Thursday, July 25, 2013

A name fit for a Prince?

By George…the royal baby has a name.

Welcome to the World
George Alexander Louis
Prince George of Cambridge

No surprise that "George" was the name chosen…
the odds were 5 to 1 in favor

which beat out my favs 
Prince Albert (in a can)…33 to 1 
and Prince Hashtag...500 to 1.

(Hey, if "The Artist formerly known as Prince"  
can be a symbol...

then why not 
Prince # of Cambridge?

I wonder what kind of George 
the royal baby will grow up to be?

a Curious George?

a Presidential George?

a handsome George?

(another George 
with a good head of hair and hollow leg.)

I remember an OLD comedy routine 
by George 
(you may be too young)
He said that when he was learning to spell his name.. 
he was never sure where to end it.
His was a name that kept on going...



When naming a baby,
parents should take into consideration
 what word the 
baby's initials spell.

My initials spelled "Kat"…
and then after I got married…"Kath."
My Sistersludge's initials spelled "Jet."
(Sistersledge's and Bro's initials 
were each one letter away from a 
delicious "BLT.")

I wonder if Will and Kate noticed 
their baby's initials spell 

GAL of Cambridge

"There goes George…
what a GAL."

Has a certain ring to it...
wouldn't you say?

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