Monday, May 16, 2011

A Reunion

Tis the season for Class Reunions from high school and college. Time to get together with old friends, reminisce, and find out if Johnny lived up to “Most Likely To Succeed” and if Betty is still deserving of “Best Looking.” (I voted for Veronica.)
PaulA and I attended Groovy UV (That’s the University of Vermont) back when we were a couple of cool college coeds. Although every five years we get the information from UVM…we haven’t been back since the fifth reunion.


That’s probably because we were lucky to marry our best friend from college. And we have a reunion every night…when PaulA walks through the door.

Oh, honey….it is so nice to see you. How long has it been? Let me guess, maybe 8 or 9 hours. Oh, wait, there was the time you popped in around 10 a.m. because you left your cell phone on the kitchen counter. How could I ever forget that?
You know…you haven’t changed a bit. You really look the same…after all these hours. You haven’t gained a single pound since last night. So amazing.

So we need to get caught up on everything. What have you been doing with yourself these past 8 or so hours?
Oh, remember…when you and I had breakfast this morning? You had the English Muffin and I had the bagel and cream cheese…it was the best. Then you said, “See ya later honey. Have a good day.” I’ll never forget it.

Hey, let’s get together real soon. Let’s not let so much time pass between reunions. Let’s try to do lunch.


Chelsea said...

haha!! i love this, yea i don't see me attending very many reunions. Make that picture bigger so i can get a nice good look at you! Brianna got your pretty long hair genes.... jealous.

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

I haven't had a reunion yet, I think we traditionally only have one in the UK... I would be nervous to go I think ha :)

Love, Vanilla

Jayne said...

Kathy - u are a riot. Can't stand how young Paul looks. I love that we all met in college and are all still happily married - or at least things appear that way! lol. Love you guys, J

Michelle said...

HI!! Found you through your beautiful daughter's blog!!

I have been out of high school for 11 years and my class did not have a class reunion. I'm pretty sad about it! The saddest part about it is that I only graduated with 36 people, so all of us getting together shouldn't be a big deal!

I see where your daughter gets her creative writing from!!!

Have a good week!