Sunday, April 8, 2018

PaulA and The BoomeRING

As all you golf fans out there know 
today is Masters Sunday
which reminds me of a story I call 
"PaulA and The BoomeRING."
(Fore warning:  Kinda long...I failed to master a shorter version.
all bunker. ) 

With a show of ring fingers...
how many have lost their wedding bands
3 times?

3 times....
would be my hubby, PaulA.
PaulA swears it is
a hazard of playing golf
(along with lightening, 
wayward balls and 
an occasional gator.)

Lost Ring #1...course in Miami
After a round,
(of golf that is)... 
PaulA realized his wedding ring 
(that he had shoved in his pant's pocket before playing) 
was MIA. 
(MIA in MIA...
missing in Miami)
He left his business card at the Pro shop 
but after not hearing anything for 3 weeks,
he gave the Pro Shop a call.  
They had his ring 
but had lost his contact info.  
His ring had been run through the lawn mower…
still intact with a few
scratches, scrapes, and scuffs.
Ring Found.
insert golf clap here.

Lost Ring #2 - Golf Club of Avon.  
Again PaulA shoved his ring 
in his pant's pocket before playing
(when will this guy learn?) 
and par for the course...
 his ring went MIA.  
(MIA at the GCA)
A week later the groundskeeper found it 
after he heard it clinking through the lawn mower...   
more scratches, scrapes and scuffs.
Ring Found.
insert golf clap here

Lost Ring #3 - course in Nashville
Instead of shoving his ring in his pocket 
PaulA left his ring in the cup holder of his car. 
(can't fool this guy 3 times)
After the round...
 his ring finger was so swollen from the heat that
he slid it onto his pinky.
A few hours later, 
he noticed it was once again
(MIA in BNA)
After retracing his steps...
through the house, 
the Home Depot, 
the trash, 
the laundry, 
3 bags of dead grass 
he had raked out of the lawn 
before spreading grass seed by hand...
he came up with

Would we ever see his ring again?
Is PaulA trying to tell me something?

You can't play with the Lost and Found Gods 
3 times 
and expect a win.


A part of me had hope and an idea....
rent a metal detector.
After all, PaulA's ring was no ordinary ring.
This was 
surely it would find its way back.

So PaulA set to work nonchalantly walking around with a metal detector...
trying to look like this was perfectly normal behavior.

But after Day 1 of detecting nails 
and random things that go clink…
it was Nada.

However on Day 2 of the rental contract...
the BoomeRING spoke to PaulA 
Hey PaulA it's me over here….
and there it was
nestled on its side deep in the grass.

The BoomeRING found its way back….
onto the hands of PaulA.
Insert wild gallery cheers here.

Excuse me now while I
 take a chip shot and
Insert a PaulA penalty stroke.

PaulA was no match for the 

Happy Masters Sunday

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Club 30 Welcomes Colin

We celebrate today because it is Valentine’s Day…
but today is
superlatively special day with
mucho more reason to celebrate.
Today is Colin’s 30th birthday
affectionately known as 
Colintine’s Day.

Colintine’s Day is all about 
hearts, love, and rock and roll baby.

On this day Club 30 welcomes Colin

where it's time to face the music of a new decade.
no i.d. required.

Those who enter Club 30 
might feel the blues about leaving stage 20
and all that jazz...
...going all emo and head banging 
into despair.
But in Club 30 you ride a new wave and
 progressively embrace a new soul and new age. 
No matter how 
hardcore, indie, goth, and grungy 
you're feeling  
Club 30 is where it all goes down... 
and the bass lines still groove.  
After-hours at Club 30 are instrumental...
kickin’ it back in the country 
while ya 
hip to the hop 
like punk that goes pop
 in a classical, heavy metal 
kind of way. 

In other words....
Club 30 is happening. 


I find it hard to believe Colin is 30.
I’m still not sure how that happened soooo fast.  

I am so thankful and blessed for Colinboy.
I promised myself I wouldn't call him that
when he reached 30.
(times up Kat)

His 30 years of fun, love, and laughter

have brought me so. much. joy.
So that would make me Overjoyed…
deliriously euphoric.  

And if I could jump like I was deliriously euphoric…
it would look this…

I wish I could give Colin some mind blowing advice or wisdom about turning 30….
you know, about being older and being wiser…
but without mentioning Bud.  
I could first try by saying that 
the experiences from his 20s 
will carry him into this new decade 
with a deeper wisdom and a more realized sense of self.

But the best that I can really offer is ….
30 and the the next 10 years 
is a rockin’ decade.

Something tells me Colin will do it up 
in CTgrooves style.

It is only perfect that Colin was born on Valentine’s day…
he has had my heart since 4:59 am 2/14/88. 

And although I can’t jump…
my heart has jumped plumb
out of my chest.

Happy Birthday 
I know you're a man, but in my heart of hearts
you are forever my boy.

Happy XXX 

Cheers to many more years of
hearts, love and 
rock and roll. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Happy Birthday Chelsea

Today is Chelsea's Birthday
the mother of all birthdays
her first birthday as a mother.

Here's a fun fact I discovered about the Hyatt family of 3.
Although they have different astrological signs...
Chelsea, an Aquarius, 
Austin, a Gemini and 
Ansley, a Libra…
they are all born under the same Zodiac Element…
(Apparently zodiac signs are arranged under 4 elements…Fire, Earth, Air and Water.) 
That little nugget and $4.25 will get you a Venti Latte at Starbucks or 
$2.09 for a Large Coffee at Dunkin, should you prefer.
So it is written in the stars they are simpatico.   
(Chelsea can use that fun fact when Ansley becomes a teenager.)


On this mother of all Chelsea's birthdays, 
I can't help but think back to Chelsea's first birthday…
not just her First bday with the party hat 
and special flowers from her Dad…

but her Birthing Day and the days that followed...

when we brought Chelsea home to begin our life together.

 When your daughter becomes a mom 
all those memories and emotions come rushing back…
10 fold...  
memories of the early days and nights 
of us figuring out our new life together…
she getting used to me and me with her;  
Me thinking about the the long and windy road of life ahead
Me hoping I would be a good mom 
and her hoping that too.
Me looking into her angelic face and 
her smiling back and 
me thinking 
everything. at that moment. is just
with the world.

I LOVE being Ansley's meme (aka grandmother) 
but the icing on the birthday cake is
watching Chelsea be a mom.

I'm so thrilled
Chelsea gets to experience 
the same precious love and bond
with her baby girl
that I have with mine.

One day soon baby Ansley will be celebrating her momma on her birthday with a 
sweet birthday card made with crayons
and construction paper 
until then Ansley is giving her momma the sweetest
gift that she can give right now

and everything. at that moment.
is just 
with the world.

Happy Birthday Chelsea

Thursday, December 21, 2017


As you probably have heard, 
PaulA and I are Grandparents. 
yes, that was me shouting the good news from the rooftops

Our first grandchild 
Ansley Mary Hyatt
just kicking back on a casual Sunday Funday

 joined our family 9.25.17
Thank you Mama Chelsea, Daddy Austin and the Dear Lord Up Above

And so...
with little Miss Ansley comes all her firsts…

her first day

her 1st month 

her first Halloween

her first visit with Santa
wait til next year when she gets a good look at this guy

her first babysitters

her first pirate party…
coming this August

Knowing how quickly time flies,
we will soak up her first moments like Bounty, 
the quicker picker-upper.


When holding precious Ansley 
and looking into those innocent baby blues, 

I can't help think about the future she will live in...
driverless cars,
pilotless planes (say it ain't so) 
new devices that make our smartphones look d-u-m-b
robots that wash our dishes without complaints 
(liking this)
linking our brains to a computer and living in a virtual world. 
(not liking this)

With so much promise and possibilities ahead for Ansley, 
the world is her mollusk…
or oyster, should she prefer.

I'm wondering what 


a doctor or dancer, 
a singer or surgeon,
an accountant or author, 
a cook or chemist,
a blogger or banker?

No matter where life takes her,
there is one thing I know for sure.
Unconditionally and wholeheartedly...


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Happy Anniversary to the new Grandparents

October 3rd marks our 36 year wedding anniversary. 
(yikes, we are getting up there.)

As cliche as it sounds…
time flies, marches, and waits for no one. 
John Mayer's song 
"Stop this Train"
about getting older 
and life passing at a rapid pace
couldn't be more on "track."
So I'd like to stop 
and reminisce about the early days
while John Mayer's song plays in the background.

The abridged story of how PaulA and I met goes...

I noticed him, 
notice me 
and the rest was
our history.  

An expanded version goes:
As I walked from my dorm 
to the cafeteria 
on the Redstone campus of UVM
I could feel a pair of eyes watching me from a dorm window. 
Then after I was in the cafeteria line…
the same pair of eyes were behind me in line.  
This went on for many meals that fall semester.  
(Hey, a girl's gotta eat.)

It was when our dorm floor had a party with his dorm
that we "officially" met,
(although we unofficially knew each other quite well )
and he asked me out.  

And how could I refuse that curly haired boy.

He had me at 


Today these cool groovers who met in the late 70's are officially 

Welcome to the family
Ansley Mary Hyatt

It's hard to believe that 36 years have already passed
and we are grandparents
(which sounds old)...
but because it means we have a 
sweet grandbaby girl to love …
get me my cane and call me granny. 

I wasn't born yesterday….
 Ansley was (almost) 

but I can truly say

I definitely do not want to 
"stop this train"
especially when the passage of 36 years
has brought us our 
first grandchild.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Happy 3rd Anniversary to the New Parents

3 years ago, today,
Chelsea and Austin 
were married at the beautiful Swan House 
in Atlanta, GA.

Surrounded by family and friends…
they placed rings on each other's fingers 
to have and to hold 
from this day forward.

Little did they know that
three years later,
they would have a baby girl... 
to have and to hold
from this day forward.

Meet Ansley Mary Hyatt

born September 25, 2017 at 5:12 am.


It is very fitting that on this special day,
their anniversary, 
Chelsea and Austin 
buckled Ansley into her carseat 
for her first car ride
and brought her home 
from the hospital. 

The next chapter of their life together 
begins now
as a family of three.

Happy 3rd Anniversary,
Chelsea and Austin.
This is one anniversary you will always remember
and the best present 
you could ever give each other.