Friday, May 9, 2014

Laws of Attraction

What is it about wires and cords, 
that left to their own devices, 
work themselves into a knot? 
What's up with dat?

If you leave 2 cords alone for a minute...
they display a certain
"Law of Attraction" 
and are on each other
 like cat hair to a sweater…
or Kat blogger to a lap top.

I know this is true because 
whenever I put my Apple cords near each other…
and turn my back…
they get themselves into a electric tangled tryst…
oh what a tangle web they weave. 
And I'm talking 
Apples and Apples…
not Apples and Oranges.
you know what I mean?
hmmm really? that's cool.

Tell me...


The phenomenon also occurs
when I'm in the closet….
you know what I mean.
My hangers work themselves into each other...

in a twisted mess.

And the same thing happens with the necklaces
I carefully place in the drawer.
When I pull one out…
3 of them come out together...
in a tangled, twisted, and tortuous mess.

The one time you wish the 
"Laws of Attraction"

it fails.

Now where did my left sock go?


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