Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize

I couldn’t resist reprinting this blog…especially with the irony of Obama receiving his Peace Prize on December 10th…after ordering a massive troop surge to Afghanistan…AND seeing…I came across this great photo. Here it goes:

Nobel Peace Prize

Did you hear the collective gasp from Oslo? There was an audible gasp in the room when the announcement was made that President Barack Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. Wow…amazing. And he didn’t even have to sit on the floor and smoke a peace pipe.

Many people (especially the Republicans) are saying that this award was premature. That Obama hasn’t really done anything to deserve it. Hey, I have to agree with that. It seems like the Committee is diluting the award by giving it to him for actions and promises for the future. To me it felt like a bartender giving me a shot of 50% proof vodka…when I was expecting full strength.

So now is Obama under pressure to fulfill promises and policy he can’t follow through with? Maybe circumstances will have changed and he is unable to perform them, or he shouldn’t. Will winning the award change his policy? Stay tuned.

Obama is the recipient of a very coveted award won by individuals such as Mother Teresa, Desmond TuTu, Linus Pauling, and Martin Luther King, Jr. I’d like to get my name on that list.

Maybe I could earn the Nobel Peace Prize. But I’m not going to smoke the peace pipe...I would do it the Obama way and talk about my intentions. Let’s see. Here’s what I propose to do....

I propose to get the Hatfields and the McCoys from fighting each other. I mean…I propose to get the Palestinians and Israelis, who have been fighting each other for all of eternity…to let bygones, be bygones…and smoke the peace pipe.

I hear you skeptics out there doubting my ability to complete this seemingly impossible task…you’re wondering how this could be done. Easy. I invite the leaders of Palestine and Israel to a sock-hop in Oslo…get the DJ to play the Electric Slide…and before you know it…there will be peace in the Middle East. Who can resist joining in on the Electric Slide? It’s electric. Boogie woogie, woogie.

Could someone please nominate me for next year’s Nobel Peace Prize?

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