Monday, August 18, 2014


Last Thursday,
I proposed the idea to give 
other days of the week 
the same social media attention as 


#MFM   MoodyFaceMonday
#TGT    ToothyGrinTuesday
#WOW   WinkOnWednesday
#FHF   FreakyHairFriday


Keeping with my genius idea....


Granted, this pic is strikingly similar to Resting Bitchy Face, 
but I'm calling it "Moody Face."
(my blog, my rules.)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Right Way

This blog post might look like it is coming out of 
left field, 
and it is..
yesterday was 
International Left-Handers Day.

(a made-up day to honor lefties and
highlight the difficulties lefties face in a righty world.)

I find it funny to watch a lefty. 
Everything they do looks awkward to someone who’s a righty. 
Mainly because we do everything right. 
Think about it…why else would we be called right?

Sometimes, however, the lines get blurred…especially in politics. 
There are some us who are right-handed and right wing, 
and others who are left-handed and left wing…
but there are also some right wing people who are lefties, 
and some left wing people who are righties. 
And also those…who are left or right of center. 
I’m so confused. 
I have nothing left to say on that subject.


They say lefties are intelligent 
and historically some of our more 
influential and successful people are left-handed. 
That would include Clinton, Ford, George H. W. Bush, Obama, 
Hendrix, Michelangelo, Oprah, and Babe Ruth. 
Add PaulA to that impressive list. 
Saying “lefties are intelligent”…
is really a left-handed compliment...but not in the
"left-handed compliment" idiom way.

PaulA comes from a family of lefties, 
...his mother and 2 other brothers. 
3 out of 7 siblings are lefties and

4 out of 7 of them brush their teeth with CREST.

I’m a righty who married a lefty so throughout our marriage…
I have watched PaulA write with a …
left hook
eat and use scissors, (he doesn't eat with scissors)
tie his shoes and 
put cards in envelopes the wrong way.
The one thing he does the right way...
is play golf.
(If ya know what I mean.)

If I was left to my own devices…
I would make lefties conform and do things the right way…
but I also realize I should stop being so self-righteous, 
and accept that lefties (and PaulA)
have rights too. 

Right-handed Kat 
has finally left the building.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Move Over #TBT

In the social media world,
today is known as


I  love #TBT,
(although Thirsty Thursdays are my fav)
because I love seeing old pictures of our fam 
and friends.
(and who doesn't mind posting a pic of themselves 20 years younger?)

So in keeping with the TBT theme, 
I have posted some pictures of summer days gone by in Manomet...



I got to thinking 
Why should Thursday be the only fun day?
Why not spice up the week with another day
of themed pictures?

We could have
Moody Face Monday (#MFM) 

Toothy Grin Tuesday (#TGT)

Wink On Wednesday (#WOW)

Freaky Hair Friday (#FHF)

I've always wanted to start a trend.
Come on folks...
you know this is a good idea.