Monday, July 28, 2014

Major Case of Bloggus Interruptus

It's probably impolite to talk about regularity....
but here goes my blog...
down the tubes.

If you're a frequent reader of this blog,
(note to self:  award frequent blog reader points to faithful blog readers)
you may have noticed that I have come down with a 
a major case of 
Bloggus Interruptus...
...a condition common to bloggers.

(say it isn't so)

With Bloggus Interruptus
a blogger's posts become more and more 
(I’m hoping this is a mild case.)

The condition is frustrating because the blogger wants to maintain regularity, 
but finds a regular flow very difficult.
The blogger tries to find the time to sit down 
and form a blog,
but is constantly distracted.


The summer season brings many distractions
that interfere with an otherwise healthy blogging routine.
The lazy Kat Daze of Summer 
and days of soft serve ice cream 
are NOT good for the blogging track.
Also, the distraction of Chelsea's wedding 

("I do's" in less than 2 months...yikes) 
adds volumes to the disruption.

I long for my usual blog flow 
and have tried different ways to 
increase the fiber of my blog.

I’ve even increased my liquid intake to get my blog flow moving,
but apparently V and T’s

G and T's

just add to Bloggus Interruptus.

Thankfully Bloggus Interruptus is a temporary condition.
With a few blog supplements and blog softeners...
my condition should reverse itself...
especially when the 

lazy Kat Daze of Summer 
come to an end
Chelsea and Austin are wed.

I sooo look forward to becoming regular again.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Showering Chelsea with L-O-V-E

Last weekend Chelsea was 

with love
by her family and friends.

Thank you to Faith and Carter 
for throwing Chelsea a beautiful bridal shower 
making it a day 
we won't ever forget.


Being the blogger that I am,
I am what I am
 I couldn't help but write a little "verse"
and it went like this:

"Our darling Chelsea went south to Bama
ten fleeting years ago.
Bid farewell to her friends and fam 
across the Mason Dixon, she did go.

Off to school with a smile
our sweet Chelsea ventured,
not knowing what the south would bring
in terms of adventure.

A big move for a little girl
who didn't go on sleep-overs,
not to a friend's house
or even to her neighbors.

I remember that day we said goodbye
as she stood holding her wooden clothes rack.

Her Dad and I turned emotional dishrags
as she turned and we watched her back.

Chelsea made many great friends,
many are bridesmaids here (at the shower) today.
As college coeds they have their stories,
I would venture to say.

They lived in the "Mansion",
with a pool in the sun.

They cheered at Bama football games,
"Roll Tide, Beat Auburn."

In her junior year Chelsea met Austin
a handsome ball player
with the greenest of eyes and
the tallest of stature.

One day Chelsea asked Austin
to her sorority dance.
The rest they say is history,
the beginning of their romance.

After college Austin pitched for the Phillies
which kept them many miles apart.
Chelsea always looked forward to the offseason
when it came to matters of the heart.

Last November her "Stone" gave her a rock,
happy tears ensued thereafter
as they began making plans for a life together
72 days and counting...