Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear John

Breaking up is hard to do….UNLESS you know how to write a great 'Dear John letter'…then it’s easy as pie. But if you can’t find the words on your own, no worries…there are actual SAMPLE letters online to help you.

They say the 'Dear John letter' probably originated when servicemen in WW2 were overseas for long periods of time and their wife or girlfriend got tired of waiting…tired of waiting for their man to come home…and by chance, they met a great guy named Lance. I say a relationship is doomed…with no chance in hell…when any guy named Lance enters the picture.

Dear John,
I first want to start by saying how much I still love and care for you BUT……………………Lance this…Lance that….and Lancealot……..

But what prompted this blog…and what got me all worked up…is what I saw on Oprah. For Egyptian men, Islamic law makes divorce rather simple. All a husband has to do is say to his wife, “You are divorced” 3 times…and the marriage is over. Bing, Bang, Out of here. They make the 'Dear John letter' look like a complex legal document.

As inconsistencies would have it… it doesn’t work the same for Egyptian women. The women actually have to go to trial, if they want to send their sheik packing.

I wonder…if an Egyptian man says, You are divorced" out loud 3 times….Does the wife have to be in the same room and hear it? If a tree falls down in the woods and no one is around to hear it- does it make a sound? Okay, that was random…but kinda connected. right?

What if the Egyptian wife covers her ears and says to her husband, “nanannnananana…I can’t hear you”...I wonder...Does it still count?

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Big C said...

That is crazy I didn't know that!!!