Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Ahhh…it's Memorial Day the unofficial Official start to summer.  
So fire up the barbecue.  

Today you have a free pass to sink your teeth into burgers, beers, baked beans, and brownies.
Woo hoo. Legit.

And for you fashionistas…you can now wear white.  Woo hoo.  Legit.
There is an unwritten rule about not wearing white before Memorial Day, but apparently some get around this rule by wearing what they call “alabaster.” No worries...I would never report you to the fashion police. I have your alabaster back.

The summer season in New England is short...sometimes it feels like we only get an Emeril's Essence...of summer.  It starts out on Memorial Day with a  BANG.  
Then it gets kicked up a notch. BAM!'s already the Fourth of July. BAM! BAM! ...and it's Labor Day.

Because New Englanders get short changed in the Warm Weather Department, we have to live each summer day to the fullest, otherwise we’re standing at Customer Service...looking for a refund. We have to find ways to pack everything into 9 BANGING weeks.

If I’m a little sparse with my blog postings this summer…that's because I’m busy cramming and banging summer in. Or maybe I got nothin’...which might not surprise you.


Memorial Day really is about honoring the men and women who have served, protected, and given their lives for our country and our freedom. 
 Thank you, Thank these courageous men and women.

So enjoy Memorial Day. Attend a parade, fly the American flag, wear red, white, and blue.
 Enjoy your picnics, pig roasts, and pig-outs.
Celebrate the American Way….because that is what the brave men and women, who have served and sacrificed for our country, would want you to do.

35 days until the Fourth of July. BAM!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Blockbusters

Summer has arrived.  Okay, not officially....but the new summer movies are beginning to hit the big a theatre near YOU.

And this promises to be a summer of sequels and superhero movies. The Summer Blockbuster.

I've never been a big fans of sequels. Once I've seen the original movie...I rarely watch the follow-up.  I think they should throw away the movie mold.  I prefer prequels and midquels... unless it is a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio...then I welcome all quels.  

I surprisingly got through the first Hangover, but another Hangover includes fatigue, nausea, and cotton mouth. No one should ever have to deal with back to back hangovers. Then there is Harry Potter and something deathly or another, Cars 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 15 (Can't handle Depp with all that eyeliner.)  Kung Fu Panda 2....too cute for me.

The superhero lineup this summer is a string of men in flamboyant clothing...The Green Lantern, X-men, and Captain America.  There must be something about tights that give men supernatural powers.  

Wait a minute.  There isn't even one woman in the superhero lineup. Why is that?  

There is such a huge disparity when it comes to the number of male and female superheroes.  I can only think of two female superheroes...Catwoman and Wonder Woman.  These women need to use their superpowers to unionize.


I think a new woman superhero is called for. Shazam! I realize we already have Catwoman....but there is really ONLY ONE...Katwoman!

Let me introduce you to her.............

Faster than a 4G network.
More powerful than a Google search engine.
Able to leap from the high road to the gutter in one single blog.

Look! Out in Cyberworld!
It's a Kat!  It's a Woman! It's Katwoman!

Yes it's Katwoman ...strange woman from another blogosphere who came to earth with blogging powers and abilities far abnormal and juvenile than mature adults.  Katwoman, who can change the course from intelligent conversation, crumple computer paper with her bare hands, and who disguised as KatOUT, (simple minded blogger with a small following) fights the never ending battle for truth, justice, the American way...and a few extra blog followers.
(I've heard if you don't fight for truth, justice, and the American can't be a superhero.)

Look for Katwoman in a blog near you.....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Schmuckzenegger

Schwarzenegger, Scandal, and Lies…Oh My.

If you happened to LIKE Arnold before the scandal and lies…you probably DISLIKE him now.

But if you disliked Arnold before the scandal …you LOVE him now. WTH?
(He just proved what you already knew. A natural progression…terminator – governator - schmuckinator.)

How much more scandal must the media drag us through? How much more can we take? Arnold just happens to be the latest scumbag in the news…the creep at the moment…add him to the list. Granted, he does have some tough competition for Head Scumbag with Woody Allen, John Edwards, and Tiger on the list.

Actually Tiger is looking like St. Tiger compared to the Arnold.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Maria Shriver takes a page from Elin's swing manual...and follows through.


People are wondering… How did Arnold keep his affair and love child a secret for so long? There must have been something that would give it away…some clue to his philandering ways. Maybe we could have guessed it from his past career as a Hollywood action star…or a European bodybuilder. Or maybe the serial groping accusations.

If ya stop and think about it…we were ignoring the obvious signs. How could we so oblivous to the obvious?

Just one look at a list of Schwarzenegger’s movies and his behavior makes perfect sense.

True Lies
Raw Deal
Collateral Damage
Conan the Barbarian

The Schmuckzenegger was practically yelling “I’m a lying scandalous schmuck” from the Austrian Alps.

                                                     (the Hills are alive with Deceit.)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Prep This

Many college moons ago…when I attended the University of Vermontpreppy was “in.” The only problem was: I was a native (Vermont native)…and preppy wasn’t in my vocabulary.

I’m sure there were Preppy Vermonters back in the day, but I had never laid eyes on one. I didn’t know the slightest thing about dressing preppy. When I showed up my freshman year, my wardrobe didn’t contain Bean boots, pop-up collar Lacoste shirts, ribbon belts, and Bermuda bags (with interchangeable covers.)

I was never quite sure what attracted Preppy flatlanders to go to school in Vermont. Maybe it was the scenery, the slopes, the sea…of bars. Or maybe it was a secret desire to change Vermonters into Prepsters. One by one…change the Vermont landscape into a field of pink and green.

My roommate (random luck of the draw), Ms. Crompton, was the most prepped out human girl you could ever know (by the way…I liked her). She was a formidable leader in the Preppy Invasion and she made it her mission to make me into her preppy clone. I must have been wearing a sign on my back that said, “Prep This.”

Ms. Crompton happened to be a debutante from NYC who had a "coming-out party," to announce her debutante status to society.  At that time, I had never heard of a “debutante.” The closest I had come to a debutante party was…spelling it. (Thank you spellchecker.)

In her effort to preppify me...she bought me a pink Brooks Brothers buttoned-down, long sleeve shirt with my initials “KAT” monogrammed on the pocket. I actually still have it. (Note to self: see someone about your hoarding tendencies.)


I’m wondering what Ms. Crompton looks like today…circa 2011? Is she wearing…Haute couture? (Gesundheit) Maybe she’s still pretty in pink?

I hate to admit it…but I have a secret desire to see her TODAY wearing… Timberland boots, a pair of elastic, faded, stretchy 100% polyester pants and matching shirt, a stretchy belt, and a reversible duffle bag.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Alice May

It’s only fitting that my mother has a birthday in the month of May. After all, her name is Alice May. If she was Alice June born in May…she might as well have been named Alice October.

Growing up, I was very impressed with my mother’s skills. I thought it was so cool that she could tap dance. How many moms do that? She would get the ole shuffle-tap going in our kitchen. She would shuffle across the floor from the oven to the frig...but never off to Buffalo.

If you are a Bacon freak…a Baconista, like I am…you will like my mother’s maiden name…Bacon. Growing up kid’s used to yell, “Hey Bacon, how about a strip!” or “What’s shakin’ Bacon?” The pork joke was usually never underdone.                

Alice May is 20 years older than I am, so when I graduated from high school she was only 37. No wonder my parents liked having their friends over on a Friday night….partaaay. They weren’t ready for the shuffleboard circuit.

When I was in high school, Alice May went back to nursing school to finish her degree. It was funny seeing her hit the books in study hall…at the dining room table right beside me. Alice became a great nurse with a caring gentle bedside manner. No Nurse Ratched…or Nurse Jackie.



When I was young I used to make labels of my name “Kathy-Anne Thomas the Greatest” with a label maker…and plaster them all over everything I owned. Why did I think I was the greatest? Because my mother made me think I was…and that is pretty special. It’s a great gift to give to a child. She is also a wonderful Nana and thinks her grandkids are pretty grand and special too.

Alice May has many friends who she still gets together with for lunch every Friday. I probably shouldn’t mention this, but they call her Gladys…which they pronounce “Glad Ass”…which they then have morphed into “Happy Bottom.” Nothing like good friends.  (I wonder if they've ever thought of Happy Bacon Bottom.)

Everybody loves Alice! It is easy to love her…she just has a way of tap dancing her way into your heart.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bloomin' Allergies

What’s worse than rainy days and Mondays? I think it has to be…rainy Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays…….which happens to be the weather forecast for this week in the Northeast. Cry Me a River.

The only upside to the unending rain is that every droplet helps to remove pollen from the air. Hopefully this will bring relief to seasonal allergy sufferers. This allergy season has been a BEAR…and now with a 5 day forecast of raining cats and dogs…it is officially The Wild Ass Kingdom.

All these years I’ve been lucky to be allergy free…even with so many things out there to be allergic to…like gluten, peanut, msg, nickel, chocolate (SHOOT me, if I ever develop an allergy to chocolate.)

I got to thinking I was Houdini and escaped seasonal allergies…until now. Call me a late bloomer. I went years without so much as a sniffle, but it appears I’ve blossomed into a mature allergy sufferer. Achooie.

Allergy symptoms…tearing, sneezing, runny nose, and obnoxious cough…can make a person pretty un-pretty. Thankfully, pollen counts will be coming down around June 1st. But then we’ll be faced with the hippie allergy seasons…summer with the grass…and fall with the weed.

It is very difficult to nip these allergies in the bud...other than living in a plastic bubble, like the bubble boy.  And many spend tons of money on Zyrtec and Claritin...keeping CVS in business.

The Neti Pot is a good option and nothing to sneeze at. I happen to make my own pot…I use a plastic cup and squeeze the sides together. But the idea is to pour saline (H20) into your nostrils…and wash away the pollen trapped in your nose. The visual of stuff dripping from your nose is disgusting…for good season.


Hillary Clinton has allergies…and not just allergic reactions to Big Bad Boy Bill.

Remember this iconic picture of Hillary with her hand over her mouth in the Situation Room during the raid on bin laden’s compound? Hillary attributes her reaction to her allergies. When I heard Hillary make that comment…I wasn’t so sure I believed her. I think her spring allergies took the fall for her emotions. Her explanation burst my bubble.

And now that I’m out of my bubble…I gotta the CVS.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HDTV (Horror Defining TV)


Back in the day when it came to taking photos of my kids…I had them trained like little monkeys. On command…they mugged for the camera. They never gave me a lick of trouble about getting their picture taken. They knew it would soon be over…and that crazy Katwoman would leave them to their bananas…should they stop swinging from the chandelier long enough.

But this Kat is not as compliant. I’m more like, “Do I have to be in the picture? Back off with that camera…a little more…a little more. Oh, you can barely see me? Perfect. Go ahead and take the picture.”

I prefer a little distance between myself and the lens. Distance makes the face grow fonder. I like the Blurrrrry lens.


I don’t know how Katie Curic does it…sitting in the studio under the lights with Hi Def technology. No wonder she is leaving the Evening News.

If I was Katie, I would want to work on location for the Weather Channel. I’d want to cover all the storms…rain, hail, snow, and cane. That way I’d be dressed head-to-toe in full gear and I wouldn’t be the focus of the picture. Viewers are more interested in seeing snow banks anyway…or seeing the reporter hang onto a telephone pole for dear life, while hurricane force rain and wind whips them sideways.

With HDTV (Horror Defining TV)…there is nothing left to the imagination. The pictures are sooo clear. What the reporter sees in the mirror…is what 10 million people see at home on their TV. Puffy eyes, crusty eyes...circles, spheres…you name the shape.

The new high definition technology requires new types of barely-there make-up and application techniques. Old school make-up artists who applied the thick cakey stuff with a spatula are now history.

The ole school thick make-up on today's HDTV would look like something the Cake Boss applied. Which would make for… better licking…than better looking.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Reunion

Tis the season for Class Reunions from high school and college. Time to get together with old friends, reminisce, and find out if Johnny lived up to “Most Likely To Succeed” and if Betty is still deserving of “Best Looking.” (I voted for Veronica.)
PaulA and I attended Groovy UV (That’s the University of Vermont) back when we were a couple of cool college coeds. Although every five years we get the information from UVM…we haven’t been back since the fifth reunion.


That’s probably because we were lucky to marry our best friend from college. And we have a reunion every night…when PaulA walks through the door.

Oh, honey….it is so nice to see you. How long has it been? Let me guess, maybe 8 or 9 hours. Oh, wait, there was the time you popped in around 10 a.m. because you left your cell phone on the kitchen counter. How could I ever forget that?
You know…you haven’t changed a bit. You really look the same…after all these hours. You haven’t gained a single pound since last night. So amazing.

So we need to get caught up on everything. What have you been doing with yourself these past 8 or so hours?
Oh, remember…when you and I had breakfast this morning? You had the English Muffin and I had the bagel and cream cheese…it was the best. Then you said, “See ya later honey. Have a good day.” I’ll never forget it.

Hey, let’s get together real soon. Let’s not let so much time pass between reunions. Let’s try to do lunch.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Fate of Tate

You probably have heard the story about, James Tate, the senior from Shelton, CT who is not allowed to attend his high school prom.

The story made national news and is still a story because the principal, Dr. Beth Smith, is not backing down from her ruling. Instead, the principal is standing on principle…and not leaning. Holding ground. You get the picture.

There is a huge campaign on Facebook and Twitter to allow Tate to attend his prom. But that would mean…breaking the rules. As the high school principal has said, “Rules are Rules…and stick and stones, may break my bones.” (Maybe not that last part.)

The school rule is straight forward…with no electric slide steps backwards…or macarena sidesteps: If a student is given an in-school suspension after April 1st…the student is not allowed to attend the prom.

But does the punishment fit the crime?
Tate’s crime? Asking his date to the prom…by taping the question on cardboard letters to the outside wall of this high school building.

I’m still weighing in on how I feel. Part of me is Team Tate…and the other is Team Principle Principal.
Geez...It’s not like Tate wrote on the building in paint, or hammered nails, or worse…used Gorilla Glue…which can bond fingers permanently together. It was freaking tape. A little rain…and that prom proposal is slip sliding away.

But then again…for the school, it is a safety issue…code for suing issue. PLUS the principal is simply following a rule that was already in place.

There is an upside for Tate….look at all the attention he is getting. He’s famous…or is it infamous? There were also two other boys involved who held the ladder for him. They were also suspended and will not be allowed entry to the prom. Do we even know their names? Why don’t they rate? They received the same fate as Tate. (Wouldn’t it be cool if one was named Nate?)

Maybe the school administration will lean and eventually cave in…like my lemon chiffon cake. Facebook has a way of bringing change. Look at what happened to Egyptian President Mubarak. Eat Cake Mubarak.

In a case like this…I believe in concessions. (I usually get the large popcorn). I believe in compromise…with the two sides coming together.

I got it….Let James Tate go to the prom…with his high school principal.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where Were YOU When...?

The killing of bin laden will be one of those key events in history when you reflect back on where you were and/or what you were doing. Like when you heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

So where were YOU? What were YOU doing when you first heard that the Evil Mass Murderer bin laden finally got what he deserved? If you were on the east coast, you might have been half asleep or asleep…especially if you are my Sistersledge or Sistersludge. Maybe you were internet or cable surfing, studying, watching a game, getting a tattoo, or getting tattooyed.


This Kat was watching Celebrity Apprentice. It was about 10:45 pm with 15 minutes left in the show. The show was preempted right before The Donald points his finger like a gun at the show’s next doomed and says, “YOU’RE FIRED.”

I remember thinking…Obama better have something worthy of an Apprentice interruption. Happily he came through. With.A.Doozy.

As it was…Obama didn’t make the announcement for another 30 minutes after the Apprentice was first preempted for the Breaking News. I got to thinking….hmmmmm.....

…hmmmmmm. Not a total surprise Obama would interrupt THE Donald’s show. Pay Back Time. The Trumpster has been upstaging and interrupting Obama’s life for weeks with issues regarding Obama's birth certificate.

All in all……….I must say…

Obama satisfied us Apprentice viewers with an ending for bin laden interestingly similar to an episode on Apprentice…a gun pointed at a doomed bin laden…YOU'RE FIRED.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Charmed Life

Where you up for the royal wedding? I’ve mentioned that I wasn’t up for it…BUT I found myself up…just before 6 am. His royal Heinyness, Duncandog rang…so I answered his call. I wasn’t risking an accident by the kitchen slider. So I dragged my tired ass out of bed…and then remembered to turn the TV on and tune in.

The royal wedding was a fairy tale. Commoner girl marries Handsome Prince and they ride off in an open carriage…into a fantasy life. A life FREE of mundane chores.


As I was sweeping the floor that morning, the thought occurred to me…Kate will never EVER sweep the floor. She won’t even know where the broom is kept. She has people for that.

Then it all hit me...the things that Kate will never EVER have to do in her life. No…dusting, dishes, cooking, vacuuming, laundry, banking, gas pumping, etc. etc. But the biggest two? Never having to stand in line at the DMV. And never having to hassle it out with Comcast.

They life a charmed life. No wonder the royals are so freaking charming. Wouldn't you be? I could be a lot more charming (than I am now)…if I had people.

There was a rumor going around that Prince Charles's life is so cushy…(How cushy?)…So cushy, that he doesn’t even put toothpaste on his own toothbrush. He has people for that.

People who are willing to serve his every whim. I wonder what an official toothpaste placer gets paid?

I’m guessing they don’t have to pay the guy whose job it is to schmear sunblock on Kate. I’m pretty sure he’ll work for free.

Heck, I work for free. I answer Duncandog’s call every morning at 6 am. Even Duncandog has people.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

From this mother to all of you mothers out there...Best Wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day.

I don’t know about your mom...but my mom is the Kat’s meow. As my kid’s generation would say...she’s the “shiznit .” Or as my own generation used to say....she’s “groovy.” my mom’s generation used to say...she’s “keen. “

So when I’m looking for a card to honor my mother, I’m trying to find the right one. Not too serious. Not too wordy. Not too juvenile (hard for me). Not too...too. One that is just right. Plus I want ample room on the card to write my own you might have expected.

When you care enough to send the very head to Hallmark. And that’s where I track down THE card that was "just right." Hark...I had discovered something new... a card with an envelope that is already paid for by Hallmark. Don’t get too excited though...the cost of the stamp is included in the cost of the card. It’s not like Hallmark cares enough to give you something for nothing.


I thought to myself...what a great idea. Should you NOT have a stamp to mail your card..No Worries. Should you NOT have time to wait in line at the post office...No Worries.

How handy is a card that comes with a prepaid envelope?

Genius. Hallmark.

Now all moms can expect a Mother’s Day card for her special day. Just pick out the right that expresses your love, gratitude, and devotion. Add some of your own heartfelt, touching sentiments. And drop it in a mailbox. Presto.

I’m just saying......................hehehehe

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Hoy es Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo
is a big day in the Mexican community. The holiday is as important to the St. Patrick’s Day is to the Irish. Out with the Mcs. In with the Mex...and Tex Mex.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican victory over the French forces led by Napoleon back in the 1800’s. It isn’t their independence day, but a day that celebrates their Mexican heritage and culture.

You are probably wondering how I happen to have such extensive knowledge of Mexican history. Well, I have a thirst for Google. And a thirst for Corona. Warning: Execessive Coronas while Googling...can lead to spouting off inane random facts.


I love Mexican food….which means I enjoy the umpteen different ways of serving cheese, refried beans, tomatoes, olives, guacolmole...and more cheese. Same ingredients. Different shape.

But my fav is the Margarita. On the rocks. Salted. Ay, Caramba!

Some watering holes tend to make them way too sweet. Their margarita is five parts sugar mix and one splash tequila. If you are like this Kat, you prefer a less sweet version. That leaves you with two choices......................

Add more TeKILLya, Duh. what I do...order a beer with your margarita. Any beer will work...except Pabst Blue Ribbon (use that for gargling.) Add the beer to the taste. I usually split my margarita with a friend...kinda girly...and then split the beer. So we order a margarita, another glass with ice, one beer and two limes. For some reason this confuses the wait person.

I have heard there is a SkinnyGirl Margarita out there that uses a mix containing fewer calories. I’m guessing the mix would be good for the waist line. But then I would think there would be the temptation to drink double...which is NOT so good. You end up getting wasted...and not able to walk the line.

The SkinnyGirl mix might sound like a good idea to some, but I’m not buying it. I figure I’ll stick with my beer/margarita mix method and do a little extra salsa dancing the next day.

Enjoy Cinco de Mayo…the day when everyone is free to be Mexican and a little bit loco……….especially after a couple of margaritas.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Have you made a vow to do something...swore to stick to it? You didn’t just mumble it to mentioned it to others? But then ended up second guessing yourself?

That’s kinda like...whenever I vow to stop eating ice cream. I swear I will refrain for 7 consecutive days...So help me Ben and Jerry’s. I announce my vow to PaulA and Duncandog... "I’m done with the frozen creamy confection." But then...that’s all I think about...and I cave. By the third day, PaulA finds me face planted in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Brownie Fudge.

How about the middle school teacher from the state of Washington who vowed after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 to not shave until bin laden was caught or killed. That was a huge pledge on his part...especially because he probably thought bin laden would be in shackles or shitcanned in a few months. So of course he caved ...two days ago...when bin laden was killed. He had not shaved for 10 years. Okay, so he has a little more resolve than I do.

His wife couldn’t be happier. He looks 10 years younger and she doesn’t have to feel like she’s sleeping with the enemy anymore. His resemblance to bin laden was uncanny. We are talking a man with...a scraggly, graying, ten year old beard. Throw a turban and a maniacal look on him...and you have bin laden.

His close resemblance to America’s Most Wanted Terrorist...had to have been trouble for him when going through airport security. It’s kinda shady for a husband and wife to resemble each other over the years...but a husband and terrorist is considered a shady suspect by the TSA.


Last year Colinboy made a vow to not get his haircut after graduation from college until he found a job. It grew and grew. Thankfully the job wasn’t as elusive as bin laden... it grew for the summer months and didn't become an ongoing hairy project.

I admire the persistence on the part of the middle school teacher. It was a good lesson in sticktoittiveness for his students and a reminder of the terrorist attacks on our country.

This has got me thinking that I should make a vow...someday. Should I decide on something..I think I’ll only announce it to Duncandog. Just in Case my sticktoittiveness becomes unsticky. Duncandog is usually tight-lipped.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

9/11/01...Before Facebook

Since the tremendous news of bin laden’s death ...I have done a lot of reflecting on September 11th, the Navy Seal’s mission, and bin laden’s subsequent burial at sea. (Apparently the sharks will be feasting on sushi bin laden.) Woot. Woot.

During my reflection...there was something about September 11th that struck me...other than disbelief, despair, and extreme sadness. I remembered how our children were NOT told anything about the attacks that morning during school. They were dismissed early...and came home clueless. The school had their reasons. They wanted to shelter the children until they could get home and be consoled by their parents. Some children might have had parents working in the World Trade Center or nearby.

But that got me thinking...that in today’s 2011...the school couldn’t get away with that approach. The students would never be left in the dark. They would know immediately. Facebook and Twitter have changed everything.

Heck, there was actually real time twittering of the events going on in Abbotabad, Pakistan regarding the attack on the compound where bin laden was hiding. And even more...corrupt governments in the Middle East have been overthrown through efforts organized on Facebook.


September 11th was pre-Facebook and pre-Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t even entered Harvard until the fall of 2002. When I think of the uses and the ramifications of social networking, it makes me wonder what might have been different if there was Facebook and Twitter back in 2001? Would more people have survived?

But that was then and this is now. We can’t go back and change things. We know what we know. We are who we are. And we always remember.

Today we feel justice has been served.

Speaking of being served...I think I hear the sharks calling for a little wasabi sauce to choke down that rancid sushi bin laden.

Monday, May 2, 2011

bin laden DEAD

Public Enemy Number One...America’s Most Wanted Terrorist...DEAD

Screech. That’s me putting the proverbial brakes on the blog I was going to post about the cushy life of the royal family. But too silly for this significant day in history. The day that we have waited for...for 10 years.

Every social network is buzzing and tweeting and sometimes crashing with the barrage of comments from around our great nation. We come together today in celebration of the news...of the death of bin laden. We are Munchkins in Munchkinland rejoicing that the house has landed on...and killed the Wicked Witch of the East.

It’s great to see us united again...especially when there has been so much infighting and bickering across the aisle. Even if we don’t always stay this enthused and’s nice to know how patriotic and deep our love for our country runs. It's kinda like that it’s okay to bicker and fight with our own siblings...but if you are the bully in the neighborhood, don’t even think about messing with anyone of our siblings. We have each other’s back.


The New York Times broke with a long-standing tradition of using honorary titles such as Mr. , Mrs., Dr. which they have used with heroes. They have now dropped the “ Mr.” and are referring to him as Bin Laden. Woah...about time.

There are many words that I can think of to refer to a mass murderer...someone who took the lives of 3,000 Americans on September 11th, ... someone who brought sadness and grief to those who have loved and lost them. But they are words that I can’t print here.

However there are words that give me total satisfaction and are totally printable.......

“dead bin laden.”

(Not deserving of capitals...only deserving of death.)

Thank you to the Navy Seals for such a heroic mission...and to all our military servicemen and women who serve and protect us every day of our lives. We honor you. We salute you.