Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Olympics, Oh Baby

I love watching the Summer Olympics.

There is something so exhilarating about watching
highly motivated,
perfectly sculpted bodied athletes
from your couch ...

while digging into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

My two favorite events to watch during the Summer Olympics are
swimming and gymnastics...

although last weekend I got dragged into both the
men and women’s bike road race.
(Note to self:  next Olympics watch only the last 3K...
that’s when all the action happens.)

(Thanks to those cyclists who crashed.
It added some much need drama during the middle K's.)

The Olympics is a wonderful opportunity to showcase sports
that don’t normally get attention. 

It puts limelight on lesser known sports such as
archery, fencing, and water polo...
sports that might not otherwise be watched by the public.

(Note to water polo athletes:  get rid of the bonnet/swim caps...
you look like Baby Huey.)

I admit I was unhappy when they discontinued chariot racing from the Olympics.  

It has been a while since I've seen good, competitive
chariot racing.

I would venture to say many, many men love watching women’s beach volleyball. 
They especially dig their team uniforms. 

(Unfortunately...with the rainy/chilly London weather,
 many guys have felt cheated out of the full viewing experience.)


PaulA has gotten into the Olympic spirit. 
He put a volleyball net up on the beach...
probably thinking he could get the women to wear the
Team USA suit.

We’ve had some rousing volleys and
have only bent the rules slightly...
New rule #1...You can hit the ball
as many times on your side as needed to get it over the net.
Head butts – allowed. 
Kicks – allowed..
New rule #2...the “out” lines are determined...
as we play.  Hard-to-get shots are deemed "out."

Playing beach volleyball may look easy to the casually observer,
but I can tell you from experience...it isn’t.

I have succumbed,
like every great athlete,
to a sports injury.

In a heroic game-saving attempt...I was injured while diving for the ball.

(Okay, maybe I was running for the ball to save it from landing in the water. )

Being the Mic Ultra jock that I am...
I hauled ass after the ball...
running over rocks, shells, and hot coals
when I cut/banged my toe on a rock. 
Only to be beaten to it, by my 9 year old niece...
(There is always a young volleyball jock running up your heels ...
going after the kill...hoping to bump you off.)

I’ve been accused of nursing my sports injury
like some big baby...
Maybe so...
but at least I'm not

wearing a Baby Huey

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fifty Shades

If you have two eyes and two ears...

you’ve seen and/or heard about the
unadulterated “adult” novel

Fifty Shades of Grey,
by E. L. James.

And if you are blindfolded and in the dark...
then it sounds like you may very well be into the storyline.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" has all the trappings...
and strappings of porn.

soft porn. hard porn. mommy porn.

And apparently "Fifty Shades of Grey" is the first of a trilogy:
"Fifty Shades Darker"
"Fifty Shades Free"
Nothing like a smut trilogy to get the juices flowing.

The British author has certainly pushed a
few buttons,
rang a few bells,
and reddened a few cheeks.

I’ve been handcuffed when it comes to reading 50 Shades of Grey.
(you know what I mean.)
I wasn’t quick to jump on the grey bandwagon.

Even though everyone was doing it
(ummm...again, you know what I mean)...
I was standing my ground. 

All the hoopla surrounding the book sent me in the other direction.
I decided to zig when everyone was zagging...
although that hasn’t always been the case. 
In the 80’s, I was totally on board with the linebacker shoulder pad look.

Through osmosis...
I am painfully aware
 that 50 Shades of Grey has to do with
dominance/submissiveness/discipline/losing control. 

Not to be confused with "Dr. Spock’s Baby and Chid Care" book
that deals with same matters
with a two year old. 

50 Shades of Grey has been criticized for being poorly written. 
Slap me silly
 (please be gentle),
but E.L. James wasn’t expecting an Award for her writing.
She was writing a smut book...not "War and Peace. "

Her characters rope readers into a fantasy that puts the "kinks" in kinky.
her readers are mostly interested in what is lying between the sheets...
of paper...
not her style of writing.


I have just finished reading
 “The Pig Did It”

which is a beautifully written and humorous book.
It's the first book of another triology,
"The Pig Comes to Dinner"
"The Pig Goes to Hog Heaven"
by Irish author, Joseph Caldwell.

Now I am betwixt and between
which trilogy I should be reading this summer:

The Smut Trilogy
The Swine Trilogy

Apparently with either trilogy...

I'm in for both

kinky and squealy
Holy Moses//Holy Shit

Monday, July 23, 2012

Full Length Reflections of a Blogger

From the title of this blog, you might expect

something deep
but alas...

that would NOT be this Kat’s modus operandi.

I am not baring my soul or anything else here.
This blog deals with matters that barely brush the surface. 
Matters that are skin deep...

the full-length mirror.

This is...

The Tale of Two Mirrors...
(Charles Dickens has nothing on me.)

That’s when one mirror makes you look like
Lady Godiva

and the other makes you look like
the horse she rode in on. 


 It was the best of reflections. It was the worst of reflections.

One mirror has a way of showing you in a complimentary light...

and the other...well,

not so much.

The question is:  Which mirror reflects the real you?


We’ve all had experience with unpleasant mirrors staring back at us...
I call them the shock and horror mirrors.

They are inherently bad for our image. 
We always know where they are located and try to avoid them.
(Nordstroms Rack...the 3rd dressing room on the right.)

The mirror in our bedroom at the beach
happens to be a mirror where I get a daily dose of
shock and horror.

By contrast,
 the mirror in our guest room...
is an
ooh and ahh experience.

Trust me,
I’m not making this up.
(This isn't a game of smoke and mirrors.)

My assumption was recently confirmed
by two different guests.

Both guests left the guest room

flattered by the mirror.

(I go the extra mile for my guests.)

I must admit, I have considered switching the mirrors around...
moving the shock and horror mirror into the guest room...
and the ooh and ahhh mirror into my room.
I think I’ll save any mirror switcheroos

for when I hear:

"Good News, Kat...
We can stay another week."