Friday, March 28, 2008

Look? Don't Look?

If you heard screaming around 8 pm last night, that was Brianna and me…it’s SAT results time, boys and girls, and things can get pretty dramatic! After getting “the call” from her friend, Brianna ran down the stairs yelling… “My SAT scores have been posted!”

We tried to remain calm, but started screaming. We were jumping up and down. With just a strike of the Enter key, Bri’s scores would flash right before our faces…kinda like seeing your life flash before you, before you hit the floor. “Should we look? Naw…let’s not. Oh, come on …why not? The scores are what they are…might as well know the number you will be wearing on your forehead.”

We huddled over the computer…staring at it…like it was a crystal ball. Or that Magic-8 ball you shake for all the answers. (Question: Will I go to college?) (Answer: Ask again later.) (Question: Why is it always, Ask again later?) (Answer: Ask again later.) “Should we look at the scores? Why not? After all, we are Thelma and Louise…we are brave. we go. Wait, what was that darn username and password?”…

We covered our eyes with our hands…both of us yelling... “aahhhhh.” Thelma hit the Enter key (or was that Louise?) and we looked… “OMG there they are.” Thelma and Louise hugged. Wishy bones is going to college…just like we always knew.

So next comes all the other college stuff…the application…and which schools are safety schools and which schools are reach schools. We already know that Yale is safely out of reach…but there are other schools that are safely reachable. (Besides at Yale you have to wear a big blue and white sweater, smoke a pipe, and talk with clenched teeth...which really isn’t Wishy’s style)

I remember getting my SAT scores in the mail….either way they arrive….. the anxiousness, the nerves, the rush of adrenaline, the quickened heart beat….that all never changes.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful and memorable moment with your daughter -- very touching -- Contrats to B. :) LMDL

SisterSledge said...

Congratulations Brianna! You're awesome! Love, your relatives in VT

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