Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Blockbusters

Summer has arrived.  Okay, not officially....but the new summer movies are beginning to hit the big a theatre near YOU.

And this promises to be a summer of sequels and superhero movies. The Summer Blockbuster.

I've never been a big fans of sequels. Once I've seen the original movie...I rarely watch the follow-up.  I think they should throw away the movie mold.  I prefer prequels and midquels... unless it is a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio...then I welcome all quels.  

I surprisingly got through the first Hangover, but another Hangover includes fatigue, nausea, and cotton mouth. No one should ever have to deal with back to back hangovers. Then there is Harry Potter and something deathly or another, Cars 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 15 (Can't handle Depp with all that eyeliner.)  Kung Fu Panda 2....too cute for me.

The superhero lineup this summer is a string of men in flamboyant clothing...The Green Lantern, X-men, and Captain America.  There must be something about tights that give men supernatural powers.  

Wait a minute.  There isn't even one woman in the superhero lineup. Why is that?  

There is such a huge disparity when it comes to the number of male and female superheroes.  I can only think of two female superheroes...Catwoman and Wonder Woman.  These women need to use their superpowers to unionize.


I think a new woman superhero is called for. Shazam! I realize we already have Catwoman....but there is really ONLY ONE...Katwoman!

Let me introduce you to her.............

Faster than a 4G network.
More powerful than a Google search engine.
Able to leap from the high road to the gutter in one single blog.

Look! Out in Cyberworld!
It's a Kat!  It's a Woman! It's Katwoman!

Yes it's Katwoman ...strange woman from another blogosphere who came to earth with blogging powers and abilities far abnormal and juvenile than mature adults.  Katwoman, who can change the course from intelligent conversation, crumple computer paper with her bare hands, and who disguised as KatOUT, (simple minded blogger with a small following) fights the never ending battle for truth, justice, the American way...and a few extra blog followers.
(I've heard if you don't fight for truth, justice, and the American can't be a superhero.)

Look for Katwoman in a blog near you.....

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Chelsea said...

if your a superhero than i hope that means i'm a blog superhero in training!!! we will take on the world!