Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dollar Store Impulse Buy

They say…
"nothing ventured..nothing gained."
so I ventured...
into the Dollar Store.

It's called the Dollar Store/Tree for obvious reasons…
everything costs a dollar
but for some reason..
catch myself looking for a price. 
When I checkout, I like asking the cashier…
"How much?"  
which usually brings a dirty look.  
(Apparently I like getting dirty looks.)

I'm not sure how products end up at the Dollar Store…
but I have found a few to be subpar...  
Pens that dry out quickly.
Birthday paper that is paper thin….wait…that's an oxyUmoron.
Tissues that are one ply.  

I once bought Palmolive 
dish washing soap…
which was so thin, it poured out like water.  
After washing 4 plates and 4 glasses…
I needed another bottle.  
Madge "the manicurist" would not have approved.
"you're soaking in it"


I decided to give the Dollar Store another chance.  
I figured it would be hard to mess up a roll of ribbon.   

As I waited in line at the checkout register, 
ready to ask..."how much?" and
bracing myself for a dirty look 
(why do I play these games?)
 I glanced at the items hanging in the checkout aisle.  

You know the items they put there 
to entice you into an impulse buy.. 
one last blast of shopping…
Swedish Fish,
  Krazy Glue, 
Home Pregnancy Kit

Wait a minute…back up Kat….

I'm just not buying a home pregnancy kit…
as an impulse buy.

apparently there are others out there 
who Are... 
buying it

2 at a time...
which would be $2.
(in case you were wondering)

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Sistersledge said...

Hmm, you got to wonder how accurate it is!