Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Love is in the FALL air

Today is the first day of Fall
Love is in the Fall air…

Who knew….unless you were a physic 
(or asked the all telling Magic 8 ball)
that these cutey cousins,
Chelsea and Amanda,
walking down the aisle at their 
Aunt Mary and Uncle Alan's wedding 
would both be getting married this fall.

Congratulations to these adorable flower girls 
turn beautiful brides.

2  beautiful reasons to celebrate.

Can't wait to see you both walk the aisle again...
this time as the bride.

It's a loveFallfest
Chelsea and Austin on 9.27.14
Amanda and Jim on 11.8.14


Gotta run....or fly...
I've gotta a plane to catch.
We have a wedding in 4 days 
and I'm the MOB.
(MOB:  wed-speak for Mother-of-the-Bride, 
not be confused with gangsta.)

Have a wonderful Fall 2014 everybody...
I know our families will.


Anonymous said...

This made me tear up a tiny bit. Can't wait to celebrate my baby cousin this weekend!!!

Sistersledge said...

Sweet girls then and now! So happy for these 2 gorgeous cousins!