Friday, September 5, 2014


da -dum   
don't be fooled by his captivating smile

“Shark Week” ...

(the programming on the Discovery Channel 
developed to raise awareness and
for the shark)

may be over

but apparently not all the sharks got the memo.
(Just because sharks can't read, should not be an excuse.)
just. saying.

It just so happens that it is shark week 
where we live at the beach.
(hmmm...usually it is margarita week. go figure)

Nothing like waking up this morning and seeing your beach stomping grounds
(or should I say, chomping grounds) on the Today Show.
The Today Show segment had Stephanie Gosk in a motor boat 
at Manomet Point (near Plymouth MA)
doing a story on
the 2 young women who were attacked by a great white
in their kayaks on Wednesday.



The Today Show footage link...


PaulA is always wanting me to go for a paddle with him out to the Point.
I do like kayaking, 
but I also like sitting in my beach chair 
staring at the back of my eyeballs and 
nodding off to the tempo of the waves,
The Point in the background 

but I usually end up going with him….
for the exercise/it's cooler on the water/PaulA can be persuasive
mainly to see the gray seals.
The closer I get to the seals, the better...
and they couldn't be cuter with their big eyes on their big dog heads 
staring back at us.
(And apparently they think we are cute with our small heads and beady eyes 
staring back at them.)
As much as I'm excited to see the seals...
I'm also afraid that a seal might come up from under my kayak and tip me over.
But whoaaaaa.....
Never thinking about a great white.

Okay, we are smart enough to know that the shark"s favorite food is seal,
but the water is pretty chilly there and 
we always assumed the sharks preferred the warmer waters outside the cape.
(again, the sharks need to read the memo.)

our seal friends in the winter at 
"Flat Rock Hotel"

I just want to apologize in advance to our friends and families....
and recently our nieces and nephews...
for encouraging them all to go out to the Point to 
possibly get eaten by sharks
to watch the seals.

(That is what we do with the people we like who visit us.)  

My kayaking days to the Point are over.

 Like many people my age,
 I developed a healthy respect for sharks back in 1975
when the blockbuster movie “Jaws” came out. 

I know, if and when we go back to the Point 
to watch the seals....

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