Thursday, July 25, 2013

A name fit for a Prince?

By George…the royal baby has a name.

Welcome to the World
George Alexander Louis
Prince George of Cambridge

No surprise that "George" was the name chosen…
the odds were 5 to 1 in favor

which beat out my favs 
Prince Albert (in a can)…33 to 1 
and Prince Hashtag...500 to 1.

(Hey, if "The Artist formerly known as Prince"  
can be a symbol...

then why not 
Prince # of Cambridge?

I wonder what kind of George 
the royal baby will grow up to be?

a Curious George?

a Presidential George?

a handsome George?

(another George 
with a good head of hair and hollow leg.)

I remember an OLD comedy routine 
by George 
(you may be too young)
He said that when he was learning to spell his name.. 
he was never sure where to end it.
His was a name that kept on going...



When naming a baby,
parents should take into consideration
 what word the 
baby's initials spell.

My initials spelled "Kat"…
and then after I got married…"Kath."
My Sistersludge's initials spelled "Jet."
(Sistersledge's and Bro's initials 
were each one letter away from a 
delicious "BLT.")

I wonder if Will and Kate noticed 
their baby's initials spell 

GAL of Cambridge

"There goes George…
what a GAL."

Has a certain ring to it...
wouldn't you say?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Woman" Has "Baby"

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Prince William and Kate Middleton 
have a BOY.

Heard enough?

(If you are like Chelsea…you can't get enough of the royal baby news.)

I'm not as excited as bigC....

(love this magazine cover)

I don't underestimate the historical significance.
The baby Prince is third in line to the 
British throne.
( about being 
born with a silver spoon in your mouth.)
After that…
I find all the hoopla a royal circus.

I did, however, enjoy watching the video of the 
Town Crier 

standing in front of the steps of the London
 St. Mary's hospital 
donned with
plumes and a booming voice 
announcing the birth of the Little Prince.

Funny thing is…
the Town Crier wasn't "Officially" invited to make the announcement. 
He took it upon himself to put on his best Town Crier outfit and make the royal decree.

From the Town Crier's lips…to 
doesn't get better than that.


Now we wait to hear the name of the royal baby.
I'm pretty sure it won't be 
a fruit (Apple), 
or a direction (North West)….
probably something like "George" or "James."

I 'm really hoping they name him "Albert."
There's nothing funnier than that 
Prince Albert joke… …

especially when I was 10.

you'd better let him out.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Light the Fuse Tour" Opener

Tonight is the night...

Opening night for the 
Light the Fuse Tour
in Cincinnati, Ohio
Keith Urban
Little Big Town
Dustin Lynch.

I know that Colin 

and the entire band
(along with family and friends)
have been looking forward to this day since last March 
when it was first announced that Dustin Lynch 
would be joining Keith Urban 
and Little Big Town on tour.

I can't help but let my mind wander back to another 
opening night 
many gigs ago...
at our local Starbucks.
Colin was in the 6th grade.
(Note to self:  find that pic.)

I'm so excited and so very proud of Colin 
as he prepares to hit the big stage

Colin, Dustin, and all the band bros...

Break a leg.

Can't wait to see you August 10th @ the Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Twinkie is Back

The Twinkie is baaackkkk...
on the shelves again.

Eight months ago Hostess had fallen into bankruptcy 
(after facing a Host of problems)
and was forced to
shut down its Twinkie production

which caused massive
Twinkie Hoarding.
you're gonna need a bigger cubicle.

I found it interesting that the company that resurrected  
the golden sponge cake
also saved

Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.


Back in my day....circa 1800's...
Twinkies were a lunch box staple 
(although this Kat was partial to the Devil Dog) 
and Mom's were the target market.

the new target market for the Twinkie is 
the "bros"
young adult males, like Colin.

The company's new slogan should speak to them....
"The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever."

Initially I was wondering 
how they were gonna get "bros"...
to start snacking on the cake.
And then it became clear...

Bros like PBR.

Nothing like a PBR to wash down
a little Ho Ho.

And with enough 
the bros might
forget how many 
Ho Ho's they've had.

This new company is definitely thinking outside the snack

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dollar Store Impulse Buy

They say…
"nothing ventured..nothing gained."
so I ventured...
into the Dollar Store.

It's called the Dollar Store/Tree for obvious reasons…
everything costs a dollar
but for some reason..
catch myself looking for a price. 
When I checkout, I like asking the cashier…
"How much?"  
which usually brings a dirty look.  
(Apparently I like getting dirty looks.)

I'm not sure how products end up at the Dollar Store…
but I have found a few to be subpar...  
Pens that dry out quickly.
Birthday paper that is paper thin….wait…that's an oxyUmoron.
Tissues that are one ply.  

I once bought Palmolive 
dish washing soap…
which was so thin, it poured out like water.  
After washing 4 plates and 4 glasses…
I needed another bottle.  
Madge "the manicurist" would not have approved.
"you're soaking in it"


I decided to give the Dollar Store another chance.  
I figured it would be hard to mess up a roll of ribbon.   

As I waited in line at the checkout register, 
ready to ask..."how much?" and
bracing myself for a dirty look 
(why do I play these games?)
 I glanced at the items hanging in the checkout aisle.  

You know the items they put there 
to entice you into an impulse buy.. 
one last blast of shopping…
Swedish Fish,
  Krazy Glue, 
Home Pregnancy Kit

Wait a minute…back up Kat….

I'm just not buying a home pregnancy kit…
as an impulse buy.

apparently there are others out there 
who Are... 
buying it

2 at a time...
which would be $2.
(in case you were wondering)

Monday, July 8, 2013

A case of Bloggus Interruptus

It's probably impolite to talk about regularity....
but here goes my blog...
down the tubes.

If you're a frequent reader of this blog,
(note to self:  award frequent blog reader points to faithful blog readers)
you may have noticed that I have come down with a 
a serious case of 
Bloggus Interruptus...
...a condition common to bloggers.

(say it isn't so)

With Bloggus Interruptus
a blogger's posts become more and more 
(I’m hoping this is a mild case.)

The condition is frustrating because the blogger wants to maintain regularity, 
but finds a regular flow very difficult.
The blogger tries to find the time to sit down 
and form a blog,
but is constantly distracted.


The summer season brings many distractions
that interfere with an otherwise healthy blogging routine.
Apparently the lazy Kat Daze of Summer 
and days of soft serve ice cream 
are NOT good for the blogging track.

I long for my usual blog flow 
and have tried different ways to 
increase the fiber of my blog.

I’ve even increased my liquid intake to get my blog flow moving,
but apparently V and T’s
just add to Bloggus Interruptus.

Thankfully Bloggus Interruptus is a temporary condition.
With a few blog supplements and blog condition should reverse itself...
especially when the 

lazy Kat Daze of Summer 
come to an end.

I sooo look forward to becoming regular again.

(Apparently, along with Bloggus Interruptus, 
I have a serious case of TMI.)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

Today I'm 
proud to be an American.

Proud to wear the red, white, and blue..


Proud to fly the red, white, and blue.

So with every birthday...
we celebrate this 
great land with 
a feast.

A feast for the eyes with majestic fireworks
feast for the belly with a
barbecue of burger, beans, and beer.

Between the barbecue and...

booming fireworks...

I'm  all ears….


I love singing our National Anthem.
Nothing makes me feel prouder
and feel more patriotic
than standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other Americans singing…
"O'er the land of the free 
and the home of the brave."

I sing it loud.
I sing it proud.
singing it with a large crowd...

I am always wowed.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Happy July

sand in your shorts


It's the first of the month and
you know what that means....
time to round-up
the rabbits.

Whare, oh whare
 are you?

Oh,Thare you are....