship is doomed…with no chance in hell…when any guy named Lance enters the picture.

Dear John,
I first want to start by saying how much I still love and care for you BUT……………………Lance this…Lance that….and Lancealot……..

But what prompted this blog…and what got me all worked up…is what I saw on Oprah. For Egyptian men, Islamic law makes divorce rather simple. All a husband has to do is say to his wife, “You are divorced” 3 times…and the marriage is over. Bing, Bang, Out of here. They make the 'Dear John letter' look like a complex legal document.

As inconsistencies would have it… it doesn’t work the same for Egyptian women. The women actually have to go to trial, if they want to send their sheik packing.

I wonder…if an Egyptian man says, You are divorced" out loud 3 times….Does the wife have to be in the same room and hear it? If a tree falls down in the woods and no one is around to hear it- does it make a sound? Okay, that was random…but kinda connected. right?

What if the Egyptian wife covers her ears and says to her husband, “nanannnananana…I can’t hear you”...I wonder...Does it still count?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Burger King Whopper

Sometimes I’ve been known to embellish a story …or tell a whopper….just for effect. But this is no Whopper. This one actually has some beef to it.

Have you heard Burger King is adding beer to its menu? For real. The King of Burgers is offering Budweiser, the King of Beers, and Miller Beer with its burgers…just don’t be looking for a Sam’s Pale Ale.

Burger King is actually opening a Whopper Bar in South Beach, FL in mid-February. Where else would you be able to get a brewski with a fast food burger? They probably won’t require shoes and shirts there either.

I’m not exactly sure of the logistics of opening a Whopper Bar. But I would think teenagers couldn’t serve alcohol. Plus, who’s around to supervise the joint at 2 am? It’s one thing to sneak a few fries when no one is looking, but sips of beer. Chug, chug, chug……….

And usually the crowd who frequents a burger joint at 2am is sketchy already, but with beer served…the sketchy factor has just increased 10 fold.

But I’m always open to new ideas. Think of the possibilities. A Drive-thru Whopper Bar sounds like a great idea….you don’t even have to get out of the car. It just makes drinking and driving so much easier. (Okay, a little tongue-in-cheek there, kids.)

And think of how many people will want to work for BK now. With beer benefits…there might be a flow of applications.

Burger King is definitely trying to be edgier and differentiate itself from the competition….first by calling themselves B.K. and now serving beer. And the price is right. A brew as part of a Whopper combo will only be $7.99…just 2 bucks more than the same combo meal with a soda. Come on down.

I think I’ll have to hit a South Beach BK just so I can order a large beer with a regular meal and say, “Whoppertender…Supersuds Me.”

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Usernames, Passwords, and Pins...Oh My!

Does anyone have any tricks to remembering usernames, passwords, and pins, Oh My? What do you do to keep them straight? Or maybe you were born with a pornographic…whoops….photographic memory. I don’t have that kind of memory…well, either kind. Other than a few phone numbers, the only number committed to my memory is my Mastercard number. That one is burned into my internal memory drive.

I have tried to stick with the same usernames and passwords….but over the years, it has gotten difficult. Sometimes the username I choose is already in use and I'm forced to choose a new one. Shocking to me that someone is using…Fatassblogger. And then there are times I'm required to use symbols in my password…so it looks like I've just flung a string of expletives. *^$#^*

I try to be creative with my username…and choose something I can totally identify with…that way I can recognize myself when I see me. Usually I go with Katwoman…but when I’m feeling extra spectacular…I opt for Wonderwoman.

Then there are times I use versions of Kat. Kat scratch, Katsup, Kat burglar, coolkat, katfish, Katcando. I particularly like…don’tlettheKatoutofthebag…but that one is usually considered too long by the computer.

My own ingenious trick to keeping everything straight is a little book with them all listed …all 47 combinations of them. I’m not sure if it is a good idea…but I keep the book next to my computer. That way I can find it. But now that I think about it… its’ like giving the prisoner the keys to his jail cell. Remember Mayberry RFD when Otis Campbell, the town drunk, used to let himself in and out of jail? People just might be able to let themselves in and out of my business. Yikes.

I wish there was an easier method to the madness of passwords. Back in the day when I was a kid, using the magic password got me into everything…and was so easy to remember. All I had to say was “Open Sesame” and I was in like flint.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank you SuperDave

I’m coming to you from the sunshine state….which happily so…hasn’t let me down. My sister Jayniebug and I are visiting my parents who are also visiting my grandparents in a retirement senior community. I’m pretty sure my grandparents have lived in this community the longest. If you add their ages together you would get the grand total of 187. I think that qualifies them as super seniors. I’m hoping they get to 200.

I dragged along my laptop with me to keep me connected with the outside world. Otherwise, I would be lead to believe the world consisted of only sunny retirees with nothing but time on their hands waiting for shuffleboard heaven.

My first day here I started to sweat….not from heat exhaustion, but from wondering where I was gonna plug in…find www. Ahhh…and I found it…at the recreation center. A big room with ping pong pool tables , gym equipment, and 3 card tables set up next to the wall. I made my way to a table through a sea of 35 smiling seniors all milling about…waiting. Something was up. Before I knew it…lines quickly formed and the boom box started:

My hearts on fire Elvira
Giddy up oom poppa mow mow
Giddy up oom poppa mow mow
Heigh-ho silver away

And before you could say, “What the hell?”...they were on autopilot…line dancing with perfection. And this was the beginner group.

One thing I’ve noticed while here is that everything is done early. Why delay? You get up early, have lunch early, and eat dinner early. The first night we hit the early bird dinner at 5 pm, and my stomach wasn’t exactly quite sure what was happening. But I got used to it. Plus I’ve found the early bird catches the worm.

I have to admit, some changes were easier to get used to than others. Like happy hour at 4 pm. What an ingenious idea.……Jayniebug and I were totally on board with moving happy hour up by an hour. Yahoo…giddy up oom poppa mow mow. Hey, have ya seen Elvira?

I haven’t been back to the rec center…not because I don’t appreciate folks doing a rockin’ line dance to Elvira…but I have found SuperDave.

Apparently I’m stealing internet service from a man next door with a superman complex. Thank you Super Dave…you’re my hero.

Giddy up oom poppa mow mow

Heigh-ho silver away

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Special Day

This is a special day. A Big C Birthday. Special to Chelsea….and forever special to us.

Chelsea, unfortunately, won’t be home to put in her menu request for the traditional birthday dinner. Her birthday dinner...when we sit around the table to celebrate Chelsea and to talk about the day Chelsea arrived.

Talk about how the morning of January 21st in Jacksonville, FL, I nervously said “PaulA…I think its time. I think I’m having a baby today.” How we called the doctor, dressed quickly, and grabbed the infamous blue suitcase I had packed 3 weeks earlier. How PaulA strapped me into our brown Saab 900s and took off, full-throttle…only to be pulled over by the police 1 mile down the road. How the police asked , “Where ya going in such a hurry, buddy?” and how PaulA replied, “Officer, you might not believe this, but my wife is in labor.” How the officer told PaulA, “Slow down. Get everybody there alive.” And how the officer escorted us to the front door of Baptist Hospital.

How Chelsea entered this world at 1:56 pm, weighing 7 lbs, 11ounces. How on January 21st, Chelsea made us deliriously happy, enormously ecstatic, wide-eyed, what do we do next, first-time parents.

Chelsea may not be with us on this special day, but Chelsea is with us.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Medical Mysteries Solved

Who among us hasn’t looked up some illness or symptoms online? Be it The Swine Flu, West Nile Virus, or the South Bronx Bug?

For me growing up, the tapeworm…was the number one illness that creeped me out. I remember getting a good look at one in the World Book Encyclopedia and I shivered for hours. I kept picturing the 6 foot worm growing in my stomach…eating everything I ate as it came down the Esopha-pike…even my Twinkies, before I had a chance to digest the crème center. I know there are a few who think the tapeworm would be an easy weight loss tool…but I’m thinking fewer Twinkies and more exercise might be easier than a tapeworm…by any measure.

Now ours is a world void of World Book Encyclopedia internet world that is often used to solve our medical mysteries. It’s a breeze to google your symptoms or a suspected illness and see if you are a match. Congratulations! You are a winner. You have Anthrax.

Google will turn anyone into a walking, barely-breathing hypochondriac.

For some, the mere mention of an illness can bring on symptoms…let alone reading about them online. I remember when Colinboy was sure his number was up...after hearing about meningitis…and after spending an afternoon in google world. Yep...he was a meningitis match. He had a headache…and he couldn’t stare into a light bulb for very long. And, if he stretched his neck in a vice grip…it hurt like hell.

We assured him his good health, “Colin you don’t have meningitis. You are a hypochondriac.” Colinboy looked clueless and asked, “What’s that?” Our advice, “Look, it up, son.” Colinboy googled it and came back with his startling revelation, “Yea! I have THAT…that’s exactly what I have. I have Hypochondria.”

Another medical mystery solved.

Revolutionary treatment for Hypochondria:
Take 2 aspirin……….And don’t google.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Model Citizen

Harvard Graduate
Harvard Law Review President
Civil Rights Attorney
Illinois State Senator
U.S. Senator
President of the United States
Nobel Peace Prize Recipient
Add Model…to the list of Obama accomplishments.

Have ya seen this picture of the billboard in Times Square of Obama advertising a black jacket from the Weatherproof Garment Company? Yowser…that man can make a simple black jacket look good. Clothes just look good on Obama….he’s a natural.

The Weatherproof Garment Company is calling it “The Obama jacket.” The ad, however, is misleading because it looks like Obama is endorsing the jacket. The company actually photoshopped an AP photo of the President standing at the Great Wall of China into their ad…without his approval. But Obama was wearing their jacket….which is an endorsement of sorts, in itself.

Does the ad make me want to run out and buy the jacket? No. But there are folks who would weather the elements for the exposure of owning an all-weather Obama jacket.

Remember what OJ Simpson did for Bruno Magli shoes aka OJ shoes? After the trial…Bruno Magli shoes enjoyed a huge lift in popularity and even made a killing in sales. How murderiously ridiculous was that? So to follow… the weatherproof jacket… aka the Obama Jacket…might prove to be a windfall for the company’s bottom line…after they weather any criticism for using the ad without permission.

Hmmm…The Obama Jacket ad is making me think the President should consider modeling. Why not? A lot of models have side jobs. Plus, Obama could help out his fellow Americans by earning some extra bucks to fund his programs. And, if after 4 years, Obama’s day job doesn’t work out...Obama would resort to being a model citizen.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Duncandog Calling

Hi, this is Duncandog calling. I am a very clever Portuguese Water Dog who has figured out how to use a cell phone. I like sending text messages to my 2-legged siblings who are all away…and left me home with cranky Kat.

Speaking of cranky, when no one is watching, I sneak off and make random crank calls. Nothing like breathing heavily into the phone to freak someone out. And I think I might give sexting a try. Hey, it worked for Tiger.

Curses. The jig is up. It appears that I’ve been caught.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heigh Ho

Heigh ho, Heigh ho, it’s off to school they go. Today is “Going Back to School” day…for Colinboy, Sweet Wishy, and Happy. Does it sound like I’m doing a jig over here in my blog seat?

Is that a smile on Kat’s face? Could I be the same woman from last September…the woman who was boo-hooing that her kids were flying the coop…and she was left with an empty nest… singing the “I’m-no-longer-useful, What-will-I do-with-myself, The-house-is-so-quiet” blues.

Well, THEY were right…all those empty nesters who have gone before me, were absolutely right. I would learn to appreciate how clean my house would stay...with no extra laundry, shopping, cooking…and the benefactor of consecutive hours of worry-free sleep. Now I can tend to the important stuff…blogging.

I will also have to spend the next few days looking for items I hid…mostly from Colinboy. Am I the only one hiding things from their kids, so they don’t run off with them? Problem is I usually do a great job of hiding things from myself. Now where is that phone charger?

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed having the kids home. I enjoy their company…and LOVE them to pieces…just not some of the habits that go with being a nocturnal, eternally hungry, messy, chillax college co-ed.

Okay, I’m not really doing a jig. I’m doing more of a hip-hop………….
That’s what cool kats do.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


What do muffins and rolls have in common? Breakfast baked goods? Good with tea? Nooooo. Come on…think about it. They all have to do with your belly, silly.

And not what you put into your belly…but what your belly looks like. So I started wondering…What other foods are used to describe our bodies? Hmmm…we’ve got marshmallow, Jello, jelly, bacon, and sausage. Let’s just say I wouldn’t touch that last one…with a ten foot pole.

Back when pants were worn high and met the belly button… “Hello Belly Button”…it was all about packin’ rolls. If there were any rolls to be had…they were packaged in denim…well-sealed and preserved for years. We hadn’t yet learned of the roll’s sweet cousin….Muffy.

But time’s they are a changin’. Enter Muffy.
Now it’s all about the muffin. With low riding pants...the packaging is all different. There isn’t any place for the hips and belly to hide…so they spring up and over the waistband. Whala…a freshly baked muffin top. Yum. Yum.

With all this talk of baked goods…I’m looking for a little butter and jelly to slap on my muffins. Or maybe a little something for my buns. But wait, that’s a food of a different body part.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Serial Cereal People

You are what you eat…and we are a huge cereal family…actually serial cereal people. Our pantry has more boxes than the Octomom has children…line ‘em up.

Before everyone got Home for the Holidays…I went to the Stop and Shop and rounded up the usual suspects: Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Krispies, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Grape Nut Flakes, Rice Krispies, and Honey Bunches of Oats…to add to the 5 half empty boxes already in the pantry. Breakfast cereals are not just for breakfast in this family. They make a good lunch, occasional dinner, or according to Colinboy...a 2 am snack.

What I have always loved about cereal is the cardboard box…not it’s ingestion…it’s impression. Growing up, the box had massive appeal with colorful cartoons of Toucan Sam, Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, and Snap, Crackle, Pop, along with word puzzles, and pictures of toy offers. And when I lined the boxes up side-by-side…it was the Great Wall of China…between my brother and sisters. Keep Out…Kat’s Kingdom. And just 3 boxes made the perfect cave. Keep Out…Kat’s Cavern.

Ahhh…the cereal box. Where else can you get a box of nostalgia for only $3.59?

It was cute to see my kids do the same as they grew up….collecting the special surprises…spoons, wind-up toys, and 3-D glasses…and putting up their own cardboard walls. And I never insisted they eat whole grain, non-sugary, healthy cereals. How could I…when I was (and am) shoveling 85 grams of sugar with every spoonful of Cocoa Puffs?

With breakfast being my favorite meal, the one meal I can not go without…and the reason I get out of bed…it was always important for me to have the kids eat before they left for school. I just couldn’t imagine starting my day without it.

Colinboy was never interested in eating in the morning. I remember worrying about him. How will he do in school? Will he get into college? Will he be successful in life? What will become of the Colinboy? Why doesn’t he realize…when you put Tony the Tiger in your tank…there is nothing you can’t accomplish?

Friday, January 8, 2010

BAMA BCS Bowl Champs

In case you live in the Land of Clueless (or the Land of Uninterested)…the College Football BCS Bowl Championship was played last night in Pasadena, California. And let’s just say: Bama is Back.

They say that in the South, “Football is more of a religion…than a game”…of goons knocking each other to the ground. Sing with me, Alleluia.

Ever since Big C attended the University of Alabama, we have become BIG BAMA football fans. We’ve religiously watched every televised game and feverishly cheered them on. Her sophomore year we were lucky to attend a game on the sacred ground of Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. And that, my friends, is a religious experience. We joined 92,000 people all following the almighty brown prolate spheroid with pointed ends.

The BSC Championship Game result: Alabama 37 – Texas 21. The big story was that Texas quarterback, Colt McCoy, exited the game with a shoulder injury in the first quarter. After that there was some offense and some defense, tackles, throws, catches and misses, snaps, kicks, penalties, interceptions, field goals, hits, incomplete passes and touchdowns…not necessarily in that order.

Alabama running back Mark Ingram, Heisman Trophy winner, and offensive MVP, was quoted as saying “We Back.” I would never list "Grammar Guru" to his list of titles…but Ingram does have part of it right…BAMA IS BACK……resurrected to win a National Championship.

Roll Tide.......ya'all.

PS….Happy 75th Birthday to Elvis…but more importantly...Happy Birthday to my Bro! Rock On!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Digital Cleanse

If you follow John Mayer on Twitter you would know that he is undergoing a digital cleanse. Not to be confused with a colonic cleanse…but I’m thinking it’s probably just as freeing …to not be weighed down by binary material.

He challenged people to take his self-prescribed and described “One Week Digital Cleanse” with him on January 1st until January 8th. When I first read his proposal, I thought it was a spoof…because under J. Mayer’s ‘guidelines’ you can use cell phones, laptops, and desktop computers. The rules are: send email only from laptops and desktop computers, NO texting (or emailing) from cell phones or blackberrys…ONLY phone calls, and NO social networking sites, like Twitter, or Facebook or entertainment/gossip sites.

My first reaction was: “Huh, this is a digital cleanse?” But because the blackberry is now as commonplace as the blueberry, this could be difficult for some. He is making the point that fragments of conversation on social networking sites and the use of texting is becoming a substitute for making phone calls. He’s going back to basics…communicating through emails on the computer and actually talking on the cell phone. For him...the old fashioned way.

For me...the old fashioned way was…the phone attached to the kitchen wall. 1 phone: 6 family members. And when it rang we all ran for it. Today when our house phone rings no one makes a move. But the phone rarely rings…the only incoming calls are automated calls from computers with a lame offer. Heck, our door bell doesn’t even ring. If someone comes over they’ll text and say “I’m here” and one of the kids will meet them at the door.

I could have easily done the digital cleanse. (Nothing like a purge to start the New Year.) It would have been a snap, because I'm not a Twitterer or Facebooker, and I mainly text with my kids, because for them…Texting is The Preferred Method of keeping in touch with ‘rents.’ That way, they can keep the convo to a bare minimum… “Doing fine. School’s fine. Roommate fine. Fine. Fine.”

It will be interesting to find out how easy…or difficult it was for John Mayer and those who took the digital cleanse with him. Will a week without digital toxins work as a laxative and get real conversations flowing again?

Maybe a cleanse is a good idea, every so often…Or maybe the cleanse is just a poopy idea.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize

I couldn’t resist reprinting this blog…especially with the irony of Obama receiving his Peace Prize on December 10th…after ordering a massive troop surge to Afghanistan…AND seeing…I came across this great photo. Here it goes:

Nobel Peace Prize

Did you hear the collective gasp from Oslo? There was an audible gasp in the room when the announcement was made that President Barack Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. Wow…amazing. And he didn’t even have to sit on the floor and smoke a peace pipe.

Many people (especially the Republicans) are saying that this award was premature. That Obama hasn’t really done anything to deserve it. Hey, I have to agree with that. It seems like the Committee is diluting the award by giving it to him for actions and promises for the future. To me it felt like a bartender giving me a shot of 50% proof vodka…when I was expecting full strength.

So now is Obama under pressure to fulfill promises and policy he can’t follow through with? Maybe circumstances will have changed and he is unable to perform them, or he shouldn’t. Will winning the award change his policy? Stay tuned.

Obama is the recipient of a very coveted award won by individuals such as Mother Teresa, Desmond TuTu, Linus Pauling, and Martin Luther King, Jr. I’d like to get my name on that list.

Maybe I could earn the Nobel Peace Prize. But I’m not going to smoke the peace pipe...I would do it the Obama way and talk about my intentions. Let’s see. Here’s what I propose to do....

I propose to get the Hatfields and the McCoys from fighting each other. I mean…I propose to get the Palestinians and Israelis, who have been fighting each other for all of eternity…to let bygones, be bygones…and smoke the peace pipe.

I hear you skeptics out there doubting my ability to complete this seemingly impossible task…you’re wondering how this could be done. Easy. I invite the leaders of Palestine and Israel to a sock-hop in Oslo…get the DJ to play the Electric Slide…and before you know it…there will be peace in the Middle East. Who can resist joining in on the Electric Slide? It’s electric. Boogie woogie, woogie.

Could someone please nominate me for next year’s Nobel Peace Prize?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In One Year, Out Another

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Something special or unique…that you resolve to do in 2010? Actually, it’s hard to be unique, because we all pretty much have the same resolutions. They usually fall into these categories:

Lose weight
Get in shape
Get out of debt
Get organized
Stop drinking
Stop smoking
Stop blogging
Help others
Learn Chinese

I saw a great quote that I wish I could take credit for…but alas, I have to give credit to ‘Anonymous.’ (Darn Anonymous has all the best sayings.) Anyway, it goes: “A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.”

We all start the New Year with good intentions about resolving to stick to our resolutions. Heck, anonymous could be YOU or ME. On the First of January, you wake up and think, “Yep, today is the day. Today is the day I tackle my resolutions”….

But you move ever so slowly because you only stopped celebrating 5 hours ago…and you need to find a hair of the dog to add to your OJ…and a smoke, because they go together. You sit down to do bills, but your papers are all disorganized, and all the numbers blur together to look like Chinese, and you haven’t yet registered for the course. Helping others is totally out of the question, when you can barely help yourself. You think about losing weight, but you think more about eating a greasy burger from McDonald's while you watch people working out on the exercise channel. Then you sit down to write a blog about it.

It’s only been a few hours and you have already blown 9 resolutions…you'll have to start over tomorrow.

But don’t confuse this Anonymous with Kat. There is a big difference between us. You would never find ‘stop blogging’ on my list of resolutions.

Good Luck, folks. Resolutions have a way of sticking with us…In one year and out another.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mug for the Camera

I have come to the conclusion that it is very difficult to take a good looking mug shot.

Check out the close-up of Charlie Sheen. Proof Positive…NOT GOOD…very Mugly. Think about it...when have you seen a good looking mug shot? A shot when someone would say… “Damn, that’s a great pic.”

Sheen’s defiant mug was taken after he was arrested for domestic assault for going after his wife with a knife on Christmas Day. This is “alleged”…and Sheen claims he was defending himself. Good thing he was a good Boy Scout and always prepared with a kitchen knife. Merry cut-throat Christmas, Charlie.

These images have a way of sticking with the celeb…remember Nick Nolte’s mug in his shot? He was wearing wild and crazy hair…and expression…in a Hawaiian shirt (that no true Hawaiian would ever wear.) And remember the unattractive mugs of Mickey Rourke…(was he ever attractive?), Robert Downey, Jr., and the Godfather of Soul, James Brown? Even pretty boy Hugh Grant didn’t look the romantic lead part when his mug was taken.

Usually celebs are THE beautiful people…but that’s because they have “people” to make them look better than most people. The mug shot is the great equalizer.

I do have a little compassion for them. I think these characters should be given a little time to freshen up...maybe call someone in to do their hair and make-up. After all, this photo will be flashed all over the internet and Entertainment Tonight……and Kat’s blog.

“All right, Mr. DeMille…I’m ready for my close-up.”

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!
I hope you had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. 2009 was so last year…so last decade. Today is a NEW day, NEW dawn, NEW Year…2010!

Tis the day for………………

Plan A
Plan B

And going back to bed…….

I like to think of January 2nd as the new First of the Year…

PS…….rabbit, rabbit, rabbit…….Good Luck in 2010.