Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Woman" Has "Baby"

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Prince William and Kate Middleton 
have a BOY.

Heard enough?

(If you are like Chelsea…you can't get enough of the royal baby news.)

I'm not as excited as bigC....

(love this magazine cover)

I don't underestimate the historical significance.
The baby Prince is third in line to the 
British throne.
(woah...talk about being 
born with a silver spoon in your mouth.)
After that…
I find all the hoopla a royal circus.

I did, however, enjoy watching the video of the 
Town Crier 

standing in front of the steps of the London
 St. Mary's hospital 
donned with
plumes and a booming voice 
announcing the birth of the Little Prince.

Funny thing is…
the Town Crier wasn't "Officially" invited to make the announcement. 
He took it upon himself to put on his best Town Crier outfit and make the royal decree.

From the Town Crier's lips…to 
doesn't get better than that.


Now we wait to hear the name of the royal baby.
I'm pretty sure it won't be 
a fruit (Apple), 
or a direction (North West)….
probably something like "George" or "James."

I 'm really hoping they name him "Albert."
There's nothing funnier than that 
Prince Albert joke… …

especially when I was 10.

you'd better let him out.

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