Thursday, August 7, 2014

Move Over #TBT

In the social media world,
today is known as


I  love #TBT,
(although Thirsty Thursdays are my fav)
because I love seeing old pictures of our fam 
and friends.
(and who doesn't mind posting a pic of themselves 20 years younger?)

So in keeping with the TBT theme, 
I have posted some pictures of summer days gone by in Manomet...



I got to thinking 
Why should Thursday be the only fun day?
Why not spice up the week with another day
of themed pictures?

We could have
Moody Face Monday (#MFM) 

Toothy Grin Tuesday (#TGT)

Wink On Wednesday (#WOW)

Freaky Hair Friday (#FHF)

I've always wanted to start a trend.
Come on folks...
you know this is a good idea.

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