Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day
the Official start of Summer….
and 3 days off from work…
without calling in sick.

most importantly  
a day to  honor the men and women 
who have given the ultimate 
for our country and our freedom…their lives.

Our Freedom is not free.  
It comes at a high cost.
We pay the price with
lives and limbs lost, 
and time away from loved ones.
We can’t say THANKS enough to all those
who are willing to serve their country.

From sea to shining sea,
we commend you for all that you do.


Today you can find me
(no one is looking for you Kat)

 flying the red, white and blue

wearing the red, white, and blue 
and eating the red, white, and blue
red burger, white wine, and blueberry pie

Celebrate the 
ALL American Way….
because that is what the brave men and women, 
who have died serving our country,
would want you to do.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Model Passenger

I consider myself a rule follower so
whenever I fly, 
I try to be a "model passenger"  
and abide by all rules and regulations.
I tease PaulA 
whenever he is reminded by the flight attendants 
to turn off his Blackberry. 
bad, bad boy

On my last flight, however,
I might have blown my "model passenger" status.
I might have been reminded by a flight attendant
to turn off my phone when taking off 
and to put my seat back up when landing.  

But hey lady,
do we really need to sweat the small stuff?  

I must admit,
it was especially hard to look "good"  
sitting next to this guy.

Who could compete with this face?
(It would have helped if I was sitting next to Alec Baldwin
archnemesis of the friendly skies.)

This service dog 
couldn't have been sweeter, gentler or calmer.
He practically wore a sign that said: 
"At your service."

You can imagine that he got a lot of attention from everyone…
especially the flight attendants.  
They couldn't get enough of him and his mild manner.
They were happy knowing
there was at least one passenger onboard who wasn't going to punch the "service" light 
and demand a blanket and another beer 
while you're at it.

I'm pretty sure he was the only passenger 
paying close attention 

as the flight attendant went through the 
rules and regulations on what to do 
(other than put your head between your legs and scream) 
when the plane is going down.

Never once did he bark out any requests for them 
to fetch more pretzels and nuts.
(I swear you have to be part squirrel to get an extra bag of nuts these days.)

Dog gone it...
he was the "Model passenger."
This Kat was being shown up by a dog.


The 4-legged continued to be the 
"model passenger" 
as he slept the entire flight.

When we deplaned, 
he patiently waited his turn 
and didn't run anyone over 
(as most passengers will do when it comes to 
getting off da plane.)

As PaulA and I made our way through the airport terminal, 
I glanced back to get one more look 
at his sweet face.
And that's when I watched...
the "model passenger" 
come to a complete stop,
spread his legs...
and pee all over the terminal floor.  

I wanted to find those flight attendants 
and bring them back to
get a look at their 
"model passenger" 
standing in a sea of pee.

Atleast this Kat never once peed the floor.

(note to self:  very lame to compare your behavior to that of a dog.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#TBT - Bull work VS Squirrel work


In every household, there is an endless list of mundane chores.
And with every couple, 
there is the everlasting question: 
Who’s chore is it?

For many…the decision is not totally cut and dry.
For my bro-in-law…the decision is cut, dry...and pasted.
He has come up with an animal classification system for chores...

Bull work 
Squirrel work

Bull work…is to be done by the man of the house
and includes physical work.
ie.  heavy lifting, lawn mowing, cutting trees down, shoveling snow.

Squirrel to be done by the woman of the house
and includes small detail work.

i.e. cooking, washing dishes, emptying the dishwasher,
laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning toilets.
(Need I list more?)

PaulA has jumped on board with his bro's
Bull work/Squirrel work concept.

So when it comes to laundry...
under the bull work/squirrel work 
division of labor...
the laundry chore would be mine.
After all, washing, folding, and putting away clothes has 
“squirrel work” written all over it.
should the washing machine need to be moved 
(so I could clean behind it)…
that would be "bull work."

"Squirrel work" is ironing the clothes and neatly hanging them in the closet.
"Bull work" is building a neat new closet. 
Getting the picture?


This Kat is not totally buying the
Bull work/Squirrel work
division of labor concept.

It has Bull written all over it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Laws of Attraction

What is it about wires and cords, 
that left to their own devices, 
work themselves into a knot? 
What's up with dat?

If you leave 2 cords alone for a minute...
they display a certain
"Law of Attraction" 
and are on each other
 like cat hair to a sweater…
or Kat blogger to a lap top.

I know this is true because 
whenever I put my Apple cords near each other…
and turn my back…
they get themselves into a electric tangled tryst…
oh what a tangle web they weave. 
And I'm talking 
Apples and Apples…
not Apples and Oranges.
you know what I mean?
hmmm really? that's cool.

Tell me...


The phenomenon also occurs
when I'm in the closet….
you know what I mean.
My hangers work themselves into each other...

in a twisted mess.

And the same thing happens with the necklaces
I carefully place in the drawer.
When I pull one out…
3 of them come out together...
in a tangled, twisted, and tortuous mess.

The one time you wish the 
"Laws of Attraction"

it fails.

Now where did my left sock go?


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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

It is MAY First
and you know what that means...





Hoppy Birthday to Sistersledge
Hares to a good year.

Oh, and 
to all those Star Wars fans out there
looking forward to Episode 7...
the Force be with you.

Happy May First.