Thursday, September 25, 2014

MOB Wedding Speak

dumdum da dum
dumdum da dum
dum dum dum dum dum dum dum 
dumdum da dum…

"Here Comes the Bride" 
in 2 days.
SOOOOOO exciting…...


With planning a wedding over the past year, 
I have had to learn a new language full of abbreviations.
And just when I had caught on to abbreviations such as:
bff, lol, ttyl, brb, idk
jk, omg 

After Austin gave Chelsea an e-ring
 (that would be engagement ring)
I was introduced to a new wed-speak world.

I quickly learned that as the 
I would be planning a wedding
and not planning a hit
putting the squeeze on

PaulA is the FOB - Father of the Bride…
although I mostly think of him as 
FAB…as in Fabulous.

Austin is the GM and FH 
(groom and future husband)
and Chelsea is his FW 
(future wife)
BM is not what you are thinking or doing in private..
it is a Bridesmaid…
but I also have seen it as Best Man….
just don't want to get them confused.

Some are tricky….
bouts are boutinears
OOT are out of town guests

But then some of the abbreviations 
are pretty easy to figure out…
FG - flower girl
MOH - maid of honor.

I like adding my own spin.
I'm calling Colin Bob now…
Brother of the Bride…he should have an abbreviation.

Although Brianna is the MOH
she is also a SOB 
sister of the Bride…
(not what you were thinking.....)
and she just might just cry at the wedding…
but probably not a full out sob.

Her cousins are COBs…
cousins of the bride.

Wedding abbreviations are all very cute  and 
probably save time when writing things down…
but I say…
there are some that should only be written out 
in long form 
...forget the initials.

It may mean "Save the Date"
but in most other worlds….
an STD is something you don't want to receive
and try explaining to someone that
you got an STD through the mail.
oh...sure you did.

Can't wait to celebrate
Chelsea & Austin 
with the
FOB, MOH, BOB, FOG, COBs and all
our family and friends.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Love is in the FALL air

Today is the first day of Fall
Love is in the Fall air…

Who knew….unless you were a physic 
(or asked the all telling Magic 8 ball)
that these cutey cousins,
Chelsea and Amanda,
walking down the aisle at their 
Aunt Mary and Uncle Alan's wedding 
would both be getting married this fall.

Congratulations to these adorable flower girls 
turn beautiful brides.

2  beautiful reasons to celebrate.

Can't wait to see you both walk the aisle again...
this time as the bride.

It's a loveFallfest
Chelsea and Austin on 9.27.14
Amanda and Jim on 11.8.14


Gotta run....or fly...
I've gotta a plane to catch.
We have a wedding in 4 days 
and I'm the MOB.
(MOB:  wed-speak for Mother-of-the-Bride, 
not be confused with gangsta.)

Have a wonderful Fall 2014 everybody...
I know our families will.

Friday, September 19, 2014

September back to school/wedding

For many folks 
the month of September is 
Back to School month….
when parents and kids are 
school supplies and organizing their notebooks.
(Can you believe what families have to purchase these days?)
My, oh my, school supplies have multiplied...
and then divided into long lists.   

My kids are adults now...
 out of school (and college) 
and productive humans in society
(hip hip hooray) 
no more send-off handshakes on the First Day of School

so I don't have a reason to go to Staples to pick up school supplies…
but dang do I miss it.

There is something about the smell of Staples that I love. 
It brings me back to my inner kid and to 
helping my kids with their lists.

Okay, so I couldn't stop myself from going to Staples yesterday.
I just had to get a good sniff around the place
for old time sake.
While I was there 
I couldn't resist picking up a 1 subject notebook 
in which I wrote on the front cover
"Kat the Greatest" 
(an idiotsyncrasy from my youth)
doodled a full page of flowers 
while I thought about everything I should be doing.


While others are busy this September getting organized 
for school…..
I am very busy getting ready for a wedding…
which is 8 days from now.
Holy matrimony Batman, I don't have a lot of time.

And I have to admit...
as much as I love the smell of paper...

I love the smell of flowers a 
That's 3 lots...almost an acre more.

(note to self:  invent paper that smells like flowers)

I can't wait to hear 
Chelsea and Austin 
say their
"I Do's"
in just 8 days.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy 7th Blogiversary to ME

Happy 7th blogiversary to me, 
and I.
Crazy to think I have been blogging all these years.
wait, did I just call myself crazy?

A lot has changed in 7 years….

Sweet Wishy is no longer a junior in high school …
she's a Boston University graduate 
and been working for a year already...  
however, she's still sweet.

Colinboy is no longer in college…
he graduated from Berklee College of Music, 
moved to Nashville and 
plays bass for country artist, Dustin Lynch... 
however, he's still a boy (haha)…
now a Colinman.

Big C is no longer in college…
she graduated from the University of Alabama, 
moved to Atlanta, 
and is marrying Austin, her college sweetheart,
 in 11 days...  

however, she's still our Big C.

Duncandog is no longer …
he left us for Doggie Heaven... 
however, we still miss him every day.

I have started calling PaulA "babe"...
(so we can be a cool couple)
however, PaulA is still amazing.
wait that's Keith Urban.

This babe is da man.

This Kat has gotten 7 years older, 
7 years wiser, 
and wears her sun visor.
It happens to rhyme and also be true. 


Today I am copying and pasting the blog I wrote on 9/13/2007.
When I first started writing, I rambled on..and on..
(much like you are doing now, Kat)
and never once posted a picture...
but I've come to realize that people 
don't want to read blogarrhea...
their time is precious and limited.
So...feel free to skip over entire paragraphs...
that's what this Kat would do.

Thursday, September 13, 2007
Tales of an Average Family of 5

What to do……..
Well, let’s see….My “to-do” list has lots of chores on it, clean the bathrooms, (the only time I wish I had 1 bathroom), go to the Stop and Shop, do the laundry.  No thanks.  I don’t want to do any of that. I find those chores irritating, but I guess that is the real meaning of chores, isn’t it? So here I sit thinking, “Hey, maybe I’ll start a blog and avoid doing any housework for a little while. Then maybe I'll feel inspired and get my rear in gear.”…..there’s always hope! 

For some reason, I like writing online. I have three children and the two that are away at college have said that I am much more fun to talk to online (very interesting comment)…we’ll see if anyone out there agrees.

Another thing I like to do when I write online is to use dot, dot, dot, like this...For some reason, it seems like such a natural thing to do. It's a good I can change unrelated's a way to think while I write….. kinda like a written “ummmmm”...and it gives people a chance to take a breath when they are reading. (You breathe when you read, don’t you?)

My name is Kathy-Anne or like my husband and friends call me, Kat. Actually, K-A-T were my initials before I was married…so I guess you would say it is a fitting nickname. I am still not sure why my parents gave me a double name….we were not from the south, unless you consider that Vermont is south of Canada. It also contains a hypen. How many names do that? Then there is the business of no middle name…….huh, what were they thinking? So, I like the name, Kat, although I do not have a cat. I don’t dislike cats, but I just don’t have one….I own a dog. His name is Duncan and is a Portuguese water dog. I don’t know how fitting the name Duncan is for a Portuguese water dog. My sister-in-law's family got a dog like ours and named him Magellan…now that makes sense….a Portuguese explorer….why couldn’t we have thought of that?

So it's the fall and the kids are back to school. I'm a stay-at-home mom on the brink of an empty nest. It is good that I have 3 kids that are spaced out over 5 and a half years, that way my nest doesn’t get dumped all at once. 

My oldest child, Chelsea, is a senior in college (not wanting to graduate in May and join the real world….unless you are talking about the reality TV show.) She likes to think of herself as the boss of the kids…and the other two let her think she is. She has earned the name “Big C” given to her by her brother and his friends….she commands respect! She has also stated that she is the guinea pig kid child…she may have a point, but I go on record that we have never once caged Big C.

Colin is a sophomore in college. I call him's just one of those family things that happen...probably from saying goodnight...remember Johnboy on the TV show, The Waltons?  He loves playing his bass guitar and performing in bands. Colin has been referred to as “6 degrees of Colin". Colin seems to know many different people from many different circles, and if you don’t know him, he knows you….does that make any sense??? Okay, quickie story to give you an example…We, the family, were at a Red Sox game and I looked over and saw a man eating an enormous piece of meat, that looked something like a chicken or turkey bone….I’m talking the whole animal and it was very gross. Food was falling from his mouth and the grease was dripping from his face, that he didn’t even bother to wipe off. So being the immature mom that I can be …I say, “Colin, check that man out!” He looks and says, “Oh, I know him!” I say, “Come on Colin, how is that possible?” He replies "I’ve seen him at the Y….he goes to the same YMCA I do.” There you have it, enough said about Colinboy…he knows the random man aggressively eating a massive animal leg.

Then last but not least is Brianna. First of all, she does not like it when I write the 3 kids names and say “Chelsea, Colin and Brianna”…she insists I take the “and” out. I guess she feels like it makes her seem like an after thought, but I have to explain that it really distinguishes her and gives her the spot light that she so deserves! Our name for Brianna, other than Bri which the kids at school logically call her… Wish, Wishy, Sweet Wish, Wish Queen or Wish Queen of America! Okay, it is a little corny, but when she was really little, I would sing the Disney song “A dream is a wish your heart makes”…and then whisper good night “sweet wish”. Anyway, Wishy is a junior in High School and I am trying to hold onto her before she also leaves for college and leaves me to me!!

So those are my 3 kids, nicknames and all. And I do have a husband, Paul…I don’t have any cutesy nicknames for him like love bug, honey bear, or Sugams.  I call him Pauly or PaulA, as a joke, because on his airline boarding passes his middle initial "A" is run together with his first name and people think it is PaulA….for some reason, I think this is funny! But, other times when he’s traveling, out on the road…(or flying) and he is stuck in airports with late hours, I call him Willy……you know, Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman. He's a great guy working hard. After all, he’s got 3 kids and a wife, who hates to do chores, to feed!

I should end now….I plan on sharing stories of everyday life from an average family and life as I see it (no major life issues solved here) …I’ll be back. Not to scare you or anything…………….

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11th, 13 years ago

If you live in the Northeast and you are old enough,
you remember the morning of September 11th 
thirteen years ago.

Summer was transforming into fall. 
The sky was crystal blue.
The air was chilly and crisp.
The day was setting up to be a top 10 day.

But it was a day of contrasts...

at 8:46 am … 
peace and tranquility 

turned into 
devastation and chaos.

Today marks the 13th  anniversary 
of the 9/11 attacks on the United States.
However unlucky the number 13 is...
we are fortunate to be US citizens.

The Freedom Tower now stands 
in stark contrast 
to where the World Trade Center once stood, 

rising up from the ashes,
reaching up to the heavens, 
proclaiming we shall overcome.

The lives of those lost that day are not lost in vain.
We remember the 9/11 victims, survivors and first responders and today 
we pay tribute to them
by uniting in 
charitable service as we did those days 
after September 11th.

That beautiful fall morning...
 we saw evil, 
but today we see hope.

9/11 - a day of contrasts.

Friday, September 5, 2014


da -dum   
don't be fooled by his captivating smile

“Shark Week” ...

(the programming on the Discovery Channel 
developed to raise awareness and
for the shark)

may be over

but apparently not all the sharks got the memo.
(Just because sharks can't read, should not be an excuse.)
just. saying.

It just so happens that it is shark week 
where we live at the beach.
(hmmm...usually it is margarita week. go figure)

Nothing like waking up this morning and seeing your beach stomping grounds
(or should I say, chomping grounds) on the Today Show.
The Today Show segment had Stephanie Gosk in a motor boat 
at Manomet Point (near Plymouth MA)
doing a story on
the 2 young women who were attacked by a great white
in their kayaks on Wednesday.



The Today Show footage link...


PaulA is always wanting me to go for a paddle with him out to the Point.
I do like kayaking, 
but I also like sitting in my beach chair 
staring at the back of my eyeballs and 
nodding off to the tempo of the waves,
The Point in the background 

but I usually end up going with him….
for the exercise/it's cooler on the water/PaulA can be persuasive
mainly to see the gray seals.
The closer I get to the seals, the better...
and they couldn't be cuter with their big eyes on their big dog heads 
staring back at us.
(And apparently they think we are cute with our small heads and beady eyes 
staring back at them.)
As much as I'm excited to see the seals...
I'm also afraid that a seal might come up from under my kayak and tip me over.
But whoaaaaa.....
Never thinking about a great white.

Okay, we are smart enough to know that the shark"s favorite food is seal,
but the water is pretty chilly there and 
we always assumed the sharks preferred the warmer waters outside the cape.
(again, the sharks need to read the memo.)

our seal friends in the winter at 
"Flat Rock Hotel"

I just want to apologize in advance to our friends and families....
and recently our nieces and nephews...
for encouraging them all to go out to the Point to 
possibly get eaten by sharks
to watch the seals.

(That is what we do with the people we like who visit us.)  

My kayaking days to the Point are over.

 Like many people my age,
 I developed a healthy respect for sharks back in 1975
when the blockbuster movie “Jaws” came out. 

I know, if and when we go back to the Point 
to watch the seals....

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit-September 1st

Happy September 1st

This is a 

in honor of 
Chelsea and Austin's 
wedding day
this September 27th

the good luck rabbits
are dressed 
for the occasion.


Hare they are:




Happy Wedding Month to 
this special couple....