Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Birthday Colin

Happy Birthday to Colin
born on the most romantic day of the year...

a day of 
cupid, cards, candy,
dinners, diamonds, dates,
roses, romance and don't forget

Colintine’s Day

Colin was due to enter this world on February 13th 
but just missed that day.
At 5:30 am on 2/14/888 he arrived…
Oops there he is.
Enter Colin 
stage right…..
right smack dab in the middle of my heart.  
Colin had me at waahhh, waahhh. 

With a birthday on Valentine's Day, 
we could have named Colin
Valentino or Valentine, 
but we spared him a lifetime of tee hees and guffaws
plus his name was just as heartfelt.

 We had recently seen the movie "Oxford Blues" with Robe Lowe and 
a character in it (not Rob Lowe)…
was named Colin.  

I loved “Colin” 
the moment I heard the name

and I loved Colin 

the moment I saw his face.


Looking at that sweet boy’s face…

I used to think about his future.
Que sera sera
Whatever will be, will be
the future's not ours to see...

My little guy growing up, 
so fun, funny, happy, energetic and loving...
will he be...

a body builder

a ship's Captain

a comedian ala Steve Martin style

Speaker of the House

an entrepreneur

Suburban Cowboy

a musician (with bass face)

Fast Forward...
All these years later he grew into
what matters most....
what's in his heart...
the best son, 
grandson, brother, nephew, uncle, friend 
and now 

fiance (yay)

you could ever hope for.  

Today is about celebrating Colin.
Valentine’s Day may be along for the ride…
riding shotgun…
but I am banishing Valentine's Day 
to the backseat.

Happy Birthday Colin

Monday, January 21, 2019

Happy Birthday 33 Chelsea

Today is a record day...

Chelsea's 33rd birthday.

Growing up my most favorite 33 was 
Tapestry by Carole King
one of PaulA's favorite 33s was
Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey…
which he picked to dance to with Chelsea at her wedding...
but today....
Chelsea is, by far,
 our most fav 33.

I'm pretty sure Chelsea will be spinning 

like the 33 
she is.


Along with Chelsea turning 33 today...
there happens to be another record spinning event 
a cosmic lunar event...
and not your run-of-the mill lunar eclipse but
a Super Blood Wolf Moon
in Chelsea's honor...

the fullest moon with a 
Bama Crimson Red hue. Roll Tide.

If you were awake during the early hours this morning,
the night sky was clear of clouds... 
you may have seen the Super Blood Wolf Moon.  

I’m guessing Chelsea didn't see it....she was probably
sleeping like a baby 

You need to be well-rested 
when you are a mama of a 15-month old 
trying to get errands done.

There’s a lot of science behind how this lunar eclipse 
can affect our behavior, 
but I’m thinking we are all eating 
a little more cheese today.
(one of Chelsea's favorite food groups.)

Chelsea still rocks her birthdays

although this year it might be more like 
a rocking chair in Ansley’s room 
reading Ansley
Goodnight super blood woof Moon.

Happy Birthday Chelsea.
We love you to the Super Blood Wolf Moon and Back.

You will forever be my sweet Chelsea-belsy girl in my heart of hearts

first born
first guinea pig hehe
love at first sight


Dad’s Tupelo Honey...

which we will be playing on repeat.

play Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison for Chelsea."

And as Ansley says:

Happy Birthday Chelsea.
You are so loved on this record day
and every day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I'm the reason Alabama lost the Championship Game

I have to admit...
I am the reason 
we lost the Championship game against Clemson.

It had nothing at all
to do with players
or Coach Saban
or the defense
or the interceptions
or the kicker.

It was this Kat
and I take full responsibility for my actions.

Most people wouldn’t admit they are at fault, 
but in order to live with myself, 
I must confess and apologize…

Sorry Saban
Sorry Tua
Sorry Defense
Sorry Offense
Sorry kicker.
Who you calling sorry? 


I’m coming clean…
and admitting 
I didn’t stick to my BAMA routine 
and do the expected.

I failed to wear my usual lucky BAMA clothes 
and watch the game on our lucky couch in Nashville.

Instead PaulA and I were in Palm Springs for the game 
and I wore a crimson shirt, houndstooth belt, and white pants.  
White Jeans, Kat what were you thinking?  
There I was caring more about how I looked than the success of my team.  
I should have been wearing my 
usual sweatshirt 
the one that proudly screams Alabama, 
blue jeans, and cap.

there I was sitting at a bar watching the game 

when I should’ve been on my couch at home
yelling at the tv...
giving PaulA high fives on first downs and 
when things weren't going well for the team...
moving to different parts of the couch, 
crossing and uncrossing my legs, 
changing my hair from up to down, 
and crossing my fingers.

I was a lame fan.
I wasn't there for the team when they needed me.... these fans...

So it’s all out there now…
the reason we lost the championship to Clemson.

My guilty admission 
was a lot to get off my chest, 
but good therapy.
I am finally beginning to let the loss go.

I promise that
If we end up in the championship game next year, 
I will be the fan 
BAMA is expecting me to be
and give it my all.

My Bad, Alabama.
This one is on me.

Roll Tide 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 

I hope y'all had a good New Year's.

If the study at Duke University regarding 
your New Year's eve experience 
rings true... might not have been your best.

Survey says:

83% of people are usually disappointed with New Years Eve.

And they had a formula to make the study look legit...
 I just love a formula.

This year the Dukies would have to put us in the other 17% of the study.   

I went outside my self imposed pop/country box 
and saw a show that Bri was calling a 
“mini Newport Folk Festival.”  
(Thanks Tom and Beth for the idea and making the trip to Nashville). 

selfie gone askew

All three artists were amazing...
(over-used word…but fits.)
Iris deMent, 
Nathaniel Raitliff and The Night Sweats,
cool name and cooler band 
John Prine. 

John Prine is for sure the ultimate storyteller.
A man with a song that begins “I am an old woman is an interesting dude.
The show went for 5 hours...until the first hour of 2019. 

This Kat was getting tired 
so I would have thought Prine would have been plum tuckered out. 
Did I need to remind John Prine..
he is an old woman.


How are your resolutions going?
Here’s another who-cares? fact for you.
40 percent of us make resolutions.
Hence the long lines this week for salads and the jammed gyms.
 Don't worry folks, 
you'll get your favorite treadmill back in about a month.

Maybe you didn’t make any resolutions…like Oprah. 
What a slacker.
Oprah says that instead...she commits to staying in the moment 
and can literally cry over a leaf.
I could too…if it was a wet leaf and I slipped on it.  
I love nature and all, but it would have to be an amazing leaf.  
Maybe one where you could see the Virgin Mary in it.  
I think that would get me to cry.  
Otherwise I just be raking it up in a compost pile.

I try not to set myself up for failure and aim too big with my resolutions.
People like Bill Gates who resolve to use technology 
to eradicate polio and study Alzheimers are well intentioned and needed but …
he might need to dial it back and give himself some slack...
like Oprah who is in the corner 
crying over leaves.

In an effort to keep my resolutions within reach…
I decided to only make resolutions that rhyme with 2019.
So if it don't rhyme with "nineteen"…it will be unseen.

Here we go:

Eat foods that are clean.
Be twixt and Be tween.
Get some boots at LLBean.
Be lean and mean.
Be a good human bean being.
Play the tambourine on a trampoline.
Be heard and not seen.
Refrain from making a scene.
Tolerate a movie about a Woverine.
Avoid breaking phone into smitherene.
Learn to wave like a queen.

I’m looking forward to 2020  
No hurry tho
when my resolutions rhyme with twenty...
Eat more Good and Plenty.

Have a great 2019!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Acting Chops

Some actors work their entire careers
hoping to sink their acting chops into a 
larger-than-life role. 
We have a member in our family who has had such a
tasty role.

Exit stage left:  Meryl Streep
Enter stage right: Brianna

Brianna’s larger-than-life role?? 

Baby Jesus

It was many Christmases ago
in a small town in Connecticut...
our church was casting for the annual
Christmas pageant.

The church director had casted 
Chelsea, age 5, as an angel…
and Colinboy, age 3, as a sheep herder (under-rated role). 
After seeing Sweet Wishy, 
the director was immediately interested in her for
Baby Jesus.

Brianna had all the attributes needed to play the role. 
She was a director’s dream. 
She could sit up without slumping forward. 
Her temperament was calm and serene. 
She had the face of a cherub, 
with the most beautiful peaches and cream complexion…
and her best attribute for the role of Baby Jesus?...
she was a baby. 
Brianna was 6 months old.

I was the typical stage mom…of course. 
Doting on my child
and demanding special privileges; 
front pew seats for my family and friends…
special products in her dressing room; 
extra Huggies and baby wipes, 
blankets and booties.

 I know I was a little over the top with all the demands 
Come on folks…
we are talking the Baby Jesus.

I was so proud of Sweet baby Wishy. 

She did a great job of 
sinking her chops into the role…
especially with only 
two teeth to work with.  

And I might add...

I have the perfect suggestion
for the role of
Jesus as an adult.

Enter Stage Right:  Colinman
a huge step up from sheep herder.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Lifecycle of a Ping Pong Table

'Tis the time of year for holiday commercials 
cleverly designed
to tug at your heart strings.

When I saw the sweet Dick's Sporting Goods commercial 
about a family and a ping pong table

Image result for dick sporting goods ping pong table commercial
"a gift that lasts forever"
it had me at
Wait....this sounds familiar.
I had written a blog about the lifecycle of a ping pong table
8 years ago.
Hmmm...someone must have been reading my blog
(HaHa...right Kat, like that would happen)
or great minds think alike.


Here goes my blog from 2010.

When your children reach the age of nine or ten,
 a back-and-forth decision regarding 
a ping pong table purchase
can come in to play.
Should we or shouldn't we? 
Should we or shouldn't we?

The kids beg for a ping pong table for Christmas....
say they really want one…
will really use it…all the time,
 really. really. really. REALLY.

Sweet visions of the family pinging and ponging together come to my mind.
(Besides...doesn't the family that pings and pongs together stay together.) 
So the bearded big guy delivers.

The ping pong table is an instant SMASH on Christmas morning.
We clear space in the basement, set it up, 
and the play begins..
The kids play with it for hours and hours...
challenging each other to games.
We all play our ping pong hearts out ....
(picture a montage of family fun 
to an emo soundtrack 
playing in the background)

It's a hit...
for a couple of months.
Then it sits. sad. and lonely.

Over the next months...
the ping pong table is reduced to a 
large piece of dark green plywood 
taking up space. 

To keep it in play...
I use it as a gift wrapping station.
Later, it becomes the perfect place to work on school projects
and a place for stuff.

After a couple of years, there is renewed interest in playing.
Our basement becomes the new hot spot 
with a totally rad ping pong table 
for middle-schoolers. 

Colinboy and his buddies 
love the competition of pinging and ponging...
which quickly leads to 
ball whacking and smashing 
followed by 
pulling the rubber off the paddles...and  throwing ...
leaving holes in the ceiling and walls. 
just preadolescent boys having some ping pong fun.

Then again, it goes ping pong silent.

The table sits and gathers dust...
 gets broken down and shoved into a corner.
The table seems to be approaching the end of its useful life. 
We think about giving it away, 
but deep down we hope for its return.

After a few more years there is renewed life...
Game On.
Colinboy and his peeps come home from college..
and pull out the table for 
This game, however, requires a different skill set...
and is played with 
Bud, Miller, Stella, Sam, 
and the ever so buxom St. Pauli Girl.

Word of Warning:  
If you are considering purchasing a ping pong table for some family fun…
please consider the ENTIRE lifecycle of a ping pong table.


And don't let Dick's Sporting Goods 
with its sweet commercial 
Image result for dick sporting goods ping pong table commercial
pong you 
into purchasing one
 until you consider the
entire lifecycle of a ping pong table.