Monday, May 23, 2011

Prep This

Many college moons ago…when I attended the University of Vermontpreppy was “in.” The only problem was: I was a native (Vermont native)…and preppy wasn’t in my vocabulary.

I’m sure there were Preppy Vermonters back in the day, but I had never laid eyes on one. I didn’t know the slightest thing about dressing preppy. When I showed up my freshman year, my wardrobe didn’t contain Bean boots, pop-up collar Lacoste shirts, ribbon belts, and Bermuda bags (with interchangeable covers.)

I was never quite sure what attracted Preppy flatlanders to go to school in Vermont. Maybe it was the scenery, the slopes, the sea…of bars. Or maybe it was a secret desire to change Vermonters into Prepsters. One by one…change the Vermont landscape into a field of pink and green.

My roommate (random luck of the draw), Ms. Crompton, was the most prepped out human girl you could ever know (by the way…I liked her). She was a formidable leader in the Preppy Invasion and she made it her mission to make me into her preppy clone. I must have been wearing a sign on my back that said, “Prep This.”

Ms. Crompton happened to be a debutante from NYC who had a "coming-out party," to announce her debutante status to society.  At that time, I had never heard of a “debutante.” The closest I had come to a debutante party was…spelling it. (Thank you spellchecker.)

In her effort to preppify me...she bought me a pink Brooks Brothers buttoned-down, long sleeve shirt with my initials “KAT” monogrammed on the pocket. I actually still have it. (Note to self: see someone about your hoarding tendencies.)


I’m wondering what Ms. Crompton looks like today…circa 2011? Is she wearing…Haute couture? (Gesundheit) Maybe she’s still pretty in pink?

I hate to admit it…but I have a secret desire to see her TODAY wearing… Timberland boots, a pair of elastic, faded, stretchy 100% polyester pants and matching shirt, a stretchy belt, and a reversible duffle bag.

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