Friday, June 28, 2013

Tale of Pilgrim tears

Waiting in line 
at the Plymouth Town Hall 
isn't fun 
and waiting in line for a dump pass 
is enough to make anyone cry….
especially with the new landfill policy effective July 1. 

 I'll spare you the details, 
but let's just say all trash (except recyclables) has to be put in orange bags 
provided by the town 
at a cost of $1.25/bag. 
The new bagging system is enough to make a 
Pilgrim shed a bucket of tears, 
who am I to rock the Mayflower?

If I could have gotten a pass online…
I would have spared myself an arduous voyage 
through the Plymouth Town Hall.  

To my chagrin,  I found the line around the water cooler, out the door, down the hall....
At least it was moving…albeit a slow crawl.  

Luckily for me...
I was standing behind a young mother with 
3 small boys….ages, 6, 3 and 2...
a rambunctious Wampanoag Tribe.

I thanked her for the free entertainment.

I actually wished I was ahead of the woman in line….
not because her 3 little indians were driving me crazy,
but I would have let her cut in front,
 so she could get out of their faster.  
not one other Pilgrim in front of her 
let her jump ahead.

Geez, and I thought the Pilgrim's motto was...
"all for one, one for all... 
together, in the same boat."


When it was FINALLY her turn, 
the young mother found out 
that she was missing proof that she lived in Plymouth.
(You would have thought her Wampanoag Tribe 
was enough proof that she lived in town.)
 All her waiting in line was all for naught.

That's when she announced she was going to cry…
which she proceeded to do.  
Thanks for the warning.

A man (coming to her defense)…
told the town employee 
(who I believe was just doing her job)
 that she was rude to the young woman …
which made the
 town employee upset and cry too. 
I didn't know who to console.

Needless to say, it was a
 unnerving day...
at the Plymouth Town Hall...
and we weren't even under attack by Indians
(except for the 3 Wampanoags 
running around, 
pulling out plugs,
and draining the water cooler.)

Not for nothing…
but the new Landfill plan the town is instituting
 is almost as laughable 
as the rock where the Pilgrims first landed.

as our Pilgrim forefathers once said,
"No use spilling tears over 
new landfill policy."

Monday, June 24, 2013

World's Ugliest Dog Contest?

Did you happen to see the winner of the 
25th Annual World's 
Ugliest Dog Contest?

Meet the winner...
a mix of beagle, boxer, and basset hound.

I think Walle couldn't be cuter.
Nothings screams cute more
than a mutt with a
huge head, hump back, and duck feet.

They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." 
 I would never have thought of entering Walle 
in an ugly dog contest.  
If that dog's ugly…
I'm a monkey's uncle.

I hope no dog's feelings were hurt 
during the events of the contest.
It could be damaging to their ego...
to parade around and be laughed at.

I'm guessing Walle
doesn't have a bone to pick with anyone 
about the contest…
especially with winning the crown.  

(Go ahead…
call me the World's Ugliest Dog…
now throw me another Beggin' Strip...
beef and bacon.yum.)

I wonder what dogs think of 
beauty contests for human women.

Walle is probably feeling sorry for  the winner of Miss USA..
sorry Miss Connecticut had to starve herself 
to fit into her 
bathing suit...
and all he had to do was be ugly in his 
birthday suit.


Speaking of birthdays...
Duncandog's birthday is today. 

I hope he's with his dog friends 
in doggy heaven 
having a hell of a pawty...
maybe a little poker...
and some treats.

We're sending up a 
whole lot of love.

Happy Birthday Duncandog.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Encounter of A Wondrous Kind with Jane Doe

The other evening…I was in my car, 
on my way to the TajMa Mall
when I experienced an 
encounter of a wondrous kind.

(This Kat has a flair for the dramatics,
but trust me.)

I was driving the back roads to the 
singing along to the radio …
when a deer jumped out from the woods into the road. 
 I immediately slowed down…
not wanting to hit, 
or be hit by a deer.

 But instead of the deer 
high tailing her white tail across the road…
she stopped...
smack dab in the middle of the road.  

She then turned her head and looked directly at me...
standing perfectly still.

 She was saying something  to me.  

Then I got it...

when a few seconds later, 
her fawn caught up with her. 
(the most adorably awkward spindly legged fawn.)

She then continued across the road 
with her dear trailing behind her.

It made sense.

She was a

a deer…. 
a female deer.

Or as I like to call her...

Jane Doe.


When I say "I was moved by this encounter" with 
Momma Dear...
I was. beyond.
It was beautiful to watch Jane Doe stand there... 
like a crossing guard...
protecting her young.

 A mother's love...
(no matter what species)
strong, fierce, protective.

Jane Doe...
representing all mothers.

What felt most unique about my encounter was that
I felt like she was speaking to me 

And I totally understood her.

Her doe-eyed look said…
"Do NOT think about moving your car
until my Bambi gets across this road." 

And I gave her a look that said,
 "I got your back, girlfriend."

I won't soon forget my 
encounter of a wondrous kind…
and how special it was to have made 
that connection with

 Jane Doe...

a deer…

a female deer.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Being a dad is a really big job
and if done right,
it pays well...


Love and Smiles...


The clipart photo above
reminded me of a photo I took on Father's Day...
way back in the day....

hang on kids

Happy Father's Day
to PaulA,
my Pops,
and all you Father's out there.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CMA Music Festival-Pretty Sure I Was There

Country's biggest party was in Nashville last week
and this Kat was there, ya'all.

"The" party is 
known as the CMA Music Festival 
and is held in early June each year.

If you've  never been before,
you need to put it on your 
Bucket List.

It was 
#6 on my Bucket List...

right after...

#5  "Win the Powerball"

and before

#7  "Smash a pie in someone's face."

Now I can cross it off.
(although I'm thinking of adding it back, 
so I can do it again.)

If you don't have crowdaphobia…
(pretty sure that's a real word.)
checking out the crowd scene…
is worth the price of admission…FREE…
for a lot of shows.

The country folk are almost as 
interesting as the

folks singing country.

And if you aint' country…
you can fake country..
especially with a little help from
cowboy boots and a cowboy hat,
(pretty sure a horse and brown rope would seal the deal)
and a little
southern drawl ya'all, 

I wanted to wear cowboy boots….
(you know, when in Rome…wear a toga)
the thought of wearing 
leather leg-hugging boots in 
hot and humid weather…
wasn't as appealing 
as my air-conditioned Flip Flops. 

Its funny...kinda knee slapping funny...
before the CMA Music Festival...

whenever I thought of 
I thought...

now I think of...

Broadway, Nashville


I hate to sound like a broken LP but ….
my favorite country artist 
(pretty sure he's an artist, 
even thought he sings instead of paints)

Dustin Lynch
with his awesome band.

It was a real treat for me to watch them perform...

especially this guy...
(pretty sure his name is Colin
and not Karl.)

Catch them this summer/fall with 
Keith Urban 
and Little Big Town.
(pretty sure they're coming to a city near you.)

Now to get started  on 
#7 on my Bucket List...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Brianna

Brianna is 22 years old today.
woop woop
is Bri older…
but with her recent graduation from Boston University…
she's wiser.

I like remembering the ole days…
you know…
the days when Bri was...
young and dumber….
JK, sweet wish.

The days when June Fif …
as she used to pronounce it, 
couldn't get here soon enough  
so her birthday party planning started in January.
(Hang on Bri, 6 more months to go.)

But together…our "thang" was…
the cake. 

Planning the cake. 

Designing the cake.

Decorating the cake. 

But the 
Icing on the Cake 
will always be
 the memories 
we both share.


Bri may be older and wiser,
but that didn't stop me 
from being juvenile...
and making her a cake fit for a 
Not the sophisticated cake due a 22 year old... 
grownup grad girl,
but definitely a throw back to the cakes of her

Happy Birthday Brianna.

I hope you always have your cake

and eat it too.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Holy Jumping Jacks…
it's June 1st.

In no time...
we went from 


to chill 

It felt like going 
0 to 60... 


Hare's wishing you a 
of good luck….



hare's looking at