Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Have you made a vow to do something...swore to stick to it? You didn’t just mumble it to mentioned it to others? But then ended up second guessing yourself?

That’s kinda like...whenever I vow to stop eating ice cream. I swear I will refrain for 7 consecutive days...So help me Ben and Jerry’s. I announce my vow to PaulA and Duncandog... "I’m done with the frozen creamy confection." But then...that’s all I think about...and I cave. By the third day, PaulA finds me face planted in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Brownie Fudge.

How about the middle school teacher from the state of Washington who vowed after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 to not shave until bin laden was caught or killed. That was a huge pledge on his part...especially because he probably thought bin laden would be in shackles or shitcanned in a few months. So of course he caved ...two days ago...when bin laden was killed. He had not shaved for 10 years. Okay, so he has a little more resolve than I do.

His wife couldn’t be happier. He looks 10 years younger and she doesn’t have to feel like she’s sleeping with the enemy anymore. His resemblance to bin laden was uncanny. We are talking a man with...a scraggly, graying, ten year old beard. Throw a turban and a maniacal look on him...and you have bin laden.

His close resemblance to America’s Most Wanted Terrorist...had to have been trouble for him when going through airport security. It’s kinda shady for a husband and wife to resemble each other over the years...but a husband and terrorist is considered a shady suspect by the TSA.


Last year Colinboy made a vow to not get his haircut after graduation from college until he found a job. It grew and grew. Thankfully the job wasn’t as elusive as bin laden... it grew for the summer months and didn't become an ongoing hairy project.

I admire the persistence on the part of the middle school teacher. It was a good lesson in sticktoittiveness for his students and a reminder of the terrorist attacks on our country.

This has got me thinking that I should make a vow...someday. Should I decide on something..I think I’ll only announce it to Duncandog. Just in Case my sticktoittiveness becomes unsticky. Duncandog is usually tight-lipped.

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