Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Happy Birthday ONEderful Ansley

Happy 1st Birthday 
to our 1st grandchild...
The 1 the only
The 1 in a million

Sugar and spice and everything nice…
all rolled up in 1

Miss OneDerful 

Ansley Mary Hyatt


It's hard to believe it's been a year 
since we all anxiously awaited the birth of Ansley...

and soon under a rainbow of fun we will have a 
big birthday celebration...
1 that Ansley won’t remember 
but 1 her parents won’t forget.

Today Chelsea and Austin celebrate 365 days of parenthood with their sweet little angel. 
The first year of firsts...smiles, roll overs, sitting up, babbles, pulling up etc...

along with diapers and more diapers.
did I mention diapers?

Let's face it...babies are a lot of work.  
Through the 365 days of diapers and duties...
there are also so many rewarding days of watching her grow...
and seeing her little personality emerge.

Before Ansley (aka B.A.)
Austin and Chelsea had more nights out on the town and 
getting in the car to do an errand was a LOT faster and easier..
but nothing compares to the snuggles and 

giggles of Ansley.

As for me(me) and granPaul...
we continue to watch the milestones 
of our children.

Our 1st baby girl's
proud daddies

1st birthday with her baby... 
and many, many, more firsts to come.

It's been an amazing year with this precious baby...full of love and wonder.
I look forward to the next 365 days 
of Ansley
who will always have my heart.

Happy Birthday
 Miss ONEderful


to all the Hyatts
on this special day.
Charlie too 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday

Today Michael Jackson would have been 
60 years old.
It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 years since he passed…
leaving behind a legacy of 
unparalleled music and unforgettable performances.  
(You might have guessed it, I’m a Michael Jackson fan).

I will always remember his 1993 Super Bowl Halftime performance…
not sure what teams were playing, 
not really google worthy 
but it was a performance that made the 
Super Bowl halftime show the event it has become today...
something to stay on the couch and watch.
(Bri you were 1.5 years old.)  
Before Michael Jackson,
most halftime performances included marching bands
and was the time for 
a beer run, 
a bathroom run, 
and a run to the oven to check on the food.

Michael Jackson't entrance onto the Super Bowl stage, 
was beyond amazing.
really google worthy

One moment it looked like 
he was on top of one Jumbotron...then a second Jumbotron...
and then...
he was catapulted onto the middle of the stage…
where he stood for 90 seconds like a statue…
not moving a muscle... 
until he turned his head then stayed that way for another 90 seconds…
before he performed. 
It was EPIC.

If Twitter was around in 1993, 
he would have crashed the internet…
and he didn’t even have a Kim Kardashian booty.


Whenever you hear Michael Jackson songs,
you want to “Get On The Floor” and “Shake Your Body.”
It doesn’t matter if you’re “Black or White”,
“Ben”, “Dirty Diana”, or some “P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)”,
you feel like you “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin."

With a groove like Michael Jackson’s,
it’s only “Human Nature” you want to get on the floor and dance.
 If you’re like me you “Don’t stop til you get enough.”  
You just can’t “Beat It.” 

We each “Remember the Time”
when we first heard Michael sing and dance with the Jackson 5;
a young MJ who easily took the stage and limelight without any nerves or “Butterflies.”

 From early on, Michael  never had any privacy and 
I’m sure there were countless times he
wanted to “Scream” and yell “Leave Me Alone.”

Michael Jackson was loved around the world. 
His music found a way to bring people together and to “Heal the World.”

Those of you who also love Michael Jackson know that “You are Not Alone.”

When it came to the “Man in the Mirror”
Michael had become a controversial figure over his latter years. 
Some thinking he was “Bad”, “Dangerous”...maybe a “Smooth Criminal"
and others thinking he was a brilliant artist and music icon.
Regardless of your position, his amazing talent and artistry earned him the title
‘King of Pop.’

Not only was his music "Workin' Day and Night"…
but his music videos were always a “Thriller”
with their innovative and “Off The Wall” revolutionary approach
to telling a story and creating a short film.

As one of his millions and millions of fans “I Can’t Help It”…
but I miss him "For All Time."
 Michael Jackson still had a lot of music left to give and was “Gone Too Soon."

Whenever we hear your songs...
we still wanna “Rock With YOU.”

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Shark Week

Give me an e 
Give me an f
What do ya got?

The beginning of the theme song to the movie "Jaws."

Cue the music 
dun dun.   dun dun. 
That right there is the sound of fear. 

Totally jawsome music.

Nothing says impending doom like the Jaws theme song. 
It was that riff...
low and predatory…
that was more terrifying than the mechanical great white shark...  
(especially by today’s standards.) 
Without the music, it's a Saturday Night Live skit.

The Jaws theme song hasn't helped the plight of the shark.
It gives them a bad rap…

even with this captivating smile.
(The shark union might want to think about changing PR Firms.)

Despite their scary reputation, 
sharks rarely ever attack humans and 
would much rather feed on fish and marine mammals.  
But I ask...
why wouldn’t they want to switch it up sometime?
throw in a little human?
Their tastebuds might need a little zing…
only a human can bring.


Recently there have been numerous shark sightings around Cape Cod,
primarily due to an increase in the shark’s fav food group…
the gray seal.
 Apparently the seal is Zero points on the Weight Watchers Plan.

A shark will attack it the same way I attack
a pint of Haagan Dazs Carmel Cone ice cream...  
6 points on the Weight Watchers Plan.
(who eats half a cup?...just saying)

Most of the shark sightings are near Chatham 
and not where we are in Manomet/Plymouth
but occasionally the sharks 
eat the memo…
and swim in our waters.

I start out the season being comfortable kayaking with PaulA to the point... 
even after our area made the National News
a couple of years ago 
when a shark bit the bottom of a kayak of a young woman 
kayaking with a friend...

But they lived to tell about it. 
No harm. No human.

We’ve been kayaking out to Manomet Point for the past couple of months
to stare at the seals with their big eyes on their big dog heads 
who like to stare back at us with our beady eyes on our pointy heads. 
I'm usually the winner of the staring contest.

Last time we paddled out…we noticed one seal in a prone position;
not the usual bobbing position.
We thought...hmmm that's odd, but paddled on to look for his slippery brothers.  

Later in the day, I read in the local FB group that this particular seal 
was a meal.
(They think he will survive his shark bite.)

Another FB post today showed 
a shark at Manomet Point had its way with  …

foot long bite

this Ramus 100 AUV.
(apparently some techy thing marine biologists use.)

I'm guessing it's about time PaulA and I read 
and heed 
the memo

and stay parked on the beach.
can't wait for margarita week

These sharks know it is SHARK WEEK...
and they are ready for prime time.

Cue the music
dun dun
dun dun

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Happy 27th Birthday Brianna

Brianna Kathleen 
Sweet Wish Queen
aka Boston’s Girl 
as Colin calls her
turns 27.

4 years a college girl at B.U. and 
5 years a working girl in Boston's seaport district
equals 1 
WICKED smart, sweet, and successful girl living in the city. 

Move over Mary Tyler Moore
you had Minneapolis,

Brianna has Bahston

Who can turn the world on with her smile?
Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?
Well it's you Bri, and you should know it
With each glance and every little movement you show it.

I’m pretty sure Brianna has tossed her hat in the air a time or two
after a ride on the T and a stop at Dunks.

9 years and counting as Boston’s Girl
Wicked pissah fun
And girls just wanna have fun.

Just back from another Breezy adventure
in Amsterdam and
safari in Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe... 
 back for 24 hours for a Red Sox game and a trip
 to Portland, Oregon, 
she tops it off with her birthday.
perfectly planned pinnacle

She works hard
She plays hard.
She works hard to play hard.


The night before Brianna was born Paul played the song
"Three Babies" by Sinead O’Connor
(my fav at the time)
just to get things moving.
And presto, we had our 3rd baby within 24 hours. 
Thank you Sinead...  
nothing compares 2 U.

Being Brianna’s mom has been a privilege, honor and 
downright fun ride on 
Breezy Street.

  From Kindergarten 

through college

…she has handled things by her Bri-some

except maybe her room in high school.
gotcha Bri

She can make an average mom look like MOM of the year.  
Take it from me.

I could lend her out should you need a moral boost…
slight charge is required.

They say "good things come in threes" 
and that
"the third time is a charm."
I would second (and third) 
that emotion when it comes to our 
Sweet Wish.

She's a triple threat ….
smart, sweet, and superfly

and she completes our dynamic trio.

Paul, Chelsea, Colin and I
 won the Trifecta 
the day Brianna was born.

Happy Birthday Brianna

Sunday, April 8, 2018

PaulA and The BoomeRING

As all you golf fans out there know 
today is Masters Sunday
which reminds me of a story I call 
"PaulA and The BoomeRING."
(Fore warning:  Kinda long...I failed to master a shorter version.
all true...no bunker. ) 

With a show of ring fingers...
how many have lost their wedding bands
3 times?

3 times....
would be my hubby, PaulA.
PaulA swears it is
a hazard of playing golf
(along with lightening, 
wayward balls and 
an occasional gator.)

Lost Ring #1...course in Miami
After a round,
(of golf that is)... 
PaulA realized his wedding ring 
(that he had shoved in his pant's pocket before playing) 
was MIA. 
(MIA in MIA...
missing in Miami)
He left his business card at the Pro shop 
but after not hearing anything for 3 weeks,
he gave the Pro Shop a call.  
They had his ring 
but had lost his contact info.  
His ring had been run through the lawn mower…
still intact with a few
scratches, scrapes, and scuffs.
Ring Found.
insert golf clap here.

Lost Ring #2 - Golf Club of Avon.  
Again PaulA shoved his ring 
in his pant's pocket before playing
(when will this guy learn?) 
and par for the course...
 his ring went MIA.  
(MIA at the GCA)
A week later the groundskeeper found it 
after he heard it clinking through the lawn mower...   
more scratches, scrapes and scuffs.
Ring Found.
insert golf clap here

Lost Ring #3 - course in Nashville
Instead of shoving his ring in his pocket 
PaulA left his ring in the cup holder of his car. 
(can't fool this guy 3 times)
After the round...
 his ring finger was so swollen from the heat that
he slid it onto his pinky.
A few hours later, 
he noticed it was once again
(MIA in BNA)
After retracing his steps...
through the house, 
the Home Depot, 
the trash, 
the laundry, 
3 bags of dead grass 
he had raked out of the lawn 
before spreading grass seed by hand...
he came up with

Would we ever see his ring again?
Is PaulA trying to tell me something?

You can't play with the Lost and Found Gods 
3 times 
and expect a win.


A part of me had hope and an idea....
rent a metal detector.
After all, PaulA's ring was no ordinary ring.
This was 
surely it would find its way back.

So PaulA set to work nonchalantly walking around with a metal detector...
trying to look like this was perfectly normal behavior.

But after Day 1 of detecting nails 
and random things that go clink…
it was Nada.

However on Day 2 of the rental contract...
the BoomeRING spoke to PaulA 
Hey PaulA it's me over here….
and there it was
nestled on its side deep in the grass.

The BoomeRING found its way back….
onto the hands of PaulA.
Insert wild gallery cheers here.

Excuse me now while I
 take a chip shot and
Insert a PaulA penalty stroke.

PaulA was no match for the 

Happy Masters Sunday