Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day
the Official start of Summer….
and 3 days off from work…
without calling in sick.

most importantly  
a day to  honor the men and women 
who have given the ultimate 
for our country and our freedom…their lives.

Our Freedom is not free.  
It comes at a high cost.
We pay the price with
lives and limbs lost, 
and time away from loved ones.
We can’t say THANKS enough to all those
who are willing to serve their country.

From sea to shining sea,
we commend you for all that you do.


Today you can find me
(no one is looking for you Kat)

 flying the red, white and blue

wearing the red, white, and blue 
and eating the red, white, and blue
red burger, white wine, and blueberry pie

Celebrate the 
ALL American Way….
because that is what the brave men and women, 
who have died serving our country,
would want you to do.

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