Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where Were YOU When...?

The killing of bin laden will be one of those key events in history when you reflect back on where you were and/or what you were doing. Like when you heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

So where were YOU? What were YOU doing when you first heard that the Evil Mass Murderer bin laden finally got what he deserved? If you were on the east coast, you might have been half asleep or asleep…especially if you are my Sistersledge or Sistersludge. Maybe you were internet or cable surfing, studying, watching a game, getting a tattoo, or getting tattooyed.


This Kat was watching Celebrity Apprentice. It was about 10:45 pm with 15 minutes left in the show. The show was preempted right before The Donald points his finger like a gun at the show’s next doomed and says, “YOU’RE FIRED.”

I remember thinking…Obama better have something worthy of an Apprentice interruption. Happily he came through. With.A.Doozy.

As it was…Obama didn’t make the announcement for another 30 minutes after the Apprentice was first preempted for the Breaking News. I got to thinking….hmmmmm.....

…hmmmmmm. Not a total surprise Obama would interrupt THE Donald’s show. Pay Back Time. The Trumpster has been upstaging and interrupting Obama’s life for weeks with issues regarding Obama's birth certificate.

All in all……….I must say…

Obama satisfied us Apprentice viewers with an ending for bin laden interestingly similar to an episode on Apprentice…a gun pointed at a doomed bin laden…YOU'RE FIRED.

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Chelsea said...

Ha!! I was watching Celebrity Apprentice as well, and sat there forever waiting for Obama to speak. I had to google it the next day at work, but I already had a feeling Hope we be gone. I am predicting a celebrity feud between Donald Trump and NeNe Leeks (she makes the women of Atlanta look OH so classy!!!)