Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Since you've been gone

In honor of 
National Dog Day...  
remembering our Duncan 
"Rappa D."

Dear Duncandog,

It's been a loooong while
since you've been gone
 life ain't the same.

When I come into the house…
you aren't scampering to the door to 
excitedly greet me.
Oh Boy, I miss you.

Whenever I turn around…
I am not stepping all over you.
Oh Boy, I miss you.

When I load the dishwasher...
you aren't there pre-cleaning every plate
with your efficient 
lapping technique.
Oh Boy, I miss you.

When it's bedtime,
you aren't there to hug 
and wish good night.
Oh Boy, I miss you.


Since you've been gone….
you have been 
thought about,
talked about,
chuckled about
thoroughly missed.

Boy, Oh Boy, 
I miss you
my furry little friend.

Friday, August 23, 2019


Packing the essentials 
for the beach…

sunblock  check
sun hat  check
beach read check
cooler of beer  check
bottle opener  check
tourniquet  check

Whoa there…wait a minute.  A tourniquet?
Yep.  Just the essentials.

There have been a ton of sharks sightings around Cape Cod and Plymouth.
After the fatal shark attack last September…
you can’t be too cautious.

A tourniquet is just the device to control the bleeding.
So just need to know where to put it...
furthest (or farthest) from the heart?
closest to the heart?
around the heart?

After seeing the movie jaws 
(which had totally jawsome music)
dun dun dun dun
I have a healthy respect for the smiling devils

I've learned some helpful hints on 
avoiding sharks...

-don't swim alone
sharks like to pick off loners

-don't wear the color yellow
the color yellow makes them bananas

-don't wear shiny jewelry
sharks are especially attracted by shiny tacky jewelry

I stay current on shark activity with my 
newly downloaded  app 
aptly named

Yesterday the app notified me of 
a shark 
just north of us

The shark was sure to head our way...
he heard this Kat makes a mean 
“seal sandwhich.”
Word gets around when you are that good.


I’m actually not too too worried about sharks attacking me…
not because I’m armed with a 
a phone full of apps…
they can’t get me…
when I’m 

sturdy side down 
in a chair
in the sand.

The only sharks that could
get after me…
are the 

But I bravely stare them down
and say

"Bring 'em on."

Monday, July 29, 2019

And the Thank You goes to...

It's not uncommon
to criticize and complain
about companies 
and their products 
and/or services.
Sometimes you can't help but
wail, whine and whimper,
piss, moan and groan,
bemoan and bellyache.
(OK Kat...we get it)

Nice words and thank-yous 
sometimes are few and far between...
in a public forum. 

So today I thought I would take the time 
to thank those companies 
(ala Jimmy Fallon style) 
who have done me a solid.


Here we go…

Thank you
Southwest Airlines 
starting the ages you were born at
when booking a flight
so I have to scroll at least a couple of years
before reaching my birth year.

Thank you
for making me feel like a 
Super Hero.

Thank you
Pilot Pen 
for my fav ink.

You are FINE...

Thank you
Pistachio growers
for NOT dyeing your pistachios red anymore

and staining my fingers like they did
back in the day.

Thank you
Nike I. D.

for allowing me to feel like Kobe and LeBron
in my size 6.5 shoes.

Thank you 
for giving me a reason to never leave my couch

and showing me
a career in making meth  
is not a wise career path.

Thank you

for not being dairy.

Thank you

for helping PaulA work 24/7.

Thank you 
for James Holzhauer

a reason to watch 32 episodes in a row.

Thank you

for mixing well with others.

Thank you

for the life size Mark Wahlberg smiling at me 
in the grocery check-out line.

Thank you
for stocking broccoli, blenders, 
and books
for one-stop shopping. 
Image result for target 
You aim to please.

Thank you
Pine Hills Market
for giving me a reason
to not eat red meat.

Thank you

for your 
delivery people.
bahaha...had to throw this pic in

Thank you 


for making your fans
SUPER bowl happy.

Thank you
for speaking to my inner self
snickers hangry bar
at 5 p.m.

Thank you 
(in Avon, CT)
for knowing my order as soon as
 you see my face
medium twist in a cone, please without me having to waste valuable words.

Thank you
Veuve Clicquot

 for adult bubbles.

Thank you

for creepin' 
on my convos...
then sending me unsolicited ads.

sorry, that didn't sound like a compliment.

Thank you
for making me listen to 100 voice prompts 
before i actually reach a real 

now my compliments have turned 
inside out,
upside down
darn straight

I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Babysitters

This past spring PaulA and I had the privilege of babysitting 
our grand baby, Ansley 
for five days so her parents could 
attend a work event and wedding in Florida.

I was thrilled we were asked 
as there was this one time we babysat…

Maybe Mary Poppins was unavailable 
and they had to go with the B team.
 I know Mary Poppins is good with kids…but, 
heck, we are the real deal. 
Last I knew she was fictional.
Move over Mary Poppins, 
PaulA and I got this...
plus I had my own magic carpet bag of activities 
I had planned to pull out.

It didn’t take me long, however,
to realize that each activity would last 
8 minutes …
if I was lucky. 

After doing a little computation,
I figured I would need 7.5 activities an hour or 
75 activities for the 10 hours she was awake
X 5 days = 
375 activities.

I would have to repeat a couple activities.....
I was gonna need a bigger carpet bag.


Stickering books and ourselves

Sitting in a bucket of water


Playing in the sprinkler

Putting puzzles together

Riding in cars

Looking for  airplanes in the sky...
I was grasping at straws 

Picking flowers (dandelions)

Blowing bubbbles 


walking Charlie and her grand Paul

collecting plastic eggs 


Snack timing…my fav and Ansley's

A few field trips were called for…

Kroeger, Target, Mall, 
Library Story Hour,
Rock 'n' Roll Marathon,
and the NFL Draft.
hope that was ok


After Chelsea and Austin returned from their trip,

 Chelsea mentioned that Ansley 
was asking for “Meme”
“Oh really?….Tell me more…"

I may have whispered “Meme” into Ansley’s ear 
a few hundred times while she was sleeping.

Mary Poppins might be all magical and everything,
but definitely not as 
magical and special
as a grandchild/grandparent relationship.

 I would like Mary Poppin's nifty parrot umbrella to teleport me to Atlanta.

One thing PaulA and I know for sure...

life is
with Ansley in it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Happy BriDay

June 5th is a great day...
Brianna’s 28th birthday.
Happy BriDay

Bri and her dad, PaulA, 
both have June birthdays...
(although they are born under different 
zodiac signs.)

Bri, however,
is definitely her father's daughter...

with many of PaulA’s great qualities.  



a total BOSS,

works hard at the Office,

loves the beach, 

handy with tools

loves the Red Sox,

enjoys a good cigar now and then….
okay, maybe that's just PaulA.

If I was 30 years younger….
I would totally want to be her friend.  
Although this mom is her friend.
no question.

Talking about hair...
(go with me here)
I’m pulling strands 
of a distant memory
regarding a Brianna
hair escapade.

PaulA and I were away one weekend
came home to find Brianna had gone to the dark side... 
a brunette. 
(I should preface this that Bri was not left Home Alone
ala Kevin McCallister style...
she was of Home Alone Age.)

We were in total shock.
well, at least I was.
The Brianna with brown hair 
was not the Brianna we knew.
where did she go?

I tried not to freak out in a BIG way. 
I hoped she would quickly come back to the 
blonde side... 
all on her own.

After a few days of walking around as a brunette…
Bri found out that 
Blondes really do have more fun…
and wanted her yellow hair (as she used to call it) back.


On Breezy Bri's birthday,
I often use the 
Jerry McGuire line
Brianna "completes us"
she just does.

I'll affirm..

is the 
grand slam of our 
blue, green, brown, clear = grand slam

Manomet beach walk.

And trust me,
in this family...
that's says A LOT.

Happy Birthday Sweet Wish.