Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chillin' on a Monday

If you know me, you know where I was yesterday.
Hint:  Yesterday was free cone day at Dairy Queen.

Besides love for
God, my family, and my country…
I Love  ICE CREAM...especially soft serve.

 Through the years, I've turned PaulA into a lover…
(you know what I mean)
he's not as freakishly fixated.

I have a long "history" with ice cream
so yesterday, as I sat chillin' with my D.Q.
particular "ice cream story"
 that will remain frozen in time...
came to mind.

I call it:

"Ice, Ice, Baby."


Way back in the day...
when PaulA and I would drive home 
from visiting his parents...
we would ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS stop at the Dairy Queen 

It didn’t matter to me that PaulA didn't wanted ice cream…that was his loss.  

The DQ was a required stop…
even if we had just eaten a 
4 course meal complete with ala mode.

You see, 
I am a soft-serve junkie.

And so it goes...one day
PaulA and I had a disagreement. 
A minor spat, although no spitting was involved.

As we drove home in silence,  
I could see the DQ approaching….yup, DQ next stop. 

But instead of pulling into the parking lot...
PaulA drove right past it. 

Seeing, I am not any good at being SILENT…
I broke the ice with,  “I can’t believe you didn’t stop.”

PaulA, feigning ignorance, “Oh, you wanted me to stop?”
“Of course,” I said, 
“we ALWAYS stop…you know that.
He replied, “I’ll go back.”

So I continued ala childish behavior,
 “No, forget it. I don’t want it now.”

PaulA replied, “Well, I’m going back. I want a cone."
I bellowed, “Whaat? You never do.”

After turning the car around, 
PaulA came back from the D.Q.
holding a large vanilla cone.

As we continued down the road, 
PaulA loudly lapped his cone as he drove… 
“ahhh…this is so good…yumm.”

I am not sure what came over me at that moment. 
I didn’t even think about it. 

In one quick motion, I reached over, 
grabbed the cone out of his hand…
and threw it out my opened window. 

He looked at me….
I looked at him…. 
and we both cracked up laughing. 

Ice cream makes everyone chill.

"So good, it's riDQulous."

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Paddy's Day

St. Paddy's Day

A day to celebrate Irish history, customs, and spirits.


a day to pay homage to St. Patrick

and St. Guiness.

They say 13 million pints will be drunk 
(or is that drank) on March 17.
Probably be drunk.

Even Princess Kate is hoisting a pint.


Remember to get your shamrock on.

and partake in wearing o' the green...

otherwise you just might get pinched.

And don't hesitate to

Belt down a pint or two

Belt out "When Irish Eyes are Smiling"

Loosen your belt for some corn beef and cabbage.

Lucky for us 

after a night of Irish getting jiggy...

we can call on

St. Uber

to carry us home.

Happy St. Patrick's Day,

lads and lassies.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Colintine's Day

Today is a twofer day...

and who doesn't like 2 for 1

2 for 1 drafts, 
2 for 1 concert tickets, 
2 for 1 Big Macs (maybe not)

but for our fam today is...

2 special days in 1

Colin's birthday and Valentine's Day
Colintine's Day


When I look back at the many photos I have of the kids
Colin is usually smiling but also
wearing an impish (I'm up to something) grin or 
(catch me if you can) gleam in his eye.  

(Watch out Big C...your bro is Trouble.)
His fav was the McD's Happy Meal bucket...
to wear, not carry.
I'm Lovin' it

That was then...
this is now.
Hold onto your hats, folks...

 Hats off to Colin
for making our Valentine's Day
a Twofer

and bringing 
joy and love into our hearts 
every day.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Chelsea

January 21 = Chelsea's Birthday
hashtag 31
Today is Chelsea's birthday
and Facebook concurs with me...
so that makes it official.
Thank you FB.
What would I do without you?

I had to chuckle when a FB alert popped up on my computer informing me that January 21st was Chelsea's bday
No kidding FB...I am way ahead of you...
I was there.

Yep, that was me 31 years ago 
riding shotgun with PaulA to the hospital.  
After my water broke, we nervously gathered my things together, jumped in the car
and PaulA took off out of the neighborhood 
like batman out of the bat cave...
(I was his Katwoman)
only to be immediately pulled over by a cop.  
no lie officer, Katwoman is having a baby

I was also there almost 30 years to the day 
when Chelsea took a 
gaGiant leap of faith 
and made her first baby steps. 
I grabbed my ole box camera and captured it. 
You could see her confidence gaining
minute by minute
as she

tested her balance.
Hold on, I got this folks. 
Me and my little dog got places to go.


Although PaulA and I won't be with Chelsea on her bday, 
we will be recounting the day she was born, 
recounting the Chelsea years 
and the things we love about her...

her sense of humor,

her love of family traditions,

her love for her hubby, Austin 

and her sweet pup Charlie,

her love for her family and

the closeness she shares with her brother and sister,

her gentleness, thoughtfulness and kindness,

her fierce loyalty to family and friends,

her smile

and not to mention

her enduring 
and endearing love of 
the sprinkled donut.
always keep your inner child happy, no matter how old you get

Happy Birthday Chelsea

We "sprinkle" 
our love on you
and every day.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote for Hillary, Donald, Mary Jane?

Today is Election Day.

Hillary and Donald want YOU... 

so get out and vote.

if you happen to live in  
Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona, Nevada and California
Mary Jane 
wants you too.

Those 5 states are voting for the 
recreational use of marijuana...
weed, dope, pot, grass, reefer, ganja, hash, 
whacky tobacky…
different names, same result

With grass on the ballot…
the color of political landscape could change.
You think you are living in a red state or blue state
but after today you could be living in a green state.  

It may be hard to beat 
Mary Jane's political platform
with it's talking points on....
economic benefits, 
elimination of bias arrests, 
creation of more jobs
a high on life…chillax feeling with an occasional pig-out session and 
giggle fit.  

With so many possible political ad lines 
Stir the Pot - vote YES for Mary Jane
Get Lit - vote YES for Mary Jane
it should be easy for Mary Jane to get the vote out.

Of course, the other side will take their pot shots 
against Mary Jane...
pointing out...
an increased Dorito dependency, 
excess cottonmouth and weight gain, 
zero motivation to leave the couch and 
hard to shake feeling the FBI is following you.

Don't be Dazed and Confused - Vote NO for Mary Jane
Mary Jane will Wreck you - Vote NO for Mary Jane


If Mary Jane wins in Massachusetts…
tourism will increase...
and Massachusetts will quickly go from
Taxachusetts to 

then there is also the possibility 
the visitor count to our house in Manomet, MA could go up.
chillaxin man

We shall soon see what happens...
Mary Jane is now in the hands of the voters…
or maybe not.

As timing would have it...
we happen to be in Mexico during the election.

As you know...
the Mexicans would NOT be pleased with a
Donald win.
They are hoping for a Hillary Clinton victory and are
planning street parties through social media.

A Hillary win 
would definitely make our trip here in Mexico
Fiesta time

a LOT more enjoyable than if Donald were to win.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Scary Early Voting

I voted early…

not because I was excited about the choices for President,
 but I will be MIA on voting day.

What better day to vote than today, 
especially with this year's Presidential election being directly in line with the 
spirit of Halloween, 
very dark and oh so scary. 

The political campaign ads have been nasty and negative…
with both candidates stabbing each other in the back 
wherever and whenever possible.  

Each candidate has a closet full of skeletons
 which keep jumping out at us

making us scream in horror.

It's enough to make your blood run cold 
or is it...make your blood boil?  

It seems as though every day there is another 
witch hunt 
a candidate digging their own grave.

And now there is a newly opened FBI investigation
which is disconcerting 
during the witching hour of the election.


It felt good to exercise my constitutional right to vote.  
As an American it is my duty and my right.  
And I am proud to be an American 
even if this Presidential race is 
hauntingly disturbing.

I did have a devil's advocate moment in the voting booth 
with the thought of 
writing in 
a Presidential candidate.
But who? 

umm...Donnie Darko, of course

Donnie Darko, a psychological Halloween themed film 
set during 1988 elections...
scary with a nightmare-ish tone...
not too eerily distant from the
the 2016 election
just missing "Frank" 
the scary talking rabbit.

Yep, I would say....
Halloween was the perfect day for me to vote.

or else...
Donnie Darko could be your President.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

No Clowning Around

DON'T send in the clowns.

I don't know about you but I have a fear of clowns …
aka Coulrophobia.  
Apparently you can have a phobia to just about anything.  
If you can name it…you can be afraid of it.
ie…if something is a noun…you can fear it.
(I wonder if the fear of "nouns" is called nounophobia?)  

So now I'm finding out….
my fear of chopsticks has a fancy name…
Think about it...
you could get a splinter stuck in your throat. 
(Okay, maybe I'm awkward with using chopsticks.
I haven't mastered the chopstick.
I have mastered the fork.)


It's not yet Halloween but there is a new 
clown in town.

Move over Chuckles-the-Clown.

The Creepy Clown is 
creep or treat

Wether the recent clown claims are hearsay and hoax 
or authentic and accurate…
social media is fueling the creepy clown hysteria 
giving Average Joe Clown a good reason 
to be a sad sack
behind his plastered smile.

A "Clowns Lives Matter" Parade is scheduled in Tuscon, AZ on Oct. 15.
The Clowns do matter...
but paint me out of that picture.
I've never been a fan of clowns with their freaky features and 
numerous Clowni together
sounds frightening.
 Heck, even children who are supposed to like clowns 
fear them.  

You can't kid a kid…so call me a kid 
and give me  a lollipop.

How about that story of the dad in Auburn MA, who was dressed as a clown 
and following a school bus. 
Turns out his kids were on the bus…
and he was just clowning around.  
Not funny. 
Give that dad the Bozo Award 
and a night in the slammer.

The only time I think a clown isn't scary is when he's riding in his clown car 
and honking the horn
I'm on a long road trip and in need of a greasy burger.

Nothing  puts a smile on my face 
more than Ronald McDonald
smiling back at me.

Let's face it…
the upside of the creepy clown craze of 2016, 
 is that it  …
takes the focus off the other clowns 
who are running for President 2016.

(couldn't resist)