Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day Food Mashups

When it comes to Mashups...I am a fan of some....
like the blending of
Maroon 5 "Sugar" and Katy Perry's "Birthday" songs...

But when it comes to a turducken.

Not so much.

I'm sure by now, you are familiar with the turducken,
the triple threat of birds
 turkey, duck and chicken ...
three birds in one.

I was introduced to the turducken 5 years ago.  
Hello Turducken, it's me.

When I first heard about the Super bird, 
I cried fowl. 
On the outside, the turducken appears to be the usual 
fowl weathered feathered friend 
who is fattened up for our tryptophan coma. 
However, on the inside, the turducken is a bird of a different feather. 
Inside the turducken lurks 2 other birds 
quacking and clucking to get out.

The sight of the triple bird spurred a triple response in me …
The de-boned chicken…stuffed into a 
de-boned duck…stuffed into a 
de-boned turkey…reminds me of those 
Russian nesting dolls, in poultry form.

I wonder what wine goes best with turducken?


Although the turducken still doesn't fly 
with me....
I am a fan of the newest frankenfood mashup...  
the Piecaken...

pie stuffed inside cake.
The pie/cake combinations are endless.
What could be sweeter than that???

The sight of the layers of confection spurred a new triple response in me...

I actually think mashup works best 
with most foods at Thanksgiving.
After I pile everything on my plate 
the foods begin overlapping and 
invading each other.
The mashed potatoes from the east start crowding out the defenseless peas to the north while the 
 bold squash out of the south 
carefully creeps onto the unknowing stuffing from the west.

This was an "ew" when I was 10.

Let the Mashups Begin.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.