Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Schmuckzenegger

Schwarzenegger, Scandal, and Lies…Oh My.

If you happened to LIKE Arnold before the scandal and lies…you probably DISLIKE him now.

But if you disliked Arnold before the scandal …you LOVE him now. WTH?
(He just proved what you already knew. A natural progression…terminator – governator - schmuckinator.)

How much more scandal must the media drag us through? How much more can we take? Arnold just happens to be the latest scumbag in the news…the creep at the moment…add him to the list. Granted, he does have some tough competition for Head Scumbag with Woody Allen, John Edwards, and Tiger on the list.

Actually Tiger is looking like St. Tiger compared to the Arnold.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Maria Shriver takes a page from Elin's swing manual...and follows through.


People are wondering… How did Arnold keep his affair and love child a secret for so long? There must have been something that would give it away…some clue to his philandering ways. Maybe we could have guessed it from his past career as a Hollywood action star…or a European bodybuilder. Or maybe the serial groping accusations.

If ya stop and think about it…we were ignoring the obvious signs. How could we so oblivous to the obvious?

Just one look at a list of Schwarzenegger’s movies and his behavior makes perfect sense.

True Lies
Raw Deal
Collateral Damage
Conan the Barbarian

The Schmuckzenegger was practically yelling “I’m a lying scandalous schmuck” from the Austrian Alps.

                                                     (the Hills are alive with Deceit.)


Anonymous said...

Right on!

Frances said...

just caught up! I have been so MIA. I love it-as always.

miss you!

love always,

Chelsea said...

dear arnold,
i no longer like you.