Monday, July 2, 2012

Respecting Wood

I was caught red-handed...
not sure what came over me...
I must have lost my head.


It was PaulA who pointed out my transgression.

He was right...

and I couldn't deny it.

I failed to
respect wood.

There it was..

my coffee cup

sitting directly on our wood table.

How could I fail to

If you've watch(ed) Jerry  Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiasm

you would know the difference between

disrespecting wood
respecting wood.

If you disrepect wood
 you set your bottles and cans directly on wood furniture...
and the sweat or heat from the container
 leaves a ring.

If you respect wood
you would never leave a ring on your
oak, maple, pine, bamboo...

 The only rings you would allow
are the
natural rings found in the wood...
telling you the age of the tree.

I actually found a ring on my dining room table
and for the life of me
I still can't figure out what type of bottle was the culprit. 

I have tried to match the ring size
to a beer can, coffee mug, wine glass...

but it has been a true wood enigma.


I've decided the trick to getting over the trauma
of finding a ring...
is to tell yourself that the ring
 adds to "the character" of the wood. 

Furniture is often deliberately distressed with
dings, dents,and dips.
Heck, you can pay real money for furniture with flaws
and even pay extra for the beaten up version.

So now when I look at my wood table...
I try to tell myself it has a lot of character.

But it's hard when I keep thinking...

"Who's the character that doesn't respect wood

I wanna ring their neck.

ps.   This is a tongue-and-groove cheek post...

I wood never do that.